Minecraft: Here’s the Command To Kill Ender Dragon

how to kill ender dragon with commands

Everyone playing Minecraft is familiar with the fact that its seemingly infinite world is inhabited by various mobs, both aggressive and neutral in nature. From zombies, skeletons, and spiders to wardens, ghasts, and creepers none are as feared as Ender Dragon. Ender Dragon is Minecraft’s final boss and that means that it’s the hardest mob you will go against. Meeting her in combat means that you need to be prepared both with skills and with gear. However, like most other things in Minecraft, this preparation can be avoided by using simple commands. Let’s see what is the exact command to kill Ender Dragon in Minecraft.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The command to kill Ender Dragon in Minecraft is /kill @e[type=minecraft:enderdragon].
  • This command works only while you’re inside The End and facing Ender Dragon. You can also use the command to enhance your strength.
  • If you use the command to enhance strength while killing Ender Dragon you will not forfeit the rewards associated with killing the Ender Dragon through the usual means. 

Why do you need to kill Ender Dragon in Minecraft? 

Ender Dragon is Minecraft’s final boss, and while you can play endlessly without killing her, it is inadvisable to do so since killing the dragon opens up certain possibilities and rewards. For starters, you will get 12,000 experience points which is plenty of experience to make over 10 level 30 enchantments.

The second reward is The End gateway portal that gives you access to End’s outer islands. It is useful to explore those islands since you will gain access to end cities, shulkers, chorus trees, and elytra. The third reward is a portal that generates which leads you back to your homeworld. The last reward is cosmetic in nature, a dragon egg to show off the fact that you have killed Ender Dragon. 

Can you kill Ender Dragon with commands? 

You can kill Ender Dragon with commands. The most common command that players use is /kill @e[type=minecraft:ender_dragon]. This command can be used both the first time and every subsequent time that you are fighting Ender Dragon. Using this command will result in Ender Dragon instantly dying and disappearing. 


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The other approach to killing it with commands is to artificially increase your stats in order to one-shot it. You can do this by using the following command: /effect give @s strength 1000 255. By executing this command you will get a strength of 1000 for 255 seconds which will result in you being able to one-shot Ender Dragon without any kind of additional equipment at all. 

Ender dragon dying
Ender Dragon dying

By using this command you will not forfeit any reward dropped by Ender Dragon and the game will proceed as usual. 

Can you re-summon the dragon? 

You can re-summon Ender Dragon by placing 4 Ender Crystals at each end of the exit portal. You can see the example in the screenshot below. 

re summoning ender dragon
Ender Crystals are used to re-summon the dragon

Re-summoning Ender Dragon will disable the exit portal and to leave The End you will need to defeat the dragon again. Killing Ender Dragon for the second time will still drop the experience but significantly less. This is pretty much the only reward you get while farming the dragon. Well, except for the fact that one more portal to the outer islands will open which is convenient, but after you kill the dragon 20 times, those will stop opening as well.

Can you summon the dragon with commands? 

You can also summon Ender Dragon through commands. The command in question is /summon ender_dragon. However, keep in mind that summoning the Ender Dragon through this command will result in the dragon being completely harmless and hovering in place. You will not be able to fight it, to rectify this use /summon ender_dragon ~ ~ ~ {DragonPhase:0}.

This command indicates the start of Ender Dragon’s normal behavior but will result in the dragon not having a health bar. To avoid that, use the command to summon it away from the center of the map as possible, when the dragon approaches the middle of the map, the health bar will appear. 

How do you spawn the Ender dragon in the overworld?

You can easily spawn the dragon in the overworld by using the /summon ender_dragon command. Please keep in mind that this can seriously glitch your game. The best way to summon Ender Dragon is while it’s confined to The End. The command to kill it will work in the Overworld as well but the dragon will not drop experience it will simply vanish into thin air. 

ender dragon overworld

How many times can you kill the dragon?

There’s no limit on how many times you can summon Ender Dragon. However there is a limit on how many times she will spawn the End Gateway portals, and that’s 20. Keep this in mind, this means that killing the dragon 20 times is advisable to gain access to all the different portals, killing her after that means that you get next to nothing as a reward.

Remember after you’ve killed Ender Dragon for the first time she will drop 12 000 experience points but every subsequent summoning and killing will result in fewer and fewer experience orbs being dropped so this means that Ender Dragon is not a viable XP farm if that’s what you’re planning to do. 


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As you can see, you can skip all the effort and go straight to the business of killing the dragon by using commands. You can use the /kill command if you want to wrap up the business quickly. Or you can use the command to get an enhanced strength effect if you want the experience to be as authentic as possible. Whichever route you decide to take, both commands will result in the exit portal spawning so you can leave the place once you’re done with the dragon. 

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