Grogu vs. Yoda: Differences & Who Is More Powerful?

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Grogu took the world by storm. I mean, even people who never liked Star Wars love Baby Yoda. Although he’s technically a baby of the same mysterious species but has no connections to the original Master Yoda (that we know of), people are naturally comparing the two characters and their powers. So, between Grogu (Baby Yoda) and Master Yoda, who is more powerful?

Although Grogu presented the incredible potential to grow in his power and skills, he is still nowhere near Master Yoda’s level in terms of power, skill, knowledge, and experience. After all, Yoda spent 900 years of his life as a Jedi, while Grogu is still a toddler at the age of fifty.

That being said, Grogu has shown that he is a quick learner and that he is just as Force-sensitive, if not more so, than Master Yoda. Perhaps right now, he’s not on Yoda’s level, but Grogu certainly has the potential to reach that level in the future with practice, experience, and learning. Here’s what the comparison looks like as of now.

Grogu Vs. Yoda: Differences

Before I get into specific categories of comparison, I wanted to briefly explain the difference between Master Yoda and Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, to those who aren’t quite sure or just haven’t seen The Mandalorian.

Grogu, although referred to as Baby Yoda in popular culture – is not really Yoda when he was a baby, nor is he the child of the beloved Master Yoda. He is only a member of the same mysterious species as Master Yoda but about 850 years younger.

Master Yoda was born in 896 BBY (Before the Battle of Yavin), whereas Baby Yoda, aka Grogu) was born in 41 BBY. Yes, Baby Yoda came after old Master Yoda. 


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Master Yoda was a legendary Jedi Master with immense power and experience, whereas Baby Yoda was still just an infant at the time of The Mandalorian taking place. He might have the potential to become as powerful and wise as Master Yoda, but he still has about 800 years to go to reach that potential. That being said, let’s compare the two on a category-by-category basis.


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Master Yoda is considered by many to be the greatest Jedi of all time. Obi-Wan Kenobi considered him to be the most powerful Jedi he ever knew. Despite being so small, Master Yoda was as accomplished in the use of the Force as anyone across the galaxy – on the Light or Dark side.

Yoda is extremely and unwaveringly devoted to the Light side, but he has deep knowledge and understanding of how the Dark side works and how the two sides of the Force are intertwined and interact with each other.

Even as old age took a toll on Master Yoda’s physical body, he was still an incredibly powerful Force user. He had no problem using the Force to lift Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing starship out of the swamp on Dagobah – the planet where Yoda trained Luke and where he eventually died.

On the other hand, Baby Yoda, aka Grogu, presented some incredibly impressive Force-using skills, despite still being an infant. He once lifted a colossal Mudhorn in the air in time to save Din Djarin from harm. 

That being said, the feat took a major toll on Grogu and exhausted him completely, knocking him out for a couple of hours. If you compare that to Master Yoda lifting the X-Wing with ease, it’s easy to see the difference in their power level.

Grogu also presented incredible powers in terms of healing significant wounds by using the Force, but it also quickly exhausted the child. As he practiced, though, he became more skilled and durable when using the Force, but he was still way below Master Yoda’s power levels. We can’t tell what Grogu will accomplish in the future, but for now, it’s Master Yoda all the way.

Point: Yoda (1:0) Grogu


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Skills & Abilities

Again, despite being so small, Master Yoda was one of the greatest lightsaber duelists of all time. In fact, he used his small size and weight to his advantage, being an incredible acrobat while wielding his green-bladed lightsaber and the Ataru saber form. 

Ataru is a saber combat form that has the combatant use the Force to propel their bodies in an acrobatic fashion to outmaneuver their opponent. Although this was Master Yoda’s preferred saber form, he was very familiar with and highly skilled in other lightsaber forms as well, using all those centuries to study, learn, and perfect his skills.

We saw Master Yoda use his lightsaber skills to outduel incredibly powerful and prolific Dark side Force users in Count Dooku (SW Ep. II: Attack of the Clones) and Darth Sidious (SW Ep. 3: Revenge of the Sith., despite being at such an old age.

On top of that, Master Yoda was a great pilot, a brilliant strategist, a highly-skilled diplomat – and an awesome baker, which you can see in The High Republic Adventures #4 comics, where his pastry recipe blows Torban Buck away.

As for Grogu, seeing he was still only an infant, he didn’t really have that much time to develop his skills and abilities. He started training and managed to raise his skills and awareness to a certain degree, but he is still just a kid. I guess he is prolific at some things, like eating frogs and causing trouble. Still, it’s Yoda’s game once again.

Point: Yoda (2:0) Grogu


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Now, this one might be hard to gauge, as we got to know Master Yoda only when he was over 800 years old. Naturally, he either reached his potential or had already gone past his peak. On the other hand, Grogu is an infant, who has yet to reach his potential, both as a force user and as a person.

That being said, Yoda was one of the greatest Jedi Masters ever, and what made him reach such an amazing level was his insatiable thirst not for power – but knowledge. Throughout almost nine centuries of living, Master Yoda never stopped learning. One could argue, therefore, that he had certainly reached his potential.


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But, Grogu’s potential is yet unknown. We know that the Force is incredibly strong in him and that he has already displayed incredible feats of power, despite being such a tiny little toddler.

Master Yoda might be more experienced, accomplished, and powerful, but we know where he stands. Grogu’s potential is through the roof, and yet to be seen what he’ll be capable of later on. For all we know, he could very much match or even exceed Yoda in terms of power and skill. That’s why I believe Grogu deserves a point in this category.

Point: Grogu (1:2) Yoda

Midi-chlorian count

I could write an entire essay on what Midi–chlorians are in the Star Wars universe and how they work, but there’s no need. What you need to know is that, in Star Wars, every living being has Midi-chlorians in their system. 

To put it simply, Midi-chlorians are tiny organisms within your body that determine whether or not an individual is deemed to be Force-sensitive. They are, essentially, one’s ability to connect with the Force.

 An average human has a 1500-2500 Midi-chlorian count per cell, whereas anyone over 7000 Midi-chlorians is deemed Force-sensitive and can receive training to become a Jedi. The higher your Midi-chlorian count is, the more powerful you can become when it comes to using the Force. It marks your potential, though – to reach your full potential, you need tons of training.

Master Yoda was a being with one of the highest Midi-chlorian counts of all time, at about 18000 Midi-chlorians per cell. To put it in perspective, Obi-Wan Kenobi is only around 13000, and Luke Skywalker around 14500. To add to it, Yoda reached his full potential. 

Only a few are known to have a higher Midi-chlorian count than Yoda – Palpatine was around 20500, but Yoda matched him in battle due to his superior skills. The only one that’s out of anyone’s league is Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader, who has the highest-ever recorded Midi-chlorian count at 27700.

As for Grogu, there are no exact numbers given to us anywhere yet. However, their species are known to have incredibly high Midi-chlorian counts, and Grogu displayed awesome feats of power without any training whatsoever. Hence, we can easily conclude that he could very well match Yoda’s Midi-chlorian count, give or take a thousand or two per cell.

I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying either has a higher Midi-chlorian count, so I’m giving both Grogu and Yoda points in this category.

Point(s): Yoda (3:2) Grogu

Intelligence & knowledge

Finally, if there was any doubt about the outcome of this battle (which I’m sure there wasn’t), this final category tips the scales in Yoda’s favor so much that it tumbles. Master Yoda is the wisest of them all – a Jedi with an insatiable thirst for knowledge which he had gathered for almost nine centuries and never stopped learning throughout his life. 

To add to it, Master Yoda had the incredible intelligence to back it up, which is essentially why he was always the one to give out advice and have the final say in any matter – you could always count on Yoda’s wisdom to save the day, and, for the vast, vast majority of times, he came through.


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On the other hand, you have Grogu, a youngling that’s still in the earliest stages of his life. His knowledge is basically non-existent, and all he cares about is Mando, chomping and nibbling on food, and getting into all kinds of trouble.

We don’t really know just how intelligent Grogu is since he’s nowhere near his potential, but even if his intelligence proves to be as high as Master Yoda’s, his knowledge couldn’t possibly be nowhere near. Yoda takes this category, and it’s not even close.

Point: Yoda (4:2) Grogu

Grogu Vs. Yoda: Who is more powerful?

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Master Yoda is certainly, unequivocally more powerful than Grogu, aka Baby Yoda. The difference in age, skill, power, knowledge, and experience is simply overbearing, and all of it goes in Yoda’s favor.

That being said, it’s not really a fair comparison, since Grogu is basically an infant and is nowhere near his true potential. As Grogu gets older, the discrepancy in power between the two will surely shrink, and who knows? Maybe, one day, Grogu will grow to be more powerful than Master Yoda himself.

The potential is there, but it’s hard to believe that the little bundle of joy and mischief could be just as knowledge-thirsty as his predecessor, Master Yoda. Ultimately, the answer is: Master Yoda is way more powerful than Grogu, but there’s potential that, somewhere in the far future, Grogu will grow to match or even exceed those levels of power.

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