How Long Would It Take to Watch Every Episode of The Simpsons? (Including Movie)

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The Simpsons has been a staple of American popular culture for decades and is one of the most successful television shows of all time. The show has won many awards, including Primetime Emmy Awards, Annie Awards, and Peabody Awards. There is also The Simpsons Movie, a feature-length film, that was released in 2007. Let’s see how long would it take to watch every episode of The Simpsons, including The Simpsons movie.

If you were to watch all of The Simpsons episodes, it would take you around 16,016 minutes. If you add The Simpsons Movie to it, that is another 87 minutes, which means it would take you around 16,103 minutes to watch every episode including the movie. That is around 268,4 hours or around 11,2 days. So, realistically, if you really wanted to, two weeks of binge-watching could be enough. This is an approximate account only with an average duration of the episode being 22 minutes. Some episodes are longer so it could take you some more time than estimated here.

The Simpsons is a very popular Tv Show and its longevity proves that they are doing something right. The show aired in 1989 and it has been around since. All of the episodes, including the movie, are filled with humor and are easy to watch as many of the audience can relate to the show because of social problems and aspects that are portrayed in the show and the movie.

How many seasons do The Simpsons have?

The Simpsons have 33 seasons for now with the last season ending on 22 May 2022. The next season is set to premiere on 25 September 2022. The first season aired back in 1989 and due to the show’s popularity, the new seasons continued airing and probably will further in the future. Throughout the years, Homer Simpson has become one of the most iconic characters in the industry.


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How many episodes do The Simpsons have?

The Simpsons have 728 episodes, the last one being broadcast on 22 May 2022. The new episode is set to premiere on 25 September 2022. If take into account that the first episode was aired in 1989, that is really something. Not many shows can compare to The Simpsons when we take that kind of longevity into account. The Simpsons actually hold a record for longest-running animated series and longest-running sitcoms in the United States.

How long is The Simpsons episode?

The Simpsons vary in their duration. The first season started off with each episode being 30 minutes long and up until then the length of episodes varied from 30 minutes to 23, 22, or 21 minutes. This is the typical duration of the episodes for most sitcoms. However, the average airing time of each episode is around 22 minutes. Anyhow, regardless of the length of the episode, each episode consists of a well-structured parody or message that it wishes to transfer to its audience.

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How long it would take to watch all of The Simpsons?

If take into account that The Simpsons consist of 33 seasons and 728 episodes with the average duration of episodes around 22 minutes, it would take you around 16,016 minutes to watch the whole show. That is around 266,5 hours or around 11,2 days to watch all 33 seasons. Around 14 days could be enough with constant bingeing. So, if you ever decide it is time for a Simpsons marathon, you now have an approximate time frame that would be necessary to complete that task.


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How long is The Simpsons Movie?

The Simpsons Movie was released in 2007 and it was directed by David Silverman and written by James L. Brooks, Matt Groening, and Al Jean. The movie’s duration is 87 minutes or one hour and twenty-seven minutes.

The movie follows Homer Simpson who polluted his hometown Springfield so now the town is facing its destruction. Homer managed to escape and it is up to him to prevent Russ Cargill, the boss of EPA, who wishes to put a dome over Springfield so people could not be evacuated and the city could be destroyed.

The reason why the movie was made is that, in Matt Groening’s opinion, some topics are just too complex and require a lengthier runtime than a sitcom episode can provide. The movie sends an important environmental message to its viewers and we get to see Homer in yet another adventure where it is up to the Simpsons to save the people of Springfield from being casualties of a bomb threatening to destroy Springfield.

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