GTA V: Here’s How To Aim Down Sights

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Grand Theft Auto features a massive spread of weapons for players to use on opponents and targets, and many players love using “Aim Down Sights” to land more accurate and swift shots in-game. However, many fans are still curious to know exactly how to Aim Down Sights, as the buttons and keys are different across all gaming platforms supported by GTA 5.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Gamers playing GTA 5 on PC can activate Aim Down Sights (ADS) by using the scroll wheel on their mouse, while PlayStation and Xbox users can activate Aim Down Sights by pressing down on the right joystick (R3).
  • Doing so will ensure that Aim Down Sights will automatically activate each time the player aims at a target and clicks the “zoom” key in the future.

What Is Aim Down Sights (ADS) in GTA 5?

While GTA 5 requires players to invest in cars, gear, and even starting businesses, players are often required to take on countless opponents in combat. Players can choose from a range of great weapons via the weapon wheel system, but landing solid shots on enemies is an entirely different challenge.

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Once players equip their weapon, they will automatically aim from the game’s default perspective – which can be a pro or con, depending on the preferred playstyle. Also known as “ADS” within the GTA community, the Aim Down Sights option can be a perfect solution for players who prefer first-person shooting perspectives.

Aim Down Sights mode essentially switches the player’s aiming stance to first-person instead of the default perspective, and it’s also considered far more effective when compared to the typical “zoom” function – which only narrows the player’s aim to a degree. Of course, first-person perspectives are not for everyone, but Aim Down Sights can allow you to aim with far more accuracy, irrespective of the type of weapon being used.

How to Use Aim Down Sights in GTA 5

Since many players prefer first-person perspectives during combat instances, it’s no surprise that countless GTA 5 players were eager to enable the use of Aim Down Sights in their playthroughs. However, many fans have found that activating Aim Down Sights can be trickier than expected.

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That said, it’s surprisingly easy to switch up your combat perspective and enable Aim Down Sights in GTA 5. Gamers playing GTA 5 on PC can activate Aim Down Sights by scrolling their mouse wheel while aiming with their gun, while PlayStation and Xbox users can activate Aim Down Sights by pressing down on the right joystick (also known as the “R3” button) while aiming.

In some cases, players may not enjoy using the default keys for Aim Down Sights, such as instances where fans may prefer using Right-click over the mouse scroll wheel. It may also be possible to change this key by heading over to the controls and changing the relevant key for the “Sniper Zoom” function.

One of the best benefits of activating Aim Down Sights is its almost “permanent” effect on all future combat instances. This will apply for as long as the player likes – until the player chooses to disable Aim Down Sights and opt for a different perspective, such as Iron Sights.

From this point on, players will automatically enter Aim Down Sights mode each time the player draws their weapon and clicks the “zoom” key while aiming in the future.

That’s everything there is to know about using Aim Down Sights in GTA 5. Many players have struggled to get this type of combat perspective going – but, fortunately, it seems players only really need to trigger it once, after which Aim Down Sights appears to become automatic upon aiming and zooming.

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