How Old Are Asha, Magnifico, Valentino, Amaya & Others in Disney’s ‘Wish’?

How Old Are Asha, Magnifico, Valentino, Amaya & Others in Disney's 'Wish'?

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In the animated world of Disney’s ‘Wish,’ each character brings their own unique essence, greatly influenced by their age. From the youthful exuberance of Asha to the mature wisdom of King Magnifico, understanding how old these characters are offers a deeper appreciation of their roles and contributions to the story. Let’s explore the ages of Asha, Magnifico, Valentino, and others, highlighting how age shapes their perspectives and actions in this magical tale.

Asha’s age: A teenage protagonist

Asha, the central figure of ‘Wish,’ stands at the brink of adulthood at 17 years old. Her age is a crucial element of her character, portraying both the boldness and impulsive nature typical of someone her age. Her journey mirrors the classic coming-of-age narrative, where she faces challenges that shape her into a resilient and daring heroine.

The age of King Magnifico: A seasoned antagonist

The enigmatic King Magnifico, cloaked in sorcery, presents himself as being around 50 years old. His advanced age, coupled with his mystical background, makes his true age a mystery. This complexity in age adds layers to his character as a charismatic yet manipulative ruler, using his age and wisdom for his own ambitious ends.

Queen Amaya’s age: A mature monarch

Queen Amaya, consort to King Magnifico, is portrayed as being in her late 30s or early 40s. Her age reflects her poise and maturity, balancing her duties as queen with her personal beliefs, especially in supporting Asha’s quest for truth.

Valentino: A young companion

Valentino, the adorable pet goat of Asha, is depicted as a baby goat. His youthful innocence adds a delightful dimension to the narrative, infusing it with light-hearted moments and showcasing the deep bond between Asha and her animal companion.


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Sakina: A mother in her prime

Sakina, Asha’s mother and a gifted seamstress, appears to be in her late 30s or early 40s. As the mother of a 17-year-old, her role is integral to the story, striking a balance between concern for her daughter’s safety and respect for her growing independence.

Sabino: A centenarian grandfather

Sabino, Asha’s grandfather, is a remarkable 100 years old. His age brings a sense of history and patience to the story, representing the timeless nature of hope and dreams. The relationship between Sabino and Asha adds an emotional depth to the film, highlighting intergenerational bonds and the wisdom they carry.

Dahlia’s age: A peer and friend

Dahlia, Asha’s best friend and an expert baker, is also 17 years old. Her character adds a mix of youth-driven enthusiasm and resilience to the film. Her physical challenges don’t deter her, instead highlighting her strength and leadership among her peers.

Gabo: A teen with depth

Gabo, another of Asha’s companions, is roughly 17-18 years old. His character brings a realistic portrayal of a young adult, balancing cynicism with an underlying kindness, reflecting the complexities faced by individuals at this age.

Simon’s age: On the cusp of adulthood

Simon, a member of Asha’s group of friends, is around 17-18 years old. His character embodies the transitional phase between youth and adulthood, showcasing the diverse aspirations and personalities of teenagers on the verge of self-discovery.

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