Minecraft PE: Here’s How To Put a Banner on a Shield

How to Put a Banner on a Shield in Minecraft Pe

Part of the fun with Minecraft is that you can make endless customizations to your world. You can build whatever you want, see whatever you want, and look however you want. Shields are an essential part of your Minecraft journey because nothing will be there for you when arrows come flying and a horde of zombies rushes to you the way they’re going to be. They’re not exactly pretty in their raw form, so how do you put a banner on a shield in Minecraft PE to make them look nicer?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • You can’t put a banner on a shield in Minecraft PE like you can in Minecraft Java Edition.
  • No Bedrock Edition Minecraft can customize shields unless you download texture packs from the Marketplace.
  • So, to make custom shields, you’ll need to download texture packs from the Google Play or iOS store.

All about shields

We all know that there are numerous differences between shields in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Edition, so if you were unfamiliar with Bedrock Edition shields before, let’s take a look at the mechanics of shields in both Java and Bedrock Edition.


Crafting a shield in Minecraft Java and Bedrock is the same in both Editions. To do so, place an iron ingot in the top center grid of the crafting table and any wooden planks around it, adding an additional wooden plank in the center on the bottom grid. It should look like this:

Only in Java


Besides the obvious use of shielding you against hostile mobs and their projectiles, how does shield defense work in Minecraft? For starters, in Java Edition, sneaking and using a shield are separate actions, while in Bedrock Edition, you’ll have to sneak to use the shield. The benefit of using a shield in Minecraft comes in after 0.25 seconds; anything before that, and you’ll take damage from mobs. Shields only block attacks coming from in front of the player.

If your shield blocks an attack that would cause you to lose three hearts or more, its durability will be reduced with a rounded-up number of the strength of the attack. Knockback is reduced, and tridents and arrows can be deflected onto other targets. Unfortunately, for Bedrock Edition users, only Java Edition is testing having banners be temporarily stronger if they have a banner on them.

Axe vs. shield

If you’re a PvP player, you’ll enjoy having an axe in your inventory if your friends try blocking your attack with a shield since axes can disable them. They’ll only disable them for 5 seconds, and they won’t do it every time.


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How do you decorate shields in Minecraft PE?

Is there any way to decorate your shields in Minecraft PE? Well, yes, there is; as I said before, you can decorate your shields using texture packs, but how do you download texture packs, which ones can you trust, and how to add them to Minecraft? Follow these steps to learn how.

  1. Go to Planet Minecraft, MinecraftPE mods, or any other familiar website you’re used to downloading mods and texture packs on your phone.
  2. Find the search bar and look for texture packs designed specifically for Minecraft PE.
  3. Once you’re assured that the texture pack is safe to download by checking out the number of downloads and what users in the comments have to say, proceed to install your desired texture pack.
  4. To transfer the texture pack into the game, you need to open the add-on you downloaded, which should open the game and import it.
  5. Once it’s imported, go to settings and tap Global Resources
  6. Activate your texture pack

If you don’t feel comfortable downloading mods from third-party sources, you can always go to the Marketplace and download the custom shields texture pack there if you can find it. Another way you can download them is straight from the App Store or Google Play store, but this is the least reliable method out there.

If you’re still feeling untrustworthy, I suggest you check out the MCPEDL website, which is the most popular website for texture packs and shaders in Minecraft PE. Let’s have a look at a few of the texture packs for shields the site offers:

  1. Raiyon’s More Shields Addon – This add-on is perfect for the 1.19 update because it’s made keeping it in mind. You’ll get a total of 20 unique shields that all have special powers. I don’t want to spoil too much, but for example, the Amethyst shield will give you a speed boost, whereas a shield with the eye of ender will teleport you to a random location after blocking.
  2. Custom Shields Texture Pack – If you’re a more down-to-earth kind of person that doesn’t want their shields to have any special effects, you can opt for this texture pack with regular updates and new textures added to it. You’ll find some flags, a royal shield, a creeper shield, and other cool textures. To change the shield texture once downloaded and activated, press the setting button and change the subpacks.

The rest of the shields are much of the same, with different textures. If you want cool effects, search for add-ons, and if you want your shield to look different, search for texture packs.


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Why can’t you put a banner on a shield in Minecraft PE?

You can’t put banners on shields in Minecraft because Minecraft PE is actually Minecraft Bedrock that doesn’t allow this. Perhaps they wanted you to spend money on custom banner shields, or it was just too complicated for them to let it happen; you be the judge. Whatever the reason, Pocket Edition users still have the option to use add-ons, shaders, and texture packs without having to go to the Marketplace and pay for them. Imagine if you were a console user with no choice but to do it that way.

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