GTA V: Here’s How To Detach & Reattach Trailer

GTA 5 Heres How to Detach Reattach Trailer

The Grand Theft Auto saga features a wide range of amazing vehicles for players to enjoy, including fancy sports cars, powerful off-roaders, stolen cars, and much more – all topped off with the ability to use trailers in-game. However, getting the hang of towing can be relatively tricky for some players, and many fans are still curious to know exactly how to detach and reattach a trailer in GTA 5.

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  • GTA 5 and GTA Online players can attach a vehicle to a trailer by reversing onto it, after which it will make a clicking sound, and the arrow will disappear – although trailers will not attach unless the vehicle and the trailer are properly aligned.
  • Players will need to press the designated button or key to detach their trailer, or they can maneuver the vehicle to form a 90-degree angle to the trailer, after which it should get detached.

Towing Trailers in GTA 5

Much like the concept of towing in the real world, the act of towing in GTA 5 involves the ability to tow or pull an object using another vehicle. The concept of towing was initially added back in Grand Theft Auto 2 many years ago, where semi-trailer trucks could pull trailers; although the towing feature became quite popular within the community and has made reappearances in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Grand Theft Auto V, and Grand Theft Auto Online.

trailer loaded

In GTA 5, players have the option to tow vehicles using another vehicle as well, although the act of towing is generally used to haul trailers. Players cannot interact with trailers in all of the GTA installations, specifically in the other releases where trailers have been added to the game, as they primarily act as props that add more detail to the overall environment in these cases.

Trailers in GTA 5 are classified as Utility vehicles in terms of their vehicle class and Civilian trailers in terms of their vehicle type. They are generally depicted as a twin-axle, medium-sized car carrier trailer that will spawn either empty or loaded with cars. Players who find naturally spawning trailers may even get lucky, as they can house various valuables all at once in the available slots, including the following.

  • 9F
  • 9F Cabrio
  • Asea
  • Asterope
  • Blista
  • Bullet
  • Carbonizzare
  • Comet
  • Coquette
  • Dominator
  • Exemplar
  • F620
  • Fugitive
  • Furore GT
  • Gauntlet
  • Huntley S
  • Infernus
  • Issi
  • Jackal
  • Jester
  • Manana
  • Penumbra
  • Rapid GT
  • Serrano
  • Surano
  • Tornado
  • Tornado (Convertible)
  • Tornado (Rusty)

On highways, most often situated outside of Los Santos, semi trucks hauling various forms of cargo can be seen in traffic, in addition to Tow Trucks that also can move vehicles. Pick-up trucks can tow small to mid-size trailers, while Sadler and Bison pick-ups have a tow hitch. Most commonly, Tropics and Squalos spawn on trailers as well.

Some of the trailers present in the game are classified as boat trailers, which can be handy for any player who enjoys exploring the game’s aquatic areas. If a boat trailer with a boat is reversed into the water, the boat will begin to float off into the water, but boats typically cannot be re-attached to the trailer once they are already afloat.

How to Use a Trailer in GTA 5

Detaching and reattaching a trailer in GTA 5 is far simpler than one might imagine. The feature does not require the player to physically or manually interact with any attachments, hooks, clasps, or locks. In fact, the act of detaching and reattaching a trailer in GTA 5 is nearly automatic – players simply need to get the vehicle and the trailer close enough for the action to activate in-game.

Before going ahead with the towing feature, players will need to ensure that they have a suitable towing vehicle – since not all vehicles in GTA 5 can tow trailers or other objects. Below is a list of all the vehicles that can tow a trailer in GTA 5.

  • Barracks Semi
  • Docktug
  • Hauler
  • Hauler Custom
  • Packer
  • Phantom
  • Phantom Wedge
  • Phantom Custom

In many cases, some players may begin to become frustrated seeing that their vehicle refuses to attach to the trailer in question – however, the vehicle may be simply not designed to do so. Once players have made sure that the vehicle can actually tow a trailer or another vehicle, they will simply need to begin maneuvering the vehicle about the trailer’s position to get the desired outcome.

Attaching & Reattaching Trailers in GTA 5

The ability to tow trailers in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online involves mechanics that are almost identical to those seen in GTA San Andreas, with the original inclusion of towable trailers. Any semi with a “hitch” in the back can be reversed into most trailers, which will then automatically attach themselves.

drive trailer

Many players have found that it can still be tricky to get this right, although the steps are straightforward. Quite a few GTA 5 fans have found that the trailer will not attach properly unless the vehicle and the trailer are properly aligned.

The process can be aided by using the “look behind keys” to turn the camera around to view the rear, which can be done by pressing Q and E or the relative buttons on the player’s console. Players will know when the trailer has been attached, as there should be a clicking sound, and the arrow on top of the trailer should disappear.

Detaching Trailers in GTA 5

Players have the option to unhook or detach the trailer at any time, even while their towing vehicle is already in motion. This is quite a handy detail of the feature, as detaching a trailer while on the road can offer a performance boost if needed – for example, this trick could aid a high-speed chase and getaway if it’s executed properly.

trailer in gta

All players need to do to detach the trailer is press the designated key, depending on the chosen gaming platform. Otherwise, players can also maneuver the towing vehicle by forming a 90-degree angle to the trailer, after which the trailer should get detached from the vehicle.

That’s everything there is to know about detaching and reattaching a trailer in GTA 5, with images, thanks to the GTA Wiki. Although many players can get stuck trying to use trailers in GTA 5, all it really takes is some stellar driving skills and camera work.

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