How Did Nezuko Manage to Conquer the Sun & Why Is She Immune to It?

How Did Nezuko Manage to Conquer the Sun & Why Is She Immune to It?

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Nezuko Kamado is one of the most important characters from the Demon Slayer manga. Tanjiro’s little sister, Nezuko was the only survivor of Muzan’s brutal attack on the Kamado family (Tanjiro was not present, so he also survived). In turn, she was transformed into a demon. Being special, Nezuko retained a large portion of her initial humanity and never attacked humans, but she also has some other unique abilities as well, and one of them is her resistance to the Sun. In this article, we will explain how and when Nezuko Kamado managed to conquer the Sun in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Nezuko Kamado managed to conquer the Sun during her battle with Hantengu, but no specific reason was given as to how she was able to do it. It is theorized that Nezuko was able to conquer the Sun because she comes from a lineage of Sun Breathing users and because she kept a big part of her own humanity, i.e., because she never ate human flesh.

The rest of this article will focus on Nezuko Kamado and her dual nature, that of a human and that of a Demon. You’ll find out how Nezuko managed to conquer the Sun and achieve immunity to it, a feat previously thought impossible for a demon.

How did Nezuko manage to conquer the Sun?

Now, we all know that a Demon’s main weakness is the Sun. That is why there are no Demons outside during the day because the Sun would burn and kill them. This is a very specific and innate weakness of theirs and an issue that Muzan had tried to remedy for ages; his search for the blue spider lily, the plant that saved his life, was in part because he thought that it would help him, as a demon, with his weakness to sunlight.

But, while Muzan kept going, other demons had to stay away from the sunlight, and Nezuko was included there. Because she had been transformed into a demon, Nezuko had to be carried in a basket by her brother, Tanjiro, to avoid contact with sunlight during the day because everyone feared the Sun would kill her or kill her injure her gravely.

But, Nezuko being Nezuko, she also had to be unique in this aspect. Namely, as the plot progresses, Nezuko becomes more important to the plot and is a powerful ally of the Demon Slayer Corps. During the Swordsmith Village Arc, Nezuko Kamado fought the Upper Moon 4, Hantengu, who was an exceptionally difficult opponent. At some point, the fight continued until sunrise, and it seemed like Nezuko would go down, sacrificing herself to allow her brother to strike Hantengu, which he could do.

Nezuko conquering the sun CH126

As the sun rose, Nezuko started to burn, but after some initial pain – Nezuko regenerated, stood back up, and started talking! It was a miracle as everyone thought Nezuko would die at that point, but she managed to conquer the Sun; sadly, Muzan was informed about this by the dying Hantengu, which would prove pivotal later on, but that is not what interests us now. What we wanted to know now was how Nezuko could do it.


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Well, sadly, an official reason has never been provided, and a lot of elements from Demon Slayer simply remained as facts we have to take for granted. Still, we could theorize about it, and two highly probable reasons could explain her feat. First of all, while Nezuko is not directly related to Yoriichi, she comes from a family of Sun Breathing users (her family knew it as the Hinokami Kagura dance), and that fact could have helped her develop immunity against sunlight.

On the other hand, Nezuko has always been special. Although she was a demon, she still kept a large portion of her humanity, she was rational and aware most of the time, and she even managed to fight off the urge to consume human flesh and blood. This fact definitely shaped her character and probably helped her fight off her demonic traits and conquer the Sun.

Tamayo believed that Nezuko would ultimately conquer the Sun all by herself, and she was ultimately right

Now, in order to expand on this story, we would actually like to tell you another story involving Nezuko and her abilities that is, also, connected to Lady Tamayo. Namely, Lady Tamayo was a demon and former Muzan’s ally who hated Muzan, ran away from him, and worked with the Corps to defeat him. Her life was initially spared and saved by none other than Yoriichi Tsugikuni himself, but that is a wholly different story that has nothing to do with Nezuko, as it happened almost a millennium before the present timeline of the story. But, Lady Tamayo does reappear in the Swordsmith Village Arc, after having debuted early on in the story, and we think that it is important for us to tell you how her story is tied to Nezuko’s in this aspect.

After the deaths of both Gyokko and Hantengu, the Swordsmith Village was saved and the arc of the same name came to an end. In the epilogue, as the heroes were happy for their win, Tamayo’s letter to Tanjiro was shown and we found out several interesting things about what she had been up to while the heroes were fighting their fights in the series.

In her letter, she thanked Tanjiro for sending her blood and revealed that her antidote actually healed the Asakusa Demon, providing hope for all of them that Nezuko could be healed as well. Continuing, she also addressed Nezuko specifically in her letter.

She commented how Nezuko’s blood changed rapidly and how she evolved as a demon, but as everyone knows, Nezuko still retained her child form, and while her control over her consciousness did improve (she began talking, she “conquered the Sun”), she still couldn’t fully regain her humanity (as one of Tamayo’s test subjects did) at that point. Why? She was certainly capable in theory, but while Tamayo was not certain of the answer, she had her own theory about it.

Namely, as Tamayo said in the letter – and she emphasized that it was only a theory of hers and nothing more – Nezuko retained her demonic features and did not become a full human again because she, deep inside herself, prioritized something over becoming a human once again. What? Tamayo did not say what it was specifically, but from the panels and the whole context, it can easily be deduced what Tamayo was referring to.

And while we have already analyzed this aspect, we have to confirm that Tamayo added one more fact to her letter – her firm belief that Nezuko would be able to “conquer the Sun” quite soon. Now, the letter had been written before Tanjiro and the others defeated Gyokko and Hantengu, so Tamayo could not have known what happened in the Swordsmith Village and that Neuzko had, indeed, conquered the Sun during the battle with Hanentngu. These words, thus, proved to be prophetic, as the experienced demon was actually right about Nezuko and the very nature of her powers and abilities. This is why this letter is so important for the story and why it excellently explains Tamayo’s role in the story. But, back to Nezuko.

Tamayo was, as we’ve said, certain that Nezuko would be able to “conquer the Sun” based on knowing about Nezuko and based on examining Nezuko’s blood. In that aspect, Tamayo certainly noticed that Nezuko had it in her, that she was in fact so special that she could ultimately conquer the Sun. This is due to her dual nature, due to the fact that while being a Demon, Nezuko retained a lot of her humanity and as Tamayo speculated, Nezuko could’ve reverted back to her human for with far more ease than any other demon, but she chose not to because she felt she needed to protect Tanjiro in his fights.

This is why Nezuko was so special and why she was one of the series’ best characters by far. The fact is that she was the only character with such a dual nature, that she was the only demon who managed to retain humanity and the only human who was willingly a demon because of some deep, personal motives. And that is why Tamayo was quite certain that Nezuko would be able to conquer the Sun on her own.

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