How Old Is Piccolo in Every Dragon Ball Series?

How Old Is Piccolo in Every Dragon Ball Series?

Piccolo or Piccolo Jr. is one of the main characters who It appears in the Dragon Ball manga and anime. He is a Namekian who emerged after being created in the last moments of his father’s life, being his current reincarnation. Although at first, he was the archenemy of Son Goku, over time he became less evil until finally becoming a kind being and a member of the Z Warriors. Over time, he also began to grow fond of his disciple Son Gohan, whom he saw as a kind of “offspring” and forming a bond of friendship with him.

In this article, we are going to tell you Piccolo’s age in every iteration of the Dragon Ball anime series, starting with Dragon Ball and ending with Dragon Ball Super. Since some parts of the chronology are a tad confusing, we are also going to provide explanations for each section.

How old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball?


Piccolo’s age in Dragon Ball: 0-3 years old

After the defeat of King Piccolo, Piccolo Jr. was born in 753 from King Piccolo’s final egg. Now, since Piccolo ages differently than other characters, after just three years of training, he looked like a young adult.

Finally, when he entered the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, he was a young man of just 3 years because of his Namekian physiology. So, what happened during the time?

Since his birth, Piccolo wants to avenge his parent by killing Son Goku, but he was finally beaten in the final during the Tenka Ichi Budokai, beating Kuririn in the process, who showed great resistance, but much weaker than Piccolo and more hardly than God. During the final, he plays a hotly contested match against his lifelong rival, Son Goku, he undertakes to use all his techniques against him, each more powerful than the other.

But Son Goku’s tenacity is intact, and the two participants are evenly matched. Piccolo even blows up the entire Tenkai Ichi Budōkai stadium, but Son Goku is still not defeated. He tortures him little by little at the very end of the fight, but Goku comes back and wins thanks to the Buku Jutsu. Despite everything, Son Goku does not finish him, because he does not want to lose his greatest rival. Furthermore, his death would cause the loss of God and the Dragon Balls.

How old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Z?


Piccolo’s age in Dragon Ball Z: 8-29 years old

The story of Dragon Ball Z takes place during a very long period of time, starting five years after the events of Dragon Ball, where we meet Piccolo, who is now 8 years old but looks about the same as Goku. He dies at some point in the year 762 but is resurrected once again.

When the androids arrive, he is 11 years old and is 12 years old during the fight against Cell. Still looking the same, Piccolo is chronologically 19 when Majin Buu is defeated, and would eventually end up being 29 years old after the 10-year jump. What happened during this time?

He is confronted in full training, with the formidable Raditz, somewhat surprised by the combat potential of Piccolo, which is higher than that of the earthlings. He pursues him discreetly and is present during the terrible revelations about Son Goku. He proposes to his greatest rival to face this threat together.

During the fight, Piccolo is hurt by Raditz, despite his relative speed without his training weights, but he loses an arm. He uses the terrible Special Beam Cannon, the only truly lethal weapon capable of cornering Raditz. After Son Gohan’s stealthy appearance, he uses his technique again and kills Raditz and Son Goku, who sacrificed himself to help him beat Raditz, at the same time.


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Aware of Son Gohan’s hidden potential, he decides to train him for a year, before Raditz’s companions arrive. That’s how Piccolo decided to train little Son Gohan (who displayed incredible strength despite his young age), and that’s when he started to settle down. During the fight against the other two Saiyans (Vegeta and Nappa), Piccolo showed great strategy, he eliminated a Saibaimen in two hits and resisted Nappa with Kuririn, injuring him several times.

He sacrificed himself to save Son Gohan from an attack by Nappa. While training Son Gohan, Piccolo befriends him, though he doesn’t want to show it, despite his apparent sternness. He cuts off his tail when Gohan becomes an Oozaru and entrusts him with a sword to better defend himself. Almost a year later, Gohan becomes a first-rate warrior. Piccolo waits for the Saiyans, Nappa, and Vegeta to come to meet them.

Piccolo discovers that he is a Namekian, which would explain why he was able to deliver a fatal blow to Raditz. During the battle, Piccolo kills in a fraction of a second a Saibaiman who had had the misfortune to attack Son Gohan. Despite his relative power, he is no match for Nappa, his punches are ineffective against him. He tries to hold his tail firmly, a weak point of the Saiyans, but the colossus had already trained. He is eventually killed while protecting Son Gohan from a deadly attack.

How old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball GT?


Piccolo’s age in Dragon Ball GT: 34-36 years old (not canon)

So, GT starts five years after Z, making Piccolo 34 years old. And while Goku’s age was significantly mixed up during this non-canon saga, Piccolo remained the same. The story ends with him being 36 years old. This is one of the more confusing series, to be honest. What happened in this series?

Piccolo made two short appearances in the Baby saga; having detected an evil power, Piccolo decided to go see what was going on. The mutant baby had taken possession of Son Gohan’s body. Then came the Special Beam Cannon. The attack passed right by the enemy. The Namekian knew that Son Gohan is possessed. Baby Son Gohan sent a Kamehameha. Piccolo looked dead from being hit and disintegrated, but still he survived with luck.

After Baby’s defeat, he sacrificed himself when Earth exploded to destroy the Dragon Balls that brought misfortune to the blue planet. Piccolo after his death went to Heaven. There he meditates until he learns that Goku is locked up in Hell, he wants to be sent to Hell to help Goku but Enma refuses. Piccolo, pissed then begins to destroy everything, which forced Enma to change his mind and send him to Hell.

He will succeed in helping Goku out of Hell thanks to a telepathic fusion with Dendé to open a door between the Other World and Earth. It is thanks to him in large part that the Earth was saved. Piccolo will be the protector by enforcing the rules in Hell. In the final episode, he built up against a monster and won with just one hit. Then came Son Goku who stopped in Hell saying a last goodbye to him by shaking hands and then told Piccolo that he will come out of Hell one day.

How old is Piccolo in Dragon Ball Super?


Piccolo’s age in Dragon Ball Super: 16-17 years old

Super takes place in the 10-year period between Majin Buu’s defeat and the end of Dragon Ball Z. During the time, Piccolo is 16 years old, and with the story ending a year later, he is 17 years old, although he looks the same as always. What do we know about the events of this series?

Piccolo is present at Bulma’s birthday, although he is still embarrassed at party settings. When Beerus starts to arrive, he is pissed off by Majin Boo’s attitude, so a little battle begins. Piccolo is quickly outclassed by this divine opponent. Seeing a new threat looming, Piccolo prepares to fight Frieza once again.

He defeats an incredible number of minions in the absence of Son Goku and Vegeta. Unlike in the movie, Shisami goes after Son Gohan directly. Afterward, it is Tagoma, thanks to his progress in serving as Frieza’s partner who defeats the Terran fighters. When Ginyu takes Tagoma’s body, Piccolo is once again defeated and dies protecting Son Gohan from Frieza’s attack.


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However, he will not be able to avenge him and his Ki alerts Son Goku and Vegeta to the situation. After the death of Frieza at the hands of Goku, Piccolo will be resurrected thanks to the Dragon Balls. Piccolo and Son Gohan train following the repeated failures of these last two arcs. Son Gohan will not be able to participate in the tournament that Champa has prepared, however, Piccolo accepts.

He confronts Frost shortly after Son Goku’s defeat, the Saiyan warns Piccolo that he does not see him triumph. However, Piccolo performs the Special Beam Cannon in hopes of reaching him. He projects clones for this, to trick him.

By extending his arm, he immobilizes Frost but the latter uses his poison again to defeat his opponent. Following this counter-attack, Piccolo is put out of the ring. However, following the cheating revealed by Jaco and the referee, it is Piccolo who is declared the winner but despite everything he leaves Vegeta to take care of the rest.

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