How to Say Discord in Roblox?

The gaming world and Discord often go together hand-in-hand, especially when it comes to online games and multiplayer gaming experiences. But, it isn’t always readily accepted by all game developers, and Roblox is a prime example.

Discord has a minimum age restriction of 13 in most regions and higher age restrictions in other regions. Most Roblox players are younger, and the devs have blocked the use of “discord” or other third-party platforms for protection. Older Roblox players can use alternative spelling where needed.

Although the reasoning behind Roblox players being unable to say the word “discord” is quite understandable, it doesn’t stop the community’s need. Stick around to find out why Roblox has barred players from using the word “discord” altogether, as well as how you can still get the word across without experiencing or creating issues in-game.

Why Can’t I Say “Discord” In Roblox?

The main reason for Roblox stopping the use of the word “discord” in-game stems from the protection of their audience. Although there are plenty of more mature Roblox players, quite a hefty chunk of the game’s main player base includes children – or, at the very least, younger players.

There have been tons of scams going on in countless games – this is nothing new, and it’s by no means the developers’ fault. It’s just the way the gaming world has been in modern times, but quite a few measures have been put in place to prevent younger players from being scammed or being taken advantage of – specifically through social media.

Discord is just one of many social media sites or third-party platforms that have been blocked from being mentioned on Roblox. Players are also prevented from speaking about various other social media and third-party platforms, such as Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, and more.

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Since plenty of players use the Roblox text chat feature and the developers have absolutely no control over what exactly the players send or receive, putting some restrictions in place is actually a really good thing. But, it can be pretty annoying for older players who want to speak about third-party platforms and social media sites in a responsible and appropriate manner.

Discord (Adult Content & Age Restrictions)

Additionally, over and above the potential for younger audiences being negatively influenced (potentially), the Roblox devs clearly do not want to promote the use of Discord to their mostly younger viewers at all. This is since the primary age restriction for the Discord platform is a minimum of 13 years old worldwide.

That being said, this is just the minimum, since plenty of other regions actually have higher age restrictions for the Discord platform, as seen below:

  • South Korea: 14+
  • Vietnam: 15+
  • Aruba: 16+
  • Caribbean Netherlands: 16+
  • Curaçao: 16+
  • Sint Maarten: 16+
  • Austria: 14+
  • Bulgaria: 14+
  • Croatia: 16+
  • Cyprus: 14+
  • Czech Republic: 15+
  • France: 15+
  • Germany: 16+
  • Greece: 15+
  • Hungary: 16+
  • Ireland: 16+
  • Italy: 14+
  • Lithuania: 14+
  • Luxembourg: 16+
  • Netherlands: 16+
  • Poland: 16+
  • Romania: 16+
  • San Marino: 16+
  • Serbia: 15+
  • Slovakia: 16+
  • Slovenia: 16+
  • Spain: 14+
  • Chile: 14+
  • Colombia: 14+
  • Peru: 14+
  • Venezuela: 14+

It’s quite likely that young Roblox players would not read the Terms of Service, and Discord probably would not privately investigate these sorts of occurrences. Understandably, the Roblox devs would not want their young players to be swept up in this sort of situation at all, making it better to prevent mentioning Discord in-game altogether.

How To Say “Discord” In Roblox With Safe Chat

When it comes to getting past the Roblox text chat restrictions, all it really takes is some creative thinking. There are plenty of ways to sneak the word “Discord” through to the person you want to speak with – all while respecting the reasoning behind the restrictions as well.

1. Altered Spelling

The primary method, or the most common method, for getting past the “discord” block is simply to switch up the word itself. There is essentially an infinite number of ways that players could type in the word “discord” so that the message gets across without the word itself being used.

Players can choose to interchange letters with similar-looking symbols and numbers, or spell the word differently without changing how it’s pronounced. But, here’s a hint – if your autocorrect or spelling software picks it up and tries to change it to “Discord”, then it’s probably still too similar.

Examples of ways to say “discord” without using the exact word are as follows:

  • Th!schorde
  • Dis$gawd
  • D!$corde
  • Thiskorrd
  • Di$k0rrde

It’s worth noting that some variants may still be picked up as ‘discord’ and blocked, so you’ll need to try a few things and find something that sticks – as long as others understand what you’re trying to say. At the time of writing, most older Roblox players trying to say “discord” seem to be using “Thiskorrd” instead.

Odds are that the younger Roblox viewers who happen to see these “discord” variants will either not be able to read the word correctly (considering all the different symbols and spelling changes), or would read it without identifying it as the Discord platform. So, you’ll be able to get the message across to the older person you’re talking to – without reaching younger players.

2. Game or Group Description

The second way to say “discord” is pretty simple and easy. Although, it’s more useful for players who want to invite others to their Discord – rather than have brief discussions about it in the text chat.

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This method involves typing in “Discord”, or a variant, as well as adding your Discord ID under your game description or group description. In this way, you’ll never have to worry about even trying to say “discord” in the text chat – all you’ll need to do is ask the person to check out your descriptions instead.

It’s a really great thing that the Roblox developers have paid attention to the potential for things going wrong, and have put certain measures in place to protect younger players from harm. Still, there are plenty of Roblox players wanting to mention Discord in-game with good intentions, and there are quite a few ways around the block – it just takes some creativity.

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