GTA V: Here’s Why You Can’t Sell Your Yacht

gta sell yacht

Grand Theft Auto players can typically sell vehicles for extra profits, which is limited due to daily selling limits. Since the yacht was assumed to be a vehicle in GTA 5, many players are curious to know why you can’t sell your yacht in GTA 5 and GTA Online.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Yachts are Special Vehicles that cannot be sold in GTA 5 and GTA Online, as they are not seen as regular “Vehicles” or “Properties” in-game.
  • Players only have the option to downgrade their yachts to less expensive models, but this will still involve fees, and players will not receive any cashback for the excess balance.

Yachts & Superyachts in GTA 5

Players can access numerous GTA 5 and GTA Online vehicles, including two-wheelers, such as the popular Western Nightblade, and vehicles designed for exploring oceans, such as the Kosatka Submarine. More recent updates have even introduced a vehicle that can drive and fly, the Deluxo hovercraft sports car.

Yachts Superyachts in GTA 5

However, to many GTA 5 players’ surprise, yachts cannot be controlled at all. They are more similar to properties in GTA 5, such as upgradable Nightclubs, which can be used to start a business for additional in-game profits.

The Dignity is a motor yacht featured in GTA 5 and GTA Online, while the Galaxy Superyacht is GTA Online’s most renowned yacht model. The Galaxy Superyacht is the most expensive, sold from DockTease for between $6,000,000 and $10,000,000.

the dignity

Players have to obtain a yacht to complete numerous missions, such as Daddy’s Little Girl in GTA 5 Story Mode. Yachts in GTA Online can be used to complete Series A – Coke, while the Enhanced version involves Slasher III.

GTA Online players can use the Galaxy Superyacht to complete the “A Superyacht Life” missions: Overboard, Salvage, All Hands, Icebreaker, Bon Voyage, and D-Day. In addition to the freedom of storing additional vehicles inside the yacht, players also can evade other players online and create a peaceful “no-griefer” zone, as not everyone has access to these areas.

yacht service

Players also have access to a few services or “requests” via the captain. It’s also fitted with a large bridge three individual decks, and quite a few luxury features depending on how players upgrade it – such as one or two helipads, weapons systems, a jacuzzi, and even a luxury helicopter.

How to Move a Yacht in GTA 5

Since the yacht is not a driveable vehicle in GTA 5, players cannot move it on their own. It also does not move by itself, so the yacht will typically remain in the same spot around the clock.

yacht map

However, players can ask the captain to move the yacht to another location at the cost of $25,000, as seen on the map above, with Vespucci Beach and Paleto Bay being popular options. Players can lower this fee to $10,000 by completing all of the “A Superyacht Life” missions mentioned above and obtaining a cool Yacht Captain outfit!

Can Players Sell Their Yachts in GTA 5 & GTA Online?

Selling or trading properties has always been a classic money-making method in GTA 5 and GTA Online. Players would typically trade in their property in exchange for the cheapest property of the same type, after which the excess balance will reflect inside the character’s bank account.

yacht helicopter

That said, downgrading any owned yacht is generally considered a bad idea. For example, players have access to 3 constellation-inspired classes of the Galaxy Superyacht – Orion, Pisces, and Aquarius, with Orion being the cheapest and Aquarius is the most expensive.

It actually costs money to downgrade a yacht to a cheaper model – while some have argued it can be an easy way to get extra money in-game, players do not receive any cashback for the difference in the yacht’s value.

Yachts involve a daily incurred fee of $500, which was lowered from the initial $1,000 that players paid prior to The Contract update. Since players do not get any monetary benefits from downgrading, most fans choose to only upgrade.

What is the Superyacht Rebate in GTA 5?

The “Superyacht rebate” was a time-limited promotion for the Galaxy Superyacht, which took place back in early June 2022. This offer was up for grabs for the entire month of June, and the promotion details can be seen in the Twitter post below, made by Rockstar Games.

Players who purchased the Galaxy Superyacht within the given timeframe were given a 50% discount – which amounts to massive savings considering that this yacht costs millions. To top it off, players who completed all 6 “A Superyacht Life” missions were given a rebate of $1,000,000 during that time.

How Do You Sell Special Vehicles in GTA 5?

Many fans were surprised to find they cannot sell yachts, but around 180 “Special Vehicles” in GTA Online cannot be sold at all. Generally, boats, tanks, and service vehicles cannot be sold, with each vehicle’s value ranging from hundreds to millions.

However, this does not always apply to every Special Vehicle, and players cannot necessarily tell if they can sell the vehicle in the beginning. With new vehicles being released frequently in GTA Online, the only real way to know is to try selling it – either a Special Vehicle can be sold like a regular vehicle, or it cannot be sold at all.

That’s everything there is to know about selling yachts in GTA 5, with images and stats thanks to the GTA Wiki. While players cannot sell or downgrade their yachts for cashback, many fans have found that owning a yacht can still be a fun experience – especially when enjoying the game with friends.

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