How Long Did Grogu Train with Luke Before Season 3?

grogu and luke

When the entire storyline of The Mandalorian began, we learned that Din Djarin’s mission involved searching for Grogu’s people so that he could bring him back to them, as that was the code of the Mandalorians. That was why he went out searching all over the Star Wars galaxy for the Jedi because Grogu himself was Force-sensitive and had the powers of a Jedi. Of course, we know that Din and Grogu separated at the end of season 3 when Luke Skywalker came to pick up the child. So, how long did Grogu train with Luke before the start of season 3?

According to John Favreau, the creator of The Mandalorian series, Grogu spent somewhere between 0 and 2 years with Luke Skywalker before deciding to return to Din Djarin when he ultimately could not see himself away from the friend that he treated as a father figure.

When you look at the series of events that happened in The Mandalorian, it didn’t seem like years went by between the time that Din Djarin allowed Grogu to leave with Luke and the time that they reunited during the events of The Book of Boba Fett. But it appears that time moved faster than we thought and that many things happened between then and now. So, with that said, let’s look at how long Grogu trained with Luke.

How Long Did Grogu Train with Luke?

The story of The Mandalorian formerly revolved around Din Djarin’s quest to bring Grogu back to his people. After he found the child and was prompted to save him instead of giving him up to the remnants of the Empire, Din knew that he had to bring Grogu to his people because that was the way of the Mandalorians. As such, he traveled around the galaxy with the child to get clues related to the whereabouts of the Jedi.

Season 2 wrapped up with Din Djarin finally completing his mission when Luke Skywalker received Grogu’s Force signal and found him and the others on Moff Gideon’s ship. Luke proceeded to take custody of Grogu after Din successfully rescued him from Gideon and his Dark Troopers. And we saw how torn both of them were when they had to separate.

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We know that the lives of Din Djarin and Grogu continued during their time away from one another. Din continued his career as a bounty hunter and mercenary, all while searching for the remnants of his Mandalorian tribe. We also saw how Din helped Boba Fett out during the events of The Book of Boba Fett because he understood that he needed to pay back his fellow Mandalorian for assisting him in the rescue of Grogu. Meanwhile, Grogu went with Luke to a remote forest planet that served as the foundation for the new Jedi Order that Luke wanted to establish.

Luke decided that Grogu would be the first of the many students that he would train to become part of the new Jedi Order. Of course, we know what happened to this Jedi Order, but that’s not the point here. The point is that Grogu trained with Luke and learned to use some of the skills he already learned back when he was with the old Jedi Order before Order 66.


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But while we do know that Grogu learned some new things while he was with Luke and re-learned some of the things that he already knew before the fall of the Jedi Order, we also know that he eventually left Luke to return to his friend and father figure. In The Book of Boba Fett, he went to Tatooine to reunite with Din Djarin and fight the Pyke Syndicate together. Season 3 started with the two of them traveling together to find a way for Din to redeem himself as a Mandalorian. So, how long did Grogu train with Luke?

All of the events that happened between the end of season 2 of The Mandalorian and the events of The Book of Boba Fett seemed so fast that it didn’t look like Din and Grogu were away from one another for a long time. However, John Favreau, the creator of the series, cleared things up. In a previous interview, he actually said that the two were apart for two years because Grogu trained with Luke for two years.

But in a recent interview, Favreau clarified his previous statement. He said he was referring to the time between seasons 2 and 3 of The Mandalorian instead of the in-universe time that passed. In that regard, he was talking about real-world time.

Then again, Favreau wasn’t so sure about how long Grogu spent with Luke. He said that they spent somewhere between 0 and 2 years together, as that didn’t help the confusion of fans regarding his previous statement. Still, what matters is that Favreau said that the two years that Din and Grogu were away from one another referred to how much time passed in our own world instead of the universe of Star Wars. 

Why Did Grogu Leave Luke?

In the events of The Book of Boba Fett, we saw how Din was so attached to Grogu that he allowed the Armorer to melt the pure Beskar spear that he used to defeat Moff Gideon so it could be forged into a chainmail for Grogu. He gave this chainmail to Ahsoka, who didn’t want Din to meet Grogu due to how attached the child was to him and how attachments were something that Jedi were not allowed to have.

Of course, Luke understood as much that Grogu was too attached to the Mandalorian, who he spent a long time with as a friend. That was when Luke gave the child a choice between two gifts: the Beskar chainmail and Jedi Master Yoda’s lightsaber. Luke said choosing one over the other meant he had to forsake the other.

grogu makes a choice

Ultimately, Grogu chose the chainmail because we saw R2D2 flying him to Tatooine so that he could reunite with Din Djarin and join him in his fight against the Pyke Syndicate. So, why did Grogu leave Luke?


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The reason why Grogu left Luke was his attachment to Din Djarin. Although attachments were forbidden for Jedi, that didn’t mean that being attached to a person was wrong. Din was far too important for Grogu to let go and forget, which was why he decided to leave the Jedi Order, as he saw his friend and father figure as someone he didn’t want to be away from.

This allowed us to see how rigid the Jedi code can be and how Star Wars conveys that choosing the people you love over what initially seems right isn’t exactly bad. After all, Luke did the same thing in Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back when he chose to help his friends instead of staying with Yoda to train. Grogu did the same thing but ultimately decided to stay with Din instead of returning to Luke as he made the decision to forsake being a Jedi so that he could be a Mandalorian.

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