How Much Can Captain Marvel Lift? Compared to Real-Life Records


In the MCU, one of the strongest female characters we have seen is Captain Marvel, who was so strong that not even Thanos was able to match her in battle as he had to use the Infinity Stones to push her off. Nevertheless, she is incredibly strong and has the capacity to equal the strength of some of the most powerful Marvel Comics characters of all time, even if we’re talking about her comic book version. So, how much can Captain Marvel lift?

Captain Marvel, in Binary mode, can lift up to 200 tons, and that means that she is incredibly strong and is just as strong as some of the most powerful Marvel characters. Meanwhile, in her regular form, she is said to be able to lift up to 50 tons, which is still a lot compared to other superhuman characters.

As you can see, Captain Marvel’s strength is incredible because of the fact that she is able to lift up to 400,000 pounds. This gives her a clear strength advantage over a lot of different characters in Marvel Comics history. Of course, she is a lot stronger than regular human beings. That said, let’s look at how strong Captain Marvel really is in terms of how heavy she can lift.

How Much Can Captain Marvel Lift?

Those who have been following Marvel Comics would know that one of the strongest characters in the hallowed pages of these comic books is Captain Marvel, who is a Kree hybrid that is incredibly strong in terms of her physical capabilities. Of course, while Carol Danvers herself is physically strong, she also has a host of different offensive abilities that make her one of the most formidable heroes in Marvel.


We’ve seen Captain Marvel’s incredible strength in action in the Marvel Studios films as she was able to destroy Thanos’s entire ship all on her own and even manhandled the Man Titan himself before Thanos used the Infinity Stones against her. In that regard, she could have been able to defeat Thanos on her own because Captain Marvel is that strong. But if she is incredibly strong, how much can Captain Marvel lift?

In the comics, Captain Marvel’s strength is at an incredibly high level, even though different variations of the character may have different strength levels, depending on the storyline and the writer. Nevertheless, when she is at her base level, she is already quite strong and is listed as Class 50, which means that she can lift more than 50 tons. This isn’t even Carol’s strongest form because she is capable of so much more than that whenever she is at her strongest.


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When Carol Danvers is in her Binary mode, which allows her to absorb and manipulate various types of energy to use them for offensive attacks or to augment her own strength, she is capable of exceeding Class 100+, and that means that she could lift more than 100 tons or even possibly a lot more than that. Meanwhile, Marvel listed Captain Marvel as having enough strength to be able to lift up to 200 tons.

Yes, Captain Marvel is so strong that she could potentially lift 400,000 pounds whenever she is in her Binary mode. In comparison, a Blue Whale could weigh somewhere between 200,000 to 400,000 pounds, depending on its size. As such, Carol Danvers is capable of lifting the heaviest living creature on the planet.

In fact, in the comics, Captain Marvel was so strong that she was able to support the weight of a falling Celestial, which is an extremely gigantic humanoid creature that could very well be as tall as 2,000 feet and as heavy as more than 200 tons. As such, there is no doubt that in her Binary mode Captain Marvel is extremely strong and is capable of lifting some of the heaviest objects in Marvel Comics history.

How Does Captain Marvel’s Strength Compare To Real-Life Records?

We know for a fact that Captain Marvel is an extremely strong superhero in comic books as she is capable of lifting objects that are so heavy that not even forklifts are capable of lifting. Of course, she is a fictional character that has strength that exceeds imagination. But how does Captain Marvel compare to real-life lifting records?


Well, if you look at the record for the bench press, which is said to be the true test of how strong a person’s upper body is, then Julius Maddox was able to lift 770 pounds back in 2020. This still stands as a record today, as this is already a feat that could only be achieved by the strongest human being. On average, ordinary humans probably struggle to lift more than 150 pounds on a bench press.

Nevertheless, Maddox’s record pales in comparison to what Captain Marvel could carry because she is capable of lifting 400,000 pounds. Maddox’s record is only around 0.2% of Carl Danvers’s upper limit in terms of her strength, and that is already a clear display of her incredible strength.


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Meanwhile, we did say that Captain Marvel was once able to support the weight of a falling Celestial, which is over 200 tons in weight. In that regard, her leg strength should also be quite strong, considering that the legs support the entire body when it comes to lifting incredibly heavy objects.

In comparison, Ronnie Coleman, arguably the greatest bodybuilder of all time, was able to leg press 2,300 pounds. That probably isn’t the world record, but we know for a fact that being able to do that is an incredible feat for an ordinary human being, regardless of whether or not he was using performance enhancers. 

But the fact that Danvers was able to support a weight of an object that weighs more than 400,000 pounds suggests that she is more than capable of blasting Coleman’s 2,300-pound record into outer space. You could just imagine what she could do with a 2,300-pound leg press, as it is quite possible that she would kick the plates off the roof in just her first set alone.

Nevertheless, as incredible as Carol Danvers is when it comes to her strength, let’s not forget that Captain Marvel is a fictional character that was only meant to expand our imaginations. It is incredibly impossible to reach Captain Marvel’s strength levels, as entities with her strength can only be seen in fiction and in imagination. That is why we cannot discredit what our real-life superheroes could do in terms of how strong they are when it comes to lifting some of the heaviest weights that the human being is capable of lifting.