‘Echo’: Here’s Who Chafa Is (& Her Connection To Choctaw Explained)

Heres Who Chafa Is Her Connection To Choctaw

The MCU’s debut TV-MA series has recently premiered, showcasing Echo’s journey from being a villain to evolving into a somewhat nuanced anti-hero. Echo’s lineage is revealed to be rooted in powerful women, with her ancestry traced back to Chafa. Chafa is a new character introduced in the MCU, and we’re here to delve into her background.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Chafa, reputedly the inaugural Choctaw woman, is said to be an essential figure in Choctaw history.
  • Rescuing her people from a cave-in, Chafa led them to the surface, where the transformation occurred, giving rise to the Choctaw tribe as we recognize it now.
  • Chafa’s strength left a lasting impact, as her bloodline spawned a lineage of increasingly formidable women.

Chafa, the inaugural Choctaw, was crafted from clay

In the opening episode of ‘Echo,’ a flashback narrates the Choctaw creation myth. The Choctaws, originally made of clay and possessing magical abilities, lived underground. Chafa, the first Choctaw, gained powerful symbols on her palms after drinking from a magical source. When their underground home collapsed, Chafa saved her people, and upon reaching the surface, they transformed into human beings. Despite the change in appearance, Chafa retained her superpowers, becoming the first leader and initiating a lineage of powerful Choctaw women.

cave in

Chafa’s bloodline gave rise to formidable Choctaw women like Lowak, Tuklo, Echo, and Taloa. Echo’s hereditary ancestral powers are traced back to Chafa, who acquired them by drinking from a magical source during her creation. Echo is not the sole inheritor of this magic, as her family members, including her cousin, mother, and grandmother, also possess varying degrees of these ancestral powers.


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Chafa is a mythical figure from the Choctaw creation myth

Chafa is not based on a real person, but her narrative bears connections to Choctaw lore. Firstly, the Choctaw people identify themselves as Chahta, and Choctaw is an anglicized version of this autonym. The meaning of Chahta remains unclear, with anthropologist John R. Swanton suggesting a potential link to an early leader.

Secondly, Chafa’s story shares similarities with the early creation myth in Choctaw beliefs. The Choctaw origin tale starts with the Creator fashioning the first people from the great mound named Nanih Waiya. These individuals emerged through a dark cave, marking the inception of the Choctaw people.

created out of mud clay

Having lived in the area for an extended period, the Choctaw people faced a flood that compelled them to escape by canoes, guided by a dove, to an island. Upon returning to Turtle Island’s coast, they encountered unfriendly inhabitants, initiating a journey down the southern coast for centuries. Eventually, they traversed the Yucatán in canoes, engaged in territorial battles in the land of giants, and reconstructed their sacred mound, Nanih Waiya, placing their ancestors’ bones in a sacred dwelling.

Chafa’s story aligns with the creation myth, but it remains uncertain whether an individual named Chafa truly existed in Choctaw mythology.

Julia Jones plays Chafa in the MCU

Chafa is portrayed by Julia Jones. Born on January 23, 1981, Julia Jones is an American actress known for her roles as Leah Clearwater in ‘The Twilight Saga’ films and Kohana in the HBO series ‘Westworld.’ She also co-stars in ‘Dexter: New Blood.’

Julie jones as chafa

Julia Jones has a modeling background, having worked with brands like Levi Strauss & Co., Gap Inc., Esprit Holdings, and L’Oréal. She appeared in Chuck Wicks’s music video for ‘Hold That Thought.’ Her career includes independent films and a notable role in the Quentin Tarantino-produced biker remake ‘Hell Ride,’ which premiered at Sundance in 2008. Jones played Dr. Kaya Montoya on ‘ER’ during its final two seasons and participated in the Culture Clash play ‘Palestine, New Mexico’ at the Mark Taper Forum in Los Angeles in 2009.

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