How to Bypass Too Expensive Cap for the Anvil in Minecraft?

minecraft anvil too expensive cap

The world of Minecraft provides numerous opportunities for its players to grow, developing their skills and attributes to battle potential threats. But, there are various limiting factors in Minecraft that can hamper the growth of its players. An expensive cap for the anvil is one of those limiting factors in Minecraft, and it can be difficult for you to bypass this ‘too expensive cap’ for the anvil in Minecraft.

Players can bypass the expensive caps for the Minecraft anvil by changing the repair cost of the item in the game or by using an external app to reach the player’s inventory and modify the repairing cost of the anvil. You can also block the data commands for this purpose. The best way to avoid the cap is to minimize the use of lower-level enchantments.

An anvil is a crucial tool in Minecraft, as it increases the chances of your survival in Minecraft while enabling players to fight with their enemies in a more efficient way. Anvil caps help players against aggressive mobs and enemies, and while Minecraft creative mode allows you to bypass too expensive caps for the anvil, players cannot do this in Minecraft survival mode. Stick around to find out about the caps for the anvil and how to bypass such expensive anvil caps in Minecraft. 

What Does “Too Expensive” Mean In Minecraft? 

There are different tools and enchantments in Minecraft, and the efficiency of these tools typically increases at higher levels with maximum experience points. These factors cost reasonable charges respectively, beyond a specific limit.

How to Bypass Too Expensive Cap for the Anvil in Minecraft

Enchanting, repairing, and renaming anything at level 40 or above can be considered ‘too expensive’ in Minecraft. The story is the same for the anvils, and players can cap an anvil at level 40. 

The only real way to ditch this mechanic completely is to play Creative Mode, but all other modes have the same issue for anvils. Players can bypass the “too expensive” warning by resetting the enchantments.

Why Does My Anvil Say Too Expensive?

The anvil is a valuable item to enchant in Minecraft gameplay, and enchanting an anvil in Minecraft sometimes requires players to pay a hefty price. You will get a notification every time that your anvil is too expensive to buy.

How to Bypass Too Expensive Cap for the Anvil in Minecraft

There are various reasons behind it, but the most commonly experienced causes are as follows:

  • An anvil says ‘too expensive’ when it consists of many enchantments.
  • As the number of anvil uses increases, the higher are the chances that your anvil will say ‘too expensive’.  
  • Your anvil also says ‘too expensive’ when it consists of a maximum level of enchantment. 
  • If the cost of different items on an anvil is 40 or more, it will say ‘too expensive’ and you won’t be able to buy that item or cap for your anvil. 
  • Combining too many books will make enchanting more expensive, possibly a reason for your anvil saying ‘too expensive’.
  • You will find an enchant too expensive when you enchant your anvil with one-by-one higher-level enchantments.

The most common reason for the warning notification is when players use lower-level enchantments early in the game. Players would ditch those enchantments as they obtain better enchantments and upgrade them.

But, the game will still remember how many times an item was enchanted even if a player upgrades the same item. Most players choose to wait for better, higher-level enchantments instead of settling for lower-tier enchantments for this reason.

What Happens When The Anvil Says Too Expensive?

Minecraft’s anvil will often say “too expensive” in cases concerning the higher-level enchantments or upgrades. In Minecraft creative mode, you will face the situation after 31 anvil uses.


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However, in Minecraft survival mode, you may find it difficult and expensive to enchant your anvil after using it only six times. When your anvil says too expensive, you will have to face the following situations:

  • Players have to pay a lot to get an item for their anvil in Minecraft.
  • Chances are there that you won’t be able to enchant your anvil with the higher-level enchantments. You won’t get access to Unbreaking III, Infinity, Sharpness, Sweeping edge, and many other higher-level enchantments. 
  • It also makes you devoid of the other valuable items for your anvil. You won’t be able to use your anvil for a long time in your gameplay. 

How To Bypass The “Too Expensive Cap” for The Anvil In Minecraft

An anvil is an essential tool for any player in Minecraft vanilla, but a fully enchanted anvil is generally deemed too expensive in Minecraft. Naming and repairing anvils in Minecraft will cause the price to increase.

Below is an outline of the best ways to either avoid or bypass the “too expensive” anvil cap in Minecraft, all have which have various pros and cons or are only useful in certain contexts:

Minecraft Edition“Too Expensive” Anvil Cap Bypass/ Assist
Minecraft Java EditionUse two different enchantments at a time
Use one enchantment for your anvil and then another enchantment
Use an external cap (NBT Explorer)
Minecraft Bedrock EditionUse the item column
General Reset the enchantments
Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Plug-in
Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Mods
Use Mending

Minecraft Java

There are still chances that you can avoid the too expensive cap for the anvil in Minecraft Java. There are two classic ways to do it, although both of these actions will put you in different situations.

1. Use two different enchantments at a time with your anvil: You will use either your anvil once.

2. Use one enchantment for your anvil and then another enchantment: You will use it twice.

It will ultimately cost you more if you use your anvil twice for its repairmen or enchantment. So, you can avoid too expensive caps for the anvil in Minecraft Java by opting for the first action and ignoring the second situation. 


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3. Use an external cap (NBT Explorer) in Minecraft Java edition:

There is one more way out to bypass too expensive caps for your anvil in Minecraft, although it requires a different approach to classic methods. You can use an external cap (NBT Explorer) in Minecraft Java edition to access the other player’s inventory, which will enable you to change the items. In this way, you can bypass the “too expensive” cap for your anvil in your gameplay. 

Minecraft Bedrock

When it comes to making adaptations and changes in the Minecraft Bedrock edition, things will need to be slightly different. Quite a few aspects of the Minecraft Bedrock edition vary compared to the Minecraft Java edition, although most goals can still be met at the end of the day.

Use The Item Column

You can avoid too expensive caps in the Minecraft Bedrock edition for your anvils by using the item column for this purpose. Naming, repairing, and enchanting your anvil at the same time will not cost you a lot. You can do many things simultaneously, meaning this is the best method to reach the highest levels at a lower cost.

It will help you to bypass the too expensive cap for the anvil in Minecraft Bedrock while maintaining efficiency and reasonable costs. Just make sure that enchanting an item again and again will increase its cost, be it a repairing or renaming cost. 

Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Plug-in

The Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Plug-in is a useful plug-in to install in Minecraft, and it is extremely useful for players battling with this tricky and frustrating situation. The ultimate aim of the Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Plug-in is to remove the too expensive option entirely.

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How exactly this plug-in removes the too expensive option is still not clear – still, its use is undeniably valuable. The Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Plug-in will allow players to do the following:

  • Turn the level of the maximum enchantment to a specific level so that players can buy enchants for their anvil without it being too expensive. 
  • It lets you reset the repair cost of the item that you want to enchant your anvil with. 
  • It sets the maximum cost of your anvil to 39 or below it, helping you get the desired item for your anvil at lower costs.

This Minecraft plug-in offers you a cap for your anvil without having the label “too expensive” on it, enabling players to protect their anvil with this cap for a long time. Along with that, it helps you to battle your enemies in a much better way by making your anvil more durable and increasing its shelf life.

Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Mod

If you have a Minecraft Anvil Too Expensive Mod installed in your Minecraft edition, you can enjoy renaming, repairing, and enchanting many valuable items to your anvil. This type of mod offers quite a few features for convenience and easy usability, and enables players to do the following:

  • You can disable or remove the repairing cost on your items to avoid the too expensive option for your anvil. 
  • You can quickly repair your anvil with this mod. You don’t have to use the Mending enchantment for this purpose anymore. 
  • It will also save you from the prior work penalty in your gaming arena.


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How To Enchant Without The “Too Expensive Cap”

Do you want to rename or repair your anvil? Do you find it challenging to enchant your anvil without the ‘too expensive cap’? Well, no need to fret – enchanting an item without it being ‘too expensive’ is still possible for Minecraft players.

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You can use the Mending enchantment to help you out, but you will need to minimize your enchantment consumption – this is the best way to enchant without it being too expensive. Renaming an item won’t cost you much in Minecraft.

However, if you do something else along with the lines of renaming, it can be too expensive and you will have to pay a lot to do it. You need to know the prior work penalty (PWP) if you want to enchant without it being too expensive. Each time you enchant an item, its price goes up. 


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If you add two or more items to your anvil simultaneously, it will count as one anvil use in the long run. Similarly, if you use an enchantment table to enchant an item to your anvil, it will not count as the anvil use.

You can also avoid too expensive penalties in Minecraft if you already have maximum OP (over-powered) enchantments in your inventory slot. You can search for a configuration option to minimize the repairing cost for your anvil in Minecraft. 

Although facing the “too expensive” warning notification on your anvil can be frustrating, there are quite a few ways to work around this issue. Players can still get what they want from their anvils without sacrificing a ton – whether it be through the use of plug-ins, mods, or classic methods.

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