How To Get Comet Azur & Where To Find It In Elden Ring

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Elden Ring is a game that allows you to choose different builds depending on the type of character you want to play with. That said, mage classes like the Astrologer and Prophet are able to make use of powerful spells at their disposal. One of the coolest and most powerful spells in the game is Comet Azur. So, how do you get Comet Azur in Elden Ring, and where do you find it?

Comet Azur is a powerful sorcery that you can get if you follow the Sorceress Sellen questline. However, you can still get it without going through Sellen’s questline. It can be found in Hermit Village in the northwestern part of Mt. Gelmir. You can acquire it from Primeval Sorcerer Azur.

One thing you should know is that Comet Azur is a fairly late-game sorcery that you might not be able to get early on because of how difficult it is to get to where the item is. However, with some luck, and if you follow our guide, you may be able to get this item quickly enough, even if you’re not yet strong enough to get to where Sorcerer Azur is.

What Is Comet Azur?

In Elden Ring, players are given a choice between building up a physical attacker, a magical sorcerer, or both. That’s because there are simply plenty of different builds in this game to the point that you have a lot of freedom to choose what kind of character you want to create. Of course, a lot of people choose to use characters that can dominate using spells because magic tends to be a bit too overpowered in this game.

There are plenty of different spells that mages can use, depending on what their staves are and what kind of magic they prefer when it comes to battling all sorts of different opponents. And each spell in this game has a uniqueness because of the fact that it can be used in different situations, depending on what the occasion calls for.

However, one of the best spells that people often use whenever they’re building mages in Elden Ring is Comet Azur. This is actually a sorcery that was created by the legendary Primeval Sorcerer named Azur. You may be familiar with his Glintstone Staff and his armor set. Given the fact that Azur’s equipment is powerful, it only follows that he also created such a powerful sorcery like Comet Azur.

What It Does

What Comet Azur does is that it creates a large magical comet that the spellcaster uses to launch at a target from a great distance. It also deals great damage, and that means that this is a spell that a lot of different players tend to use whenever they have distanced themselves from their opponents.

On top of the fact that Comet Azur is one of the most powerful spells in the entire Elden Ring game, it is also one of the coolest spells because of how its animation makes you look like you are shooting a wave of energy from your staff. In fact, it actually looks like you’re blasting a Kamehameha Wave when you’re using Comet Azur.

When paired with the Azur Glinstone Staff and the Azur Glintstone armor set, you’ll be able to decimate opponents rather quickly using Comet Azur. The staff allows you to speed up the casting rate of your spells at the cost of more FP. Meanwhile, the armor set allows you to increase the power of primeval spells like the Comet Azur.


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There are even builds that will allow spellcasters to nearly one-shot certain boss monsters using this spell because it is that powerful. And this is why plenty of players covet the Comet Azur spell whenever they are using Int-based characters. Just be sure that you have at least 60 in your Intelligence stat to use this spell. 

The thing about the Comet Azure spell is that you can also hold the cast button to charge the spell up for a stronger attack. We recommend that you use the Cerulean Hidden Tear in your Wondrous Physick so that you’ll be able to have unlimited FP for about 10 seconds. This will allow you to tear down several enemies and even bosses rather quickly without worrying about your FP. In some cases, people tend to defeat bosses by relying on that unlimited FP window.

Where To Find Comet Azur? 

If you want to find Comet Azur, the bad news is that it is a fairly late-game item that you will only be able to acquire if you’ve progressed far enough in the game. While you can get it early in a theoretical manner, the fact is that there will be enemies and bosses that you won’t be able to kill along the way. As such, it is best to go for Comet Azur if you’re actually already strong enough to get to Mt. Gelmir.

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Yes, Comet Azur can be found in Mt. Gelmir, specifically in the Hermit Village in the northwestern part of the Mt. Gelmir map. We recommend that you’re at least level 80 before you head to this area of the game because the monsters and the bosses here are going to be very tough to handle for low-level players who are looking to acquire Comet Azur as early as possible.


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How To Get Comet Azur

To get Comet Azur, you’d have to be able to get to Mt. Gelmir first. This is a volcano that you can access west of the Altus Plateau, although you can also reach it through the northern area of Liurnia of the Lakes. Here’s how you can get to Comet Azur if you’re in Mt. Gelmir.

Look for the Erdtree-Grazing Hill Site of Grace in the northern area of Mt. Gelmir after you’ve made your way to the volcano. From there, go north to reach the Wyndham Ruins, which should have a boss that you should avoid for now if you’re only focused on Comet Azur.

After that, stay on the left paved path that goes upward to find the next Site of Grace in the Seethewater River. Continue going north to navigate yourself through a ravine. You will be able to reach a Site of Grace in the Seethewater Terminus.

From there, what you need to do next is to go west towards the castle that you can see. However, follow the mountainous area to the south of the map until you reach an area with a large pool of lava. There should be another boss that you should avoid in this area.


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If you were able to successfully maneuver yourself through the boss, there would be an upward path that’s just under a few large rocks. This will take you to a building where you will be able to find the Craftsman’s Shack Site of Grace.

Proceed down the road to find a boss that you can also avoid. Maneuvering your way through this boss will allow you to reach a place called Hermit Village. This is where Primeval Sorcerer Azure is.

However, there will be a boss that will be in your way if you want to reach the Primeval Sorcerer Azur Site of Grace. This is why you need to be strong enough, as there will be boss fights that you may not be able to avoid.

After defeating the boss, you will find Primeval Sorcerer Azure sitting close to the Site of Grace. Simply talk to him, and he will give you the Comet Azur spell.

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