‘Echo’: Here’s Why Kingpin Never Learned American Sign Language

heres why kingpin never learned asl

The ‘Echo’ miniseries has provided a deeper understanding of the connection between Kingpin and Maya Lopez. It’s evident that Kingpin displayed a considerable amount of concern for Maya, presenting himself as her uncle despite the absence of biological ties. However, a notable aspect is Kingpin’s failure to learn American Sign Language, despite his notable intellectual prowess. Episode 4 of ‘Echo’ sheds light on this matter, and let’s delve into a more detailed analysis, shall we?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Maya alleged that Kingpin’s failure to learn sign language stemmed from a genuine lack of care for her well-being.
  • Nevertheless, Kingpin did possess some understanding of ASL, as evidenced by his ability to comprehend the love song on Chula’s pendant.
  • There’s a possibility that Kingpin initiated the process of learning ASL but abandoned it at some point, likely due to his abundant resources allowing him to explore alternative means of communication with Maya.

Despite Kingpin being portrayed as a genius, he never took the initiative to learn ASL

Throughout the ‘Echo’ series, it becomes evident that Kingpin and Maya Lopez share a long history dating back to Maya’s childhood. The tragic loss of Maya’s mother, connected to Kingpin, marked the beginning of their complex relationship. Subsequently, Maya also lost her father, a tragedy orchestrated by Kingpin. Approximately two decades were spent in Kingpin’s company, with Wilson assuming a paternal or uncle-like role. However, the lack of communication between them persisted, given Kingpin’s inability to use sign language.

During their shared moments, whether having dinner or spending time together, Fisk arranged for interpreters to be present. However, these interpreters, vital for facilitating communication, were swiftly eliminated once their duties concluded, emphasizing the confidential and sensitive nature of their conversations.

Echo Why Didnt Kingpin Learn American Sign Language

In the show, we observed that Kingpin employed advanced technology to communicate with Echo without resorting to ASL. Maya received a special contact lens that allowed her to visually simulate Kingpin’s messages, while Kingpin utilized a specialized earpiece that automatically translated Maya’s ASL into spoken words.

The extent to which these technological measures were taken might seem drastic, especially when considering that many individuals learn ASL annually out of necessity or interest. Furthermore, acknowledging Kingpin’s extraordinary intellect, far from ordinary, raises the question of why he did not opt to learn ASL in a more conventional manner.


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Echo disclosed that Kingpin’s failure to learn ASL was rooted in his lack of concern or care

Echo brought to light the fundamental reason behind Kingpin’s failure to learn sign language—it boiled down to a lack of genuine care. Despite harboring some form of obsession with Maya, Kingpin seemed to view her more as an elevated guard dog, engaging in a trauma-bonding dynamic. Actions such as ordering the murder of her father and shaping her into a lethal assassin revealed a profound inability on Kingpin’s part to establish authentic connections.

It appears that Kingpin struggled with forming genuine bonds with people. In Maya’s perception, he was once seen as a heroic figure during her childhood, and Kingpin relished the admiration rather than fear. This led to the development of a narrative of shared identity and family.

However, Kingpin’s true sentiments toward Maya were laid bare when he demonstrated a willingness to harm her biological family, underscoring the absence of genuine care for her well-being.

It’s probable that Kingpin possesses a basic understanding of ASL

Maya’s assessment had some validity, but Kingpin’s encounter with her grandmother, Chula, also revealed a level of ASL knowledge. Chula wore an ASL pendant with the sign for love, and Kingpin not only noticed it but commented on having learned ASL, specifically acknowledging the term “nice.” This indicates a level of familiarity beyond mere recognition of ASL as a language. It’s plausible that Kingpin may have attempted to learn ASL in the past but abandoned the effort, opting for the convenience of technology. Alternatively, faced with Maya’s assertion that his lack of ASL knowledge signaled a lack of care, he might have rapidly picked up the language to counter that perception.

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