How Scary Is M3GAN & Is It Gory?


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There are a lot of different movies that star dolls as the focus points of the storyline, and most of these films tend to be in the horror category. That means that dolls have become the topic of horror stories nowadays, especially because these seemingly lifeless objects have been portrayed to be the dwelling of souls in different fictional works. Of course, M3GAN is set to be the newest horror movie featuring a doll. But just how scary is M3GAN?

M3GAN surprised a lot of fans with a PG-13 age rating, which means that children 13 years or younger can watch it as long as parents are around to guide them. However, despite that, it can still be quite scary because director James Wan is known for delivering great horror storylines.

The fact that M3GAN is rated PG-13 may be surprising, but that doesn’t take away the possibility that it could still be very scary and entertaining for older viewers. Of course, a lot of horror films have been rated PG-13 in the past, and that means that M3GAN is not alone in this rating. That said, let’s look at how scary M3GAN is while learning more about what the movie has in store for us.

What Is M3GAN About?

The horror movie genre has always had a special place in the hearts of movie-loving people. Of course, while there are a lot of different horror movie genres out there, the scary doll genre seems to be one of the most interesting ones for many different horror movie lovers because of how dolls have always had an allure that makes them quite scary in the most interesting way possible. There are plenty of horror movies about dolls, and M3GAN is set to become the newest film that focuses on a doll.

Basically, M3GAN is about a robotics engineer named Gemma, who was placed in a position that she wasn’t ready for when the parents of her niece named, Cady, both died in a car accident. As such, she has to take care of her niece despite the fact that this was never a responsibility that she thought she would ever have to bear.

As a robotics expert working in a toy company, Gemma designed a robotic AI doll that is designed to be a child’s greatest companion. The doll’s name is M3GAN, which is the title of the movie as well. The doll was supposed to be her solution to her problem as she wanted to provide her niece with a safe space to live in without necessarily being always around the young girl due to the pressures of her work.


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The doll was designed by Gemma to be able to learn from the things that she sees and hears, and that’s why she was made to be the ultimate companion of a child, as she can use whatever she learns to keep the child safe while bonding with them. Her goal is to protect Cady from harm, and that is what makes this movie interesting because M3GAN will do whatever it takes to keep the girl safe from anything that the doll interprets as a threat to the young girl’s safety.

In that regard, the horror aspect comes in the form of M3GAN’s twisted way of seeing what is right or wrong because she is a doll with no moral discernment. The only thing that the doll wants to do is to make sure that Cady is safe, and that’s why killing people probably isn’t beyond her as long as the young girl is given a safe space to live in.

How Scary Is M3GAN?

At this point, you probably know for a fact that M3GAN is going to be a movie with a lot of killing involved. That means that this movie, which is directed by James Wan, is actually going to be more of a thriller instead of a horror movie. Of course, there is a sci-fi element that comes in the form of the advanced AI that was used to create M3GAN.

Despite the fact that this is a thriller movie with murder and death involved, fans that were excited about the film were not entirely happy to hear that M3GAN is actually rated PG-13. Of course, a PG-13 film isn’t as bloody and as gory as movies that are rated higher, and that means that M3GAN probably won’t have a ton of gory scenes.

While M3GAN may not be a gory movie due to the fact that it is rated PG-13, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t scary. Let’s not forget that James Wan has always been known to deliver a lot of great horror movies that have a good combination of eerie storytelling and jumpscares. As such, there is a good chance that he was able to incorporate a good plot that makes M3GAN scary without having to rely on blood and gore. Some of James Wan’s products include the likes of Annabelle, Insidious, Archive 81, and the Saw franchise.


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There is also a good reason to be positive about Megan. That’s because a lot of PG-13 horror movies in the past were quite great in their own right without the need to incorporate blood and gore into the mix. Such movies include the likes of Insidious (a James Wan product), A Quiet Place, and The Ring. As such, if these movies were able to pull viewers into the theater despite being PG-13, there is a good chance that M3GAN can still be pretty scary without incorporating a lot of gore and mature themes that aren’t suitable for children.

Can Kids Watch M3GAN?

As mentioned, M3GAN is rated PG-13. That means that kids under the age of 13 should still be able to watch the film as long as they do so with a parent around them. That’s because PG-13-rated movies include scenes that are not suitable for children that are younger than 13, and that’s why parents need to be around them whenever they are watching such movies.

This means that M3GAN can be suitable enough for kids that are 13 or younger as long as there is parental guidance. Meanwhile, teenagers over the age of 13 should be able to watch this film without the need for parental guidance. 

However, younger kids that are not used to watching movies with themes like death and murder should probably stay away from M3GAN. That’s because younger children still rely on their own dolls for company and fun. And allowing them to get exposed to a movie like M3GAN, which tells the story of a killer doll, would probably affect the way kids look at their dolls. 

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