How Strong Is Blue Beetle? Powers & Abilities Explained

how strong is blue beetle

The Blue Beetle is the name of three fictional superheroes who have appeared in various American comic books published by various companies since 1939. Fox Comics created the original Blue Beetle; it was Dan Garrett. The second Blue Beetle was Dan Garrett’s successor known as Ted Kord. The third Blue Beetle is Jaime Reyes, a teenager who discovered that the original Blue Beetle was using the Scarab’s battle suit. This article will tell you just how strong the latter two iterations are.

Blue Beetle is a fairly powerful superhero. Thanks to the powers of Khaji Da, the actual Blue Beetle, he can create a special armored suit that gives him superhuman strength, the ability to create a shield or an energy pulse, as well as to morph certain parts of his armor to create various weapons, as well as actual wings he uses for flight.

The rest of this article will focus on Ted Kord’s and Jaime Reyes’ iterations of the Blue Beetle and their powers and abilities; we’re also going to tell you about the original Blue Beetle. The Blue Beetle has much to offer regarding powers and abilities, which is why we reckoned that he deserved proper treatment in a standalone article.

Blue Beetle’s powers and abilities

Ted Kord

Ted Kord had no superpowers; however, he possessed the intellect of a genius, with an IQ of 192. he was productive in numerous sciences from chemistry, physics, engineering, aircraft, and more, solar technology, and an understanding of alien technology. Once, Despero claimed that Ted’s mind was second only to that of J’onn J’onnz.

Former Justice League colleague Guy Gardner claimed that Ted was smarter than Batman, “although no one ever noticed.” Kord was an Olympic-level athlete and a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, having studied Taekwondo, Judo, Kyokushinkai, and boxing. He was also well-versed in espionage. Kord created numerous gadgets, including suction cups, hyper-developing lenses, and a protective suit.


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To prevent being forced to unmask, especially if rendered unconscious, his hood had a locking mechanism that opened only with the touch of a chip in his glove, which would, at best, force an enemy to cut through the costume’s material to unmask him. He built power battle armor for Booster Gold, including a fully functioning artificial arm, and provided life support for Booster in case he was seriously injured.

Ted Kord as Blue Beetle

Later, he made her another, better one, from an alien armor. His pistol was a handheld weapon that could blind enemies with flashes or knock them out with jets of compressed air capable of arresting a rhino.

His original weapon was designed with a safety device, which made it functional only when held in the hand of Blue Beetle. It consequently deactivated it when it was not held in the hand and in contact with the circuits present in Blue Beetle’s glove.

It was discovered during Eclipso’s annuals that it was charged with solar energy. Blue Beetle’s airship, The Bug, contained technological equipment that could electrify or magnetize its hull, launch electricity, and fly at 600 miles per hour. All aircraft models had jet boosters hidden under the Bug’s armor.

The boosters of the first two models could push the Bug up to the speed of sound for a short period of time, and there was no time limit as long as the boosters lasted. Later models saw boosters used only for intercontinental travel and for travel at supersonic speed. Even the airship, however, 90% ran on solar energy. Later models were also equipped with energy weapons of various types, from lasers to plasma.

The latter two models could fly into orbit (as seen in ‘The L.A.W.’ #6 and ‘Infinite Crisis’ #5). All models had remote piloting controllable by controls embedded in Kord’s glove. He also built flying pads similar to Mr. Miracle’s flying saucers and claimed to Barbara Gordon that he could keep the Birds of Prey flying 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with technology based on the New Gods mother box.


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As the Black Lantern, Ted Kord was equipped with a “decadent” and aesthetically damaged version of the Bug and a black ring of power, with which he could generate constructs of his former suit and his pistol, which was more of a weapon.

Jaime Reyes

Jaime Reyes is a genius scientist in both robotics/cybernetics and biochemistry. Blue Beetle’s scarab is grafted into Jaime’s spine. It manifests, usually accompanied by an emission of blue energy emanating from the beetle’s “antennae,” several powers of his own free will. Jaime had minimal control over these powers over the course of the first year of the series, but slowly began to take hold of the costume after this first year.

When Jaime is in danger, the beetle activates, scaling the young man’s back and spawning high-tech armor around his body. The armor is elastic enough to protect Jaime against the friction generated by space entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. When the danger passes, the beetle deactivates, dissolving the costume and retracting back into Jaime’s spine, causing intense pain.

When used, the armor can be reconfigured to produce various armaments. Common functions include an energy cannon, a sword and shield, a grappling hook, a bio-energy pistol (later included in his gloves), an advanced satellite of some kind, and a set of power blades about 30cm long that can cut up to three trunks at the same time. In addition, the armor can produce a pair of wings to fly, which can also act as shields.

Jaime alludes to the fact that the weapons are powerful enough to injure even the Specter, one of the most powerful characters in the DC universe, stating that some may have the caliber of weapons of mass destruction. Still, Jaime’s refusal to use lethal force restrains him from using them.

Jamie Reyes

The armor can also adapt its technology to different situations: some of these adaptations include the production of energetic discharges from the hands that can neutralize magic, Kryptonite radiation discharges, the negation of the “vibrational frequencies” of extra-dimensional objects to make them invisible, and other assorted functions. It was observed that armor can create armaments of different compositions and styles.


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The wings, for example, were initially made of the same opaque blue material that the rest of the armor is made of. Still, starting with ‘Blue Beetle’ #12 (April 2007), they began manifesting as colorless and translucent material. Whether this is due to the armor-changing abilities or Jaime’s intention is unclear. The scarab also possesses the ability to track down anyone or anything that has previously been encountered.

The beetle possesses at least one power that can manifest itself both asleep and awake; it can give Jaime a peculiar form of “sight” to perceive extra-dimensional objects. This view would theoretically serve to provide the beetle user with information about opponents. The beetle can communicate with him more understandably if he has to be.

The beetle’s communication language was slowly changed to a similar format to English, stating that Khaji Da as his own name and Jaime was his first true friend. However, he occasionally spoke in his original language. Through some unspecified mechanisms or processes, the armor can compensate the digestive system of Jaime’s body so that he does not need to excrete waste materials when the armor is active and even remove the dead skin cells collected.

The beetle displayed a harmless nature, reluctant to harm, as evidenced in ‘Blue Beetle’ #4, in which some anthropomorphic trees attack Jaime. He could not use great force against them until he convinced the beetle that his life was in danger, thus gaining full control over the armor. Jaime destroyed the trees, although the armor expressed his displeasure for it.

Is Blue Beetle bulletproof?

Actually, it is. All three versions of the Blue Beetle had bulletproof armor, although this aspect’s sources differed. The original Blue Beetle, the Fox version, invented a special bulletproof armor. The second Blue Beetle got his hands on a special suit made of bulletproof chain-mail-like cellulose material. Ultimately, the Khaji Da suit of Jaime Reyes is likewise – bulletproof.

Is the Blue Beetle overpowered?

Well, the powers of Khaji Da are truly amazing, and in one aspect, the Blue Beetle certainly is overpowered, especially for such a young superhero; also, the Blue Beetle is nowhere near the mainstream heroes, so it wouldn’t make much sense for him to be that powerful. His overall power level is high, but Khaji Da’s instability has compensated for that; namely, the Scarab gives Jaime great power, but it also wrestles for control of him occasionally., which is why he is so unstable.

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