How Did Hashirama Die and Who Killed Him?

How Did Hashirama Die and Who Killed Him?

Out of all the Hokages that exist in the Naruto world, there is one who always comes to everyone’s mind: Hashirama. The question surrounding his death has for many years been a mystery and if you are a Naruto fan, then you are probably wondering what really happened. So, without wasting time, how did Hashirama die?

Some fans think that he died because of injuries caused while fighting Madara, others think he died in the battle, while others speculate that it was old age that led to his demise. There are many theories surrounding the death of Hasirama and who exactly killed him. 

Before we start exploring each theory in detail, I want to briefly talk about who Hashirama was. He was the first Hokage of the Senju clan and a member of the Leaf Village. He was known as the “God of Shinobi” because of his unmatched powers. He was famously known for his wood release technique.

How Did Hashirama Die?

Although there is no single theory that explains exactly how Hashirama met his death, there are many Naruto fans who come up with ideas as to how he died. Let us look at some theories that I managed to come up with that will help us answer the question of how Hashirama died. Am a big fan of Naruto but some theories are just out of this world. 

1. Overuse of His Healing Jutsu

Hashirama had a special self-healing Jutsu that was one of a kind. His cells could multiply and heal any injury that he had sustained during the battle, and he did not need to weave his hand to activate the Jutsu. Hashirama was always using his healing Jutsu during battles and this damaged him in the long run. 

Every time he used his Jutsu, his life span was shortened and in the long run, his cells could not divide anymore. Just like a candle, if it continues to burn out, it will eventually reach a point where it will run out. That is exactly what was happening with Hashirama when he was using his powers. 

2. Died During the Battle

During Hashirama’s time, battles were a daily occurrence and that led to some people believing that he died during a battle. Even though this might be true, there was no one stronger than Hashirama, and because he had special wood-style Jutsu, he could not be outnumbered. 

During one of the battles, the only person who would threaten him was Madara Uchiha, but he defeated him, and he went into exile. There are many battles that Hashirama fought that made him extremely sick and he started to run out of stamina. Many believe that he fell during one of the battles.


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3. Died of Old Age

While this theory by some fans does not hold much water, some people still believe that Hashirama died of old age. Although he was the first Hokage, I still do not think that he died of old age considering the vital energy and powers that he had. 

I am still of the belief that Hashirama died during the battle which makes this theory false. When Hashirama was revived from the dead, he looked much younger than he was during his death which means that something else apart from old age killed him.

4. Illness killed Hashirama

It is also believed that the strongest Shinobi in the entire Naruto met his death due to an illness that was killing him slowly. Even though he had his weaknesses, some people still believe that a strange disease was eating Hashirama from the inside and the excess use of his Jutsu powers made things even worse, killing him in the process. 

The fact that many people believe that he died of the disease is far-fetched considering his regeneration ability was able to cure viruses, bacteria, and any unknown disease that entered his body. Hashirama had several Jutsu powers, but the one that he loved to use was the wood release which is a combination of water and earth release. 


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Who Killed Hashirama?

Many theories surround the death of Hashirama but thinking that someone was responsible remains a mystery. If indeed someone killed him, his name would be famous. It is not clear exactly who killed Hasirama but according to the series, Kakuzu was once sent to kill Hashirama, but he failed in the mission. 

Kakuzu was sent out of the village because of his failed assassination attempt. Madara on the other hand failed to kill Hashirama during the battles which mean there is no clear answer to who exactly killed Hashirama. However, there are other logical reasons behind the death of Hashirama. 


I strongly believe that he was killed either by some Ninja troops, or he committed suicide after he realized he had killed Madara, or he sacrificed himself for a hostage. Those are just some of the theories regarding the question of who killed Hashirama. If indeed someone killed him, the killer would have been hunted by Konoha.

How Old Was Hashirama When He Died?

Hashirama had a granddaughter who was conceived 50 years earlier even before Naruto was promoted to Genin. Her name was Tsunade, and she was the fifth Hokage at a time when Konoha needed a leader. During the second half of Naruto, she was 55 years old. From this information, it means that Hashirama may have met his death when he was around 50 or 60 years of age.

Did Tobirama Die Before Hashirama?

In my opinion, Tobirama has a strict personality, and he cares about the lives of others in the village. He is the second Hokage to rise to power after the death of Hashirama. So, did Tobirama die before Hasirama? Being the second Hokage after Hashirama means that Tobirama did not die before the first Hokage. 

Tobirama was involved in a fight against Kumogakure’s forces which led to him sacrificing himself as a decoy. He did this to enable his subordinates to escape the battle. This was during the second great Shinobi war. He made sure that before he died, he had already appointed Hiruzen to succeed him as the Third Hokage.

Even though Hashirama was the strongest shinobi to ever exist in Naruto, many questions still surround his death and who exactly killed him. He had some of the most extreme powers that no single man could take him down single-handed. Although Kakuzu tried to assassinate him, he managed to fight back and killed Kakuzu in the process. 

Hashirama might have gotten some injuries during the many battles that he encountered, but because of his healing Jutsu powers, he managed to stay strong. Whether it was someone, a disease, injuries, or old age, there is no clear answer as to who exactly killed Hashirama or who did it.

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