Here’s Why Diamonds Are So Hard To Find in Minecraft 1.17

Heres Why Diamonds are So Hard to Find in Minecraft 1.17

Every once in a while, Mojang releases a version of Minecraft that leaves players wondering how exactly the version was made into the official update. One such update was one where the inventory was removed entirely. Although it changed quickly, it was still a weird experience for players. Another similar update but with more catastrophic and seemingly unnoticeable consequences was the 1.17 update, and it revolves partially around finding Diamonds. So why are Diamonds so hard to find in Minecraft 1.17?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the 1.17 update, Mojang changed ore rarity in Minecraft worlds.
  • This was a fitting update because the world depth was also changed, so you weren’t losing how many Diamonds you could find; it would just take a bit longer to do so.
  • The official title for the 1.17 update was the Caves and Cliffs update.

Finding Diamonds nowadays

Diamond ore generation hasn’t been changed since the release of the 1.18 update, which was the second part of the Caves and Cliffs update. This update fixed all the issues that 1.17 had, but not all of the 1.17 update was that bad. Mojang released a special Caves & Cliffs Prototype Data Pack that introduced a lot of the features the 1.18 update has. Once the changes got too big for a data pack, they moved them to the 1.18 update.

In the data pack, the best Y level to find ores was Y level -64, but in the 1.18 update, this was reverted. Nowadays, the best Y levels to find Diamond ores are Y levels -58 and -59. You’ll have to go deep and avoid lava pools at this level to succeed. The best method of finding Diamond ores now is strip mining.

Finding Diamonds in 1.17

So why was (or is it if you’re still using the 1.17 version) mining for Diamonds so hard in 1.17? The answer is simple: Mojang messed up. The 1.17 update, among other things, was supposed to extend the world height limit. This was nothing new, as Mojang had already made changes to the world height limit two times in the past.

At first, the world height limit was 128 blocks; in 2012, the world height limit was changed to 256 blocks, and in 1.17, the world height limit was changed to 320 blocks..or was it? It was, but this part of the update was pushed back to the end of the year, so why is this a problem?

Just because the world height limit update was pushed back doesn’t mean that the rarity of ores was also changed. So, we first witnessed changes in ore rarity, and only months later, the part of the update that would justify making ore rarity larger came along. The increased ore rarity was a snapshot and was still being worked on though.


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Today, we need to dig truly deep, almost at Bedrock level, to find Diamonds, but back in update 1.17, everything was a mess. It looked like they gave Diamonds reduced air exposure which meant you couldn’t find them in caves that easily. Diamonds generated the most in blocks that aren’t exposed to air blocks.

Another problem was that negative Y levels didn’t have completed ore generation, so the best place for mining Diamonds was actually in positive Y levels. After testing a few mining techniques, many players agreed and concluded that the best Y levels for mining Diamonds in 1.17 were Y levels 11 and 12.

But that only holds for certain snapshots of the Minecraft 1.17 version. So what is the best version of 1.17 Minecraft for mining Diamonds? It’s said that Y level 6 is best in the first release of 1.17, not the snapshots. This way, you’ll likely be able to find 18 Diamonds in under an hour which is more than enough considering all other versions had lower Diamond vein-finding rates. A few of the last snapshots also yielded good results.

A fine line between rare and too rare

The whole point of mining for Diamonds is that they are harder to find than other ores. Going strip mining and finally finding a huge diamond vein is all the joy in any version of Minecraft. They are so pleasing to mine, and making them more common would ruin the thrill and joy of trying to search for them.

It’s okay to get frustrated with the game and not be able to find any Diamonds, but there’s a fine line between when the fact that Diamonds are hard to find is good and when it is bad. In the case of the 1.17 update, the line was crossed, and the fact that Diamonds were rare to find was nothing but a source of frustration for players.

Luckily, Mojang quickly corrected their mistake so that the official update had at least slightly better ore generation properties. It doesn’t change that the world height limit was pushed back to later updates, so it was still harder to find them, no matter the version you played on.

Bedrock Edition VS Java Edition 1.17 update

Diamond ore

The rarity of Diamonds in Java Edition 1.17 and Bedrock Edition 1.17 update differed significantly. In Java Edition, several snapshots and updates were released that made Diamond ores generate less frequently. In the 21w10a snapshot, diamond ore blobs were smaller but slightly more frequent, making diamonds generate less frequently overall. Every change to diamonds made in the previous snapshots was reverted in the 21w15a snapshot update.

The reverted changes were great, but it wasn’t great that this snapshot also reverted the world height changes that have been made. The first time we saw the world height changes being reintroduced was when an experimental snapshot for the 1.18 update was released, making everything slightly more stable.


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In Bedrock Edition, there was no analysis of beta versions to be made. In an unknown version but part of the 1.17 update, diamond ore generation was accidentally made twice as rare. The frustration with the 1.17 update mainly came from Bedrock Edition players. The changes were reverted in the 1.17.2 version.

A loss of joy in the present

I want to talk about how you can keep the joy of finding Diamonds in Minecraft alive because it’s one of the most exciting things to do in Minecraft, even today. For starters, I would avoid using cheats in your Survival world. Although you might not use commands to give yourself a ton of Diamonds, just the knowledge you can is enough to reduce the excitement.

This also holds for playing too much of Creative mode. It’s easy to open the inventory and give yourself an unlimited amount of Diamonds whenever you need to. Players have complained that even without cheats or Creative mode, finding Diamonds isn’t as fun as it used to be because they are overall easier to find.

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