Where Is Robin’s Lost Axe In Stardew Valley? (Guide)

Where Is Robin's Lost Axe In Stardew Valley? (Guide)

Stardew Valley features tons of awesome items and some incredibly loveable NPCs, but Robin is undoubtedly the most helpful and compassionate NPC in Stardew Valley to date. Tracking down and returning her lost axe is just a small way of showing gratitude to her in-game, but the process of finding it can be pretty tricky for many players.

Robin’s lost axe can be located beneath the player farm area, south of Marnie’s Ranch and Leah’s house. Returning the axe back to Robin and completing the quest will reward players with 250g and a Friendship Heart with Robin.

While finding Robin’s lost axe can seem perplexing at first, the process can be pretty simple with the right approaches and steps. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about finding Robin’s lost axe in Stardew Valley, including how to trigger the quest, the complete step-by-step guide, as well as how to obtain the rewards.

How To Get The “Robin’s Lost Axe” Quest In Stardew Valley

Robin is one of the most well-loved NPCs in Stardew Valley – in fact, she is quite possibly the most popular and favored NPC in the entire game overall. She lives on the Mountain in Stardew Valley, at 24 Mountain Road, where she can usually be found throughout the week/ inside her store during working hours.

The “Robin’s Lost Axe” quest in Stardew Valley is actually a main quest in the game. Finding Robin’s lost axe may seem like a complex adventure in itself, but this is a quest that actually fairly simple and straightforward – unlike many of the other quests in the game. We’ve outlined the entire process from scratch, with pictorials thanks to The Gamer and Game Taco.

Much like many other quests in Stardew Valley, Robin will directly contact the player in order for the quest to be triggered. This should occur on the 11th day of Spring in-game, and Robin will ask the player to help her find her lost axe via the mail as seen below, which you can check using your mailbox.

All players will need to do from here is click the “Accept Quest” button at the bottom of the mail. This selection will automatically activate the quest, and players will just need to find the axe and return it to Robin in order to complete the quest.

The great thing about this quest is that it’s super easy to trigger – players don’t really have to do anything to get the quest other than simply play through the game. This quest will come to you, and there is no time limit to finish the quest either, meaning there’s really no pressure in getting it done as soon as possible.

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But, that being said, it is recommended for players to try and get this quest done and dusted as early as possible since it can be incredibly beneficial at the early stages of the game. Players will get this quest pretty early on in Stardew Valley – it’s actually the first quest that Robin will ask players to complete.

Players will be rewarded with a Friendship Heart at the end of the quest. This reward will only really be handy if you haven’t already gained max Friendship Hearts with Robin by other means – otherwise, it’s essentially a waste of a Friendship Heart.

How To Find Robin’s Lost Axe In Stardew Valley

Since Robin is so awesome, plenty of players have been eager to get her beloved lost axe back in her hands – in the hopes that she won’t lose it again, of course. Players will be given a slight hint as to where they would be able to locate the lost axe in the same mail that the quest was received in.

Robin will mention that she last used her lost axe while she was south of Marnie’s Ranch, narrowing down the search area to an extent. That being said, the entire area of Marnie’s Ranch is pretty big, meaning the hint is still somewhat vague.

Where To Find Robin’s Lost Axe

Players will be able to locate Robin’s lost axe in Marnie’s Ranch near the sewer drain. Specifically, it will be situated in a small clearing directly above the sewer drain – beneath the player farm area, south of Marnie’s Ranch and Leah’s house.

Follow the steps below to locate Robin’s lost axe in Marnie’s Ranch:

  1. First off, players will need to head to Marnie’s Ranch.
    There are 2 main ways to get there, and an alternative way as well:
    Players can get to Marnie’s Ranch by passing through Pelican Town near Jodi’s house and looping back west.
    Players can get to Marnie’s Ranch by continuing west on the circle.
    Players can get to Marnie’s Ranch by traveling south from the farm and cutting through the overgrowth using an axe.
  2. Head south from Marnie’s Ranch until you reach a river that runs through the forest (not the small pond with a dock).
  3. You should be able to see a small bridge at the top of the water.
  4. Cross over the bridge onto the small island.
  5. Continue and head east towards a forest.
  6. Keep heading east through the forest until you reach a ledge. This ledge may also be referred to as a cliff or small bridge in other sources, but it’s the same thing in-game.
  7. Head south after crossing the ledge.
  8. Follow the path until you have made it across the river.
  9. Head south and slightly east.
  10. Follow on along the cliff’s edge to a nook, as seen below.

Robin’s lost axe should be laying on the ground at the southeastern part of the forest (east of where players can pick Spring Onion in the springtime in-game). Collect the axe and head back to return the lost axe to Robin.

“Robin’s Lost Axe” Rewards

Once you collect Robin’s lost axe, all you will need to do is return it to her and claim the quest rewards. This bit can be slightly tricky, and many players can get stuck trying to complete the quest.

This is since players will need to track down Robin in order to give her the lost axe back. But, Robin moves around a bit, and players will need to figure out where she is in order to find her and complete the quest.

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She should be found at home if you have completed the quest on the same day it was received, and she is home on most other occasions. Other than that, she may be found at Pierre’s General Store (specifically on Tuesdays, when her store is closed) or inside the Carpenter’s Shop north of Pelican Town (9 am – 5 pm).

Once you return the lost axe, Robin will reward you with 250g, as promised in the mail she initially sent. Players can also benefit from an extra Friendship Heart – granted that they’re not already at maximum Friendship status with Robin.

After this point, you have successfully completed the “Robin’s Lost Axe” quest in Stardew Valley. This quest is an awesome choice for earning Friendship Hearts, making some money at the early stages in the game, or simply showing Robin how much you appreciate her.

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