How Strong Is Inosuke? Powers and Abilities Explained

How Strong is Inosuke? Powers and Abilities Explained

Inosuka Hashibara is definitely one of the more interesting characters from Demon Slayer. When the guy initially appeared, he seemed to be a villain (if not a demon), but as it turned out, this boar mask-wearing boy has a really big heart and the manners of, well, a wild boar. He has proven himself as a skilled Demon Slayer and in this article, we are going to tell you just how strong Inosuke is by explaining his powers and abilities.

Inosuke Hashibara is a fairly strong Demon Slayer. His physical powers are his forte and in that aspect, he is definitely one of the strongest characters in the series. He lacks the tactical genius to become an even better fighter, but despite that, he has reached a Hashira-like level of powers, and had the Slayers not disbanded after Muzan’s defeat, he would certainly have become the Beast Hashira at one point.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Inosuke Hashibara, but not on all of the aspects related to his character, but rather just his powers and abilities. Inosuke Hashibara has a lot to offer in terms of powers and abilities, which is why we reckoned that he deserved a proper treatment in a standalone article.

Inosuke’s powers

In this section, we are going to list and explain the main powers of Inosuke Hashibara, as they have been presented in the manga:

Fighting skills

Inosuke is a very good fighter as he is able to match Tanjiro and even surpass him with his flexibility and his unconventional fighting style which looks like “four legs of a beast” because of the way his punches come from. such a low angle while being very fierce and incorporating other unorthodox moves, making it unpredictable and vicious.

Repetitive Action

A technique practiced by a few members of the Corps, it allows a person to achieve the same effects as total concentration breathing by using preset repeated movements or remembering intense feelings to open the five senses and increase their concentration, by bringing out the physical powers of the body for a long prolonged period.

Inosuke breaking in from the door

Both Repetitive Action and Total Concentration Breathing can be used simultaneously, granting the user immense strength capable of rivaling higher rank demons. Inosuke quickly mastered this technique after watching Tanjiro and likes to rephrase “Boar’s Charge” while doing so.

Breathing Style

Inosuke has shown exemplary skill in the dual wielding of his Nichirin Blade, allowing him to confront and defeat demons on various occasions, even allowing him to match the members of the Twelve Demon Moons. Approaching the Infinity Castle arc, Inosuke has undeniably honed his swordsmanship skills to the level of a Hashira, allowing him to follow and take on the Upper Moon Two, Doma.

Breast Breathing is a completely original Breathing Style. A style of breath distantly derived from Wind’s Breath and the personal creation of Inosuke Hashibira himself after living in the mountains and fighting for its survival. He also seems to draw inspiration from the boars he grew up with. The forms we know exist are:

First Fang: PierceInosuke stabs the target’s neck with his two sabers.
Second Fang: SliceInosuke slices the target’s neck with his two sabers.
Third Fang: DevourSimultaneous slashes towards the enemy’s throat.
Fourth Fang: Slice ‘n’ DiceMultiple slashes in double diagonals with the two swords.
Fifth Fang: Crazy CuttingTechnique that cuts everything in all directions.
Sixth Fang: Palisade BiteSimultaneous decapitation with his sabers in both directions.
Seventh Form: Spatial AwarenessInosuke can identify the position of his enemies by sensing faint vibrations in the air. He usually sticks his sabers into the ground to use this technique.
Eighth Fang: Explosive RushInosuke charges his enemy at full speed, not even paying attention to his defense.
Ninth Fang: Extending Bendy SlashInosuke dislocates his arm joints to increase his attack strength.
Tenth Fang: Whirling FangsInosuke swings his swords. He used this technique to dispel Doma’s frozen clouds.
Sudden Throwing StrikeInosuke throws his two swords towards the enemy.

Inosuke’s abilities

In this section, we are going to list and explain the main abilities of Inosuke Hashibara, as they have been presented in the manga:

Enhanced Touch

Growing up in the mountains, Inosuke developed an incredible sense of touch. He can feel small vibrations in the air. Using this ability, he can tell if anyone is watching him, especially if they have bad intentions. He can even find the exact location they’re looking at, giving him an advantage in battle.

Extrasensory perception

Inosuke’s senses are so extremely heightened that he has a kind of extrasensory perception that allows him to see things outside the normal range of perception. Inosuke can sense how serious his opponents are, as we saw when we sensed Daki’s sash attacks weaken a bit, giving him an opportunity to attack, and how strong Akaza and Kyojuro Rengoku were.

He was also able to sense a person’s viciousness and intent to kill, even if they were out of his sight, which saved him from being killed by Gyutaro’s scythe attack. Inosuke could also sense all of the living people trapped inside Daki’s obi, which saved him from accidentally hurting them in battle.


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Inosuke is very flexible, to the point where he can put his head between his legs. Later, he shows the ability to dislocate his arm to reach anything, and even dislocate any joint in his body if he so chooses.

Speed and reflexes

Inosuke is an enormously fast individual, as seen when he ran through the Tsuzumi Mansion at super speed, dodging the Horned Demon’s attacks at the last second. In doing so, he demonstrated his honed reflexes and speed of movement. A few months later, his speed and reflexes improved further, allowing him to fend off Daki’s sentient Obi Sash and protect those trapped inside, and later managed to take on the Upper Rank himself.

Inosuke hanging by the ceiling panels

With the help of Zenitsu and Tanjiro, Inosuke managed to run up to Daki and decapitate her before she could react. Further proof of his superhuman speed is that Inosuke can keep up with Doma, the Upper Rank Two, with varying degrees of success.

Sometimes he manages to land a few hits and steal Kanao’s katana from him without Doma noticing, even though the sword is lying next to him. Even when he was debilitated and injured, Inosuke could still match Muzan and later the demon Tanjiro in terms of speed.

Resistance to poison

Inosuke was able to resist and survive the Upper Moon Six’s poison which was considered extremely lethal, suggesting that he is immune to poisons. However, as Aoi Kanzaki said, it also means that no medicine from Shinobu Kocho will work on him, so if he is exposed to a poison stronger than Gyutaro’s or a poison he doesn’t have developed resistance, they cannot be used as remedies and he would be in greater danger of death.

Indomitable will

Inosuke possesses an incredible and indomitable will and spirit, never hesitating and remaining steadfast and courageous in the face of any enemy, to the point of putting himself in danger. His willpower was best demonstrated during his battle against Doma, the demon of the second rank. Although he suffered dozens of injuries, he refused to give up and kept fighting despite the demon’s overwhelming power. Even in the face of the demon king, Inosuke remained steadfast and never gave up.

Stamina and endurance

Through his hard training as a demon slayer, Insouke has developed great endurance and stamina, which he has demonstrated on many occasions. Along with Zenitsu, Inosuke was able to keep up with an awakened Daki and held on long enough to cut off her head, despite suffering several injuries. In addition, Inosuke played a crucial role in the defeat of the upper rank, despite being stabbed in the chest and infected with a deadly poison.

Later, Inosuke endured impressively long against the second strongest demon of the upper rank and had to endure countless attacks from him. During his battle with Muzan, he suffered a variety of minor and major injuries, but still stood firm to defeat the demon king and later fend off the demon Tanjiro.

How strong is Inosuke?

Ultimately, we don’t have a scale to put him on and then compare him with the other characters, but we do know that Inosuke is fairly strong. His physical powers are his strongest point and he has demonstrated the ability to harm demons who were, at that point, much stronger than him (for example, when he managed to cut through the Spider Demon Father’s arm using sheer power).


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On the other hand, he is not a tactical genius and his Beast Breathing Style is certainly weaker than the other Breathing Styles. But, be that as it may, Inosuke has managed to reach a Hashira-like level of powers and would have become a Hashira himself, had the Demon Slayers not disbanded themselves after Muzan’s defeat.

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