How Did Dabi Get His Scars? What Happened to Him?

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My Hero Academia is not only currently one of Shounen Jump’s most popular manga, but also a really popular show around the world. With its sixth season airing right now, lots of fans begin to wonder about the past and secrets of a villain really important in recent episodes and previous seasons, Dabi. So who exactly is he and how did Dabi get his famous purple scars?


Dabi got his scars due to his own firepower. As a kid, Dabi didn’t have perfect control of his blue flame quirk, which was insanely powerful on its own. One time, after being ignored by his father, Dabi had an emotional breakdown and ended up losing control of his flames, which burned most of his body and almost killed him.

In addition to it, those same powers are still hurting him. Every time we see him using an intense amount of his ability, he ends up getting more skin burned, as seen in his fight against Geten.

However, that’s not all there is to it. Dabi’s past is actually much more important to the series and its main characters than it might seem. His goals and secrets are a pivotal part of the story and have been actually present in the anime since the beginning, so you might want to check it out.

Who exactly is Dabi?

Dabi was properly introduced in episode 31 of My Hero Academia’s anime. But, as manga readers already know, he appeared long before that.

Paranormal Liberation Front’s Dabi is actually Shouto Todoroki’s presumed dead brother. The fact that the Todoroki family used to have one more member was only recently confirmed in the anime, with the formal presentation of Toya Todoroki.

Touya Todoroki Boku no Hero Academia

Toya happened to appear earlier in Season 2 in the background of Shoto’s flashbacks, playing with his other siblings. It just so happens he never got an actual introduction until last season.

In that case, the one who eventually made Dabi go into a mental breakdown was indeed his father, the number one hero, Endeavor. Which explains why he has a certain fixation with himself and the rest of the family. But what does he actually hope to achieve by doing so?


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What are Dabi’s intentions?

Dabi My Hero Academia

After spending about 3 years in a coma, following the events of his breakdown, Toya eventually came back to his family household. What he found there is that, even despite everything, his father is still the cruel and obsessed man he previously was. This reminded him how he was only seen as a tool by his father, as the one supposed to surpass All Might, something Endeavor passed on to Shoto.

Then, Toya decided to become a violent villain named Dabi, who was seeking to destroy his father’s career and make him pay for everything he has done to him and his family. This anger ends up being directed not only to Endeavor, but also to Shoto, as we see in the Forest Training Camp Arc and some of the latest chapters of the manga.

And Dabi is really determined to achieve his goals, as seen in the Paranormal Liberation War arc and in the recent Final War arc. However, how far is he actually willing to go?


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Dabi’s limits

As we already know, Dabi can get extremely hurt when using the full extent of his quirk, burning his skin and body each time. He has come a long way and has managed to survive, but for how long can he fight and take his revenge on the Todoroki family?

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Dabi has fought his brother Shoto in the recent chapters of the manga, and he has come a long way since he went all out. Using every attack available to him, he tried his best to defeat Shoto, but in doing so a notable portion of his body began to melt and deform.

The heat from his flames not only tears apart his skin but also exposes his muscles and eventually burns his flesh and melts the right side of his face, making him look highly disfigured. Although he suffers great damage, Dabi doesn’t hold back one tiny bit, as he does not care for his life as long as he can complete his objective.

Even though Dabi sacrifices his own body, he ends up losing to Shoto, who defeats him using special techniques made out of fire and ice. This doesn’t seem to be the end, since we end up seeing a spark light up in Dabi’s frozen stomach while he is unconscious. So will Dabi actually exceed his limits?

So it turns out, Dabi isn’t just some awesome-looking villain with weird scars, but actually an extremely important character to the plot. We truly hope to see whether he has more fights in him or if he is truly defeated by the same people he swore revenge on.

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