GTA V: Here’s What Transmission Upgrades Do

Heres What Transmission Upgrades Do in GTA V

Grand Theft Auto players adore just how much content the saga offers, but most fans prioritize their collections of numerous vehicles. Players can enhance their cars with various approaches, but many fans still wonder what transmission upgrades do in GTA 5.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Transmission Upgrades in GTA 5 and GTA Online primarily increase the vehicle’s acceleration power by decreasing the time it takes between gear shifts.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Transmission Upgrades do not lower the vehicle’s top achievable speed in-game, but players may need different Transmission Upgrades depending on the vehicle’s intended use.

What Do Transmission Upgrades Do in GTA 5?

Just about every GTA 5 and GTA Online player would benefit from buying some upgrades for their numerous vehicles, whether it be Tracking and Insurance features that keep cars safe or more practical upgrades that enhance the vehicle itself. Some of the upgrades in GTA 5 have tangible effects on vehicle performance, making them extremely useful in various situations, and all players should ideally use them.

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Players who invest in Transmission upgrades will see an immediate change in the overall feel of being on the road. This is primarily due to the fact that Transmission upgrades in GTA 5 will add an extra gear per upgrade, therefore reducing the delay between gear shifts for a smoother and faster driving experience.

This makes Transmission upgrades ideal for players who often find themselves at the center of high-speed chases or for cars that are used as getaway vehicles. It’s also great for players who need to haul heavy loads more smoothly and with less power, such as the case with towing using a GTA 5 trailer.

Of course, the most prominent benefit of getting Transmission upgrades in GTA 5 and GTA Online is its advantage in various races. Winning races is an incredibly important aspect of GTA 5 as a whole, and even more so in GTA Online, with the addition of some amazing events such as the weekly Prize Ride Challenge.

While some fans still believe that Transmission upgrades have extra, unseen effects, the main known purpose is that it ultimately decreases the gear shift time – which is why it decreases acceleration time as a whole. Generally speaking, these effects will increase with each Transmission upgrade players purchase in-game.

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Many GTA 5 fans have reported that, while Transmission upgrades will help players reach higher speeds more quickly, it can “feel” like it’s to the detriment of the vehicle’s initial top speed at times. This may be the case in real life, but it’s not the case in GTA 5 or GTA Online – most fans have reported that players do not have to fret about Transmission upgrades lowering their vehicle’s top speed.

While it’s still surrounded by debate, quite a few fans have argued that upgrading the vehicle’s transmission will mainly offer better acceleration while slightly increasing its “achievable” top speed. It’s believed that this occurs by Transmission upgrades potentially increasing the “Drive Force” as well, although this has not been confirmed officially.

Transmission upgrades in GTA 5 are seen as one of the Base Upgrades available to players, alongside upgrades regarding the vehicle’s brakes, engine, and turbo. Base Upgrades will apply to all cars with these elements, and they should generally be upgraded to the maximum level possible for the best effects in-game.

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That said, there may be times when the stat bars are already full in Los Santos Customs for a specific vehicle. Even in these cases, players should try and max out these upgrades as they would still be beneficial – particularly when it comes to upgrading vehicle acceleration power, as this goes far beyond the visible stat bar in GTA 5.

Are Transmission Upgrades Worth It?

Since Transmission upgrades primarily focus on adding gears per upgrade and reducing the time it usually takes between gear shifts, these upgrades will be essential for any GTA 5 player who needs speed. The car will generally be capable of hauling heavier loads with less force, and it will be faster after each Transmission upgrade.

The initial Transmission upgrades are more suited for regular usage and everyday activities. They offer a good selection of gears for players to keep moving at a decent pace with regular loads and optimal engine revolutions. Players can haul much heavier loads more easily once they reach higher Transmission upgrades.

But, players will always need to consider the vehicle’s main purpose in question, as different transmissions will have varying effects and values based on the type of car, the racing track, or the car’s main use.

Perceived downfalls associated with a specific upgrade can be combated by investing in other beneficial upgrades, which is the case for Transmission upgrades. Much like upgrades for cars and other vehicles in the real world, one can never truly rely on one aspect of a vehicle in particular – attention needs to be given to multiple areas of a vehicle to make it as efficient and practical as possible.

Engine and Turbo upgrades will greatly complement Transmission upgrades in GTA 5 as they increase the vehicle’s acceleration as well as other contributing factors. Combining and completing these base upgrades with additional upgrades or add-ons will make for an insanely powerful and fast car.

That’s everything there is to know about Transmission upgrades in GTA 5. Although many players feel they could skip out on Transmission upgrades, they should definitely be on the list for players who spend most of their time driving around or racing during their GTA 5 gaming sessions.

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