20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel and DC)

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

One of the most important parts of any good fight is a good weapon or an artifact that can sway any fight in the wielders’ favor. Comic books do it the best, and throughout their history, there have been a lot of weapons and devices that swayed the direction of the battles. Cinematic Universes of both DC and Marvel showed only glimpses of those weapons in their projects, and for that, we will list the 20 most powerful superhero weapons in Marvel and DC comics.

The list will include some weapons the villains are wielding because it is impossible to skip over them without mentioning them in this conversation. These weapons will be the ones that swayed the tides of the battles, concluded fights, and changed the world forever. So, if you’re interested, stick with us ’till the end of the list.

1. The Trident of Neptune

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

We start with Aquaman’s weapon, the Trident of Neptune. This powerful weapon is made of the special metal called Nth and created by the legendary Atlantean king, Atlan. Besides these two, the Trident was at one point owned by the biggest Aquaman’s foe Black Manta. It is an understatement to say this weapon is powerful – Trident even managed to damage the likes of Superman.

It is powered by faith in Atlantis and possesses protective magicks against the Abyssal Dark. Also, the Trident resonates with ambient magic around it, and for that, it gets even more powerful. Since the New 52, the Trident is part of The Seven Treasures of Atlantis.

2. The Mobius Chair

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Next is the Mobius Chair which is operated by the New God Metron. This device is created by Metron himself because he was obsessed with his quest to have knowledge of everything. The device has the ability to traverse space and time. It could be powered only by Element X (Tenth Metal), the purest creation itself. Metron managed to get a hold of the metal, but he had to make a deal with the leader of ecumenopolis Apokolips, Darkseid.

All in all, this weapon is really powerful – besides the time and space travel fact, this chair can also pull the planet out of its orbit! It contains Nigh-Omniscience (all knowledge) about the universe. Doctor Manhattan provided it with some of his powers when he used it to erase ten years of restored timeline, he gave it cosmic awareness, precognition, and retrocognition. There are a lot of abilities this weapon has, and, let’s just say, when in the wrong hands, it does not look good for our DC heroes.

3. Mjolnir

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Thor’s Mjolnir is truly powerful. Wielded only by the worthy, this hammer-like weapon possesses essentially Thor’s abilities. It was forged by Eitri and Dwarves of Nidavellir in the heart of a dying star. Yes, it sounds dramatic but really powerful. It went through a lot in the Marvel Comics – it survived Ragnarok, Thor lost his confidence and stopped wielding it then it was left on the moon. After that, it was wielded by Jane Foster, who picked it up. Then it was destroyed, reforged again, and when Thor realized it is heavier for him than before, it turned into a feminine humanoid avatar that went on the rampage.

It committed genocide on dwarves that created it, shattered Thor’s arm, broke Odin’s spine, and so on and on. All in all, this hammer is powerful and hopefully, MCU will show a fraction of its power in the new Thor movie.

4. All-Black, the Necro Sword

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Well, if you thought already mentioned weapons were insanely powerful, wait for his one. All-Black, the Necro Sword that has been created from literal living darkness, can destroy Celestials, butcher Gods, and any being in the universe. Some say it is the most powerful weapon in the Marvel Universe, and if you think that, you wouldn’t be wrong.

It has a will on its own and can influence the wielders of it. Gorr became the God-Butcher because of the sword, All-Father Thor was almost forced to kill Old Galactus, and it corrupted Old Galactus into becoming the Butcher of Worlds. A scary weapon that should be banished somewhere no one could get to it.

5. The Helmet of Fate

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

We go to DC Universe again and there are a lot of ancient, powerful artifacts that still exist in the present, and are being used for good or bad. The Helmet was created by the Lord of Order Nabu, along with other two objects – the Amulet of Anubis and the Cloak of Destiny. Those three mystical objects are worn by Doctor Fate, the agenda of the Lords of Order.

It is one of the most powerful magical objects in history (made from Nth metal) and gives the wielder magical powers, elemental control, and cosmic awareness, which is interesting because the bearer can break the Fourth Wall.

6. God Killer

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Created by the Olympian God of Fire, the God Killer is what the name suggests – a weapon that can kill Gods. It was created for Deathstroke who needed to kill a Greek Titan, Lapetus, a foe of Hephaestus, the creator of the Sword. It does possess some kind of will because it can change its physical form.

After being in multiple “wrong hands” I must say, Wonder Woman took it away and placed it in the care of her fellow Amazons. The God Killer, besides killing immortals and having the will of its own, also has the ability to shoot shocking blasts into opponents and comes back to its owner when recalled.

7. The Darkhold

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Probably the evilest book in the Marvel Universe, The Darkhold is truly scary. It does not shoot magic beams or throws nuclear explosion on the planets, but is full of very powerful black magic spells. Whoever reads it, gets corrupted, losing their souls and possessed by God of Chaos himself, Chthon.

Spells include accessing Limbo, the origins of lycanthropy, can conjure Darkforce, controlling the will of others, summoning elder gods, having the origins of vampirism, and more. Lately, the True Darkhold has been in possession of the Scarlet Witch, and we saw in the Doctor Strange movie some of its powers.

8. Infinity Gauntlet

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

“Thanos was right” quote has been a running joke or reference in Marvel Cinematic Universe since the Avengers: Infinity War, and for a good reason. When the bearer collects six Infinity Gems and attaches them to the Gauntlet, it is one of the most powerful weapons in the universe. It erased 50 percent of the population of the Universe with the snap of fingers by Mad Titan, Thanos.

The Infinity Gems by themselves are really powerful so it is not surprising to see them being almost unstoppable used at the same time. In the comics, this glove-like object is powerful in any universe, so it is not surprising seeing it as a part of this list.


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9. Ultimate Nullifier

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

This device was created by the Watcher Emnu with the purpose of preventing the Prosolician race from invading planets all over the universe. Ultimate Nullifier is most famous for its usage in preventing Galactus from devouring the Earth. It is acquired by Johnny Storm for the home of Galactus and later use as a threat by Reed Richards against Galactus.

He did not need to use the device that time Galactus only retreated. It literally can completely eliminate any target the wielder chooses – it is considered the universe’s most devastating weapon, and that is for a good reason. Hopefully, we see the usage of this weapon in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, presumably in future Fantastic Four movies.

10. White Lantern Ring

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

This item/weapon is a no-brainer to put on this list. We know there are multiple different Power Rings in the DC Universe – Green Ring, Yellow Ring, Blue Ring, Red Ring, and Black Ring. The White Lanterns have the ability to draw power from other Lantern Corps, more specifically their Power Rings.

The bearer is literally a life force because they are one with the Life Entity. Its true power was shown in the Blackest Night event in the DC comics where the White Ring destroyed Black Lantern Rings and resurrected certain heroes and villains that were dead. It can consume Power Ring power on its own, which is a really powerful ability. Besides mentioned abilities, there are more but we won’t list them all – just imagine Power Rings power times seven. That will present to you how this ring is powerful.

11. Nth Metal

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

We already mentioned this metal as the main ingredient of very powerful artifacts. It provides the wielder/wearer with gravity negation, flight, heat generations, self-sustenance, symbiosis, metamorphosis, regeneration, reincarnation, magic negation, and so much more.

A very important part of Hawkgirl and Hawkman lore, with other DC characters sharing their lore with this powerful material.

12. Sword Of Superman

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

We are on the roll with really ancient weapons and the so-called Sword of Superman needs to be on this list. This Sword is old as the universe. It was created from the primal plasma which is the part of the planets, more specifically, a lump of plasma floated through the universes and was slowly formed into a sword-like item. Noone could wield it and stop it from its trajectory. However, Superman was fighting a foe from the future King Kosmos, and his energy attracted the Sword to Superman.

Superman was defeated and fell on Earth but the Sword got in his hand, and it was revealed that his hand was its final destination. Superman used the Sword to defeat King Kosmos and he passed the Sword’s test by rejecting its power. The blade evaporated beside the hilt which Superman through into space to continue its journey. Its power is obvious – being made from the purest incorruptible matter, makes this Sword of Superman one of the most powerful weapons in the DC universe.

13. Miracle Machine

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Most of us watched the famous anime Death Note, where the notebook has the ability to kill anyone the user wants by writing the name into it. Miracle Machine is similar to that but much more powerful. It can transform any thought into reality through the power of will.

It was used in the DC comics arc The Final Crisis by Superman to destroy Darksied’s plans of corrupting every living being in the universe to bow to his will. He also used it to destroy Darkseid and reverse the damage bestowed on Earth. Another powerful weapon that should not be in the wrong hands.

14. Odinsword

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

There are few Odiswords wielded by Odin himself. The first one is called “The Over Sword of Asgard” which was said if ever unsheathed, the end of the Universe is at hand. It was used in many great battles including the one against the Celestials and Destroyer and melted down by Celestial’s Fourth Host for exorcising the Nibelung curse.

The second one was used by Odin during the Serpent’s War against Odin’s older brother Cul Borson. Odin claimed that this is the only sword to defeat his brother in the Universe. The sword was called “Ragnarok, the end of all things”.


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15. Quantum Bands

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

The Quantum Bands were gifts from the Cosmic Being Eon, who awarded the Protectors of the Universe for their service in protecting the universe. The Bands were worn by several individuals including Captain Mar-Vell, Glakandar the first Protector of the Universe ever, Kronos, and others. Thanos wanted to use them but after killing his mother, Kronos intervened and took them away.

The Quantum Bands are drawing energy from the Quantum Zone, the realm of potential energy from which all actual energy of the Marvel Universe resides. In live-action Marvel, Kamala Khan aka Ms. Marvel is using the Quantum Bands as the source of her power, so it will be interesting to see what will happen to them.

16. Astro-Harness

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

This is an alien aircraft used by the New Gods in DC Comics. It is used only by Orion, one of the members of the New Gods – it is wrapped around his waist, and shoulders and slung over his feet.

Its capabilities include interstellar flight, self-repairing, Astro-force projection, magnetic control, and more. It also has guns that shoot out the Astro Force power. Well, just for the word “Astro” this aircraft is really bad news for individuals going against it.

17. Motherboxes

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

New Genesis computers that bear an insane power. These are part living beings, part highly developed. Already mentioned Element X, rare and powerful, was used for building this computer. Motherboxes possess unimaginable powers that even their makers do not know its true power.

When having an access to The Source, Motherbox has the ability to change the gravitational constant of an area, transfer energy, control the mental state of a host, can open or close Boom tubes, merge sentient beings into one more powerful one, and so on.

They have unimaginable powers indeed, and it’s not a surprise for the m being on this list. There are other versions of boxes as weel – Orphanboxes and Fatherboxes.

18. Destroyer

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

An armor made by Odin that can hold an enormous amount of God’s energies for the fight against the Celestials. It was stored in the Temple of Darkness but was ultimately discovered by Loki who used it as a weapon of destruction. The Destroyer’s armor is almost impenetrable, and since it does not choose what to destroy, this mystical armor is really powerful.

It only can be active if it is inhabited or controlled by the spirit of sentient beings.

19. Heart of the Universe

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Probably the most powerful weapon of all Marvel Universe, the Heart of The Universe is virtually omnipotent – it can do anything. This is the only weapon that can take all cosmic beings at the same time. There is not much known about this artifact because it was featured in only one Marvel mini-series called “Marvel Universe: The End”.

All in all, this artifact is the most powerful weapon.

20. The Spear Of Destiny

20 Most Powerful Superhero Weapons (Marvel And DC)

Last but not least on this list is The Spear of Destiny. Okay, we come to the end with the banger of the weapon that impaled the side of Jesus Christ’s body and was used by Adolf Hitler at one point… yeah. He used to turn superheroes into Nazi versions of them and fight for the Third Reich. However, Blackhawks prevented that in DC Animated Universe.

Recently we saw it in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, as a reality-altering tool that can prevent the Speed Force from being obstructed while altering the timeline. A really powerful tool that can literally change time.

And that is all for this list. Hopefully, we guessed the most powerful weapons right because there are a lot of them out there. Thank you for reading, and until the next time!

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