15 Best Staves In Elden Ring Ranked (& How To Get Them)

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Magic in Elden Ring tends to be a bit too overpowered because of how huge your damage output can be whenever you use your spells. That said, there are plenty of different players who were lured into becoming mages in this game because of the potential damage that magic can do. So, if you are looking for the best staff in Elden Ring for your mage, we have a list of the best staves that you can use in the game.

15. Albinauric Staff


The Albinauric Staff is a unique staff in the sense that it scales with Arcane instead of Int. That means that you are going to be able to wield this staff really well if you have a high Arcane level, especially if you built a mage that was meant to cast Arcane spells. The only problem here is that this is one of the few staves that scales with Arc, and that means that it isn’t the most versatile staff in the game.

You can find the Albinauric Staff in the Volcano Manor just near the Guest Hall grace. From there, you can head left from the bonfire and then go left again before taking the stairs to reach the next floor. Outside, there will be a ladder that will allow you to head to the roof, where you can go to the back of the roof. After that, jump off to the side where there will be a room that contains this staff.

14. Staff of Loss


The Staff of Loss is one of the weirdest staves in the game because it actually allows you to boost your invisibility sorcery. As such, those who want to be able to sneak past enemies should be able to find a use for this staff, considering that it will improve their stealth capabilities.


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If you want to find the Staff of Loss, it can be found in Sella, Town of Sorcery. In the town, there will be a corpse that’s leaning over a balcony near the western portion of the map. You can access that area by jumping from roof to roof to get to the balcony.

13. Glintstone Staff


While the Glintstone Staff may be a basic weapon, it is actually a very powerful staff that you can use early on because of how it can last for a very long time without the need for you to switch to another staff. On top of that, it can be upgraded quite easily because it isn’t a special weapon. This means that you can reach its max potential fairly quickly compared to other staves.

You can get the Glintstone Staff as a starting weapon if you choose to use the Prisoner class at the beginning. However, the Glintstone staff can be picked up later in the game from the Noble Sorcerers that you can find in Caria Manor.

12. Prince of Death Staff


The Prince of Death Staff might sound intimidating, but it really isn’t that strong when you compare it to the other staves on this list. However, we have included it on this list due to the fact that you can upgrade it using regular smithing stones, and that’s what makes it good to use. On top of that, you can use Ashes of War on this staff.

You can acquire the Prince of Death Staff near the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace. You only need to head northeast and go through the water under a large tree. You’ll see a root ramp and a ramp that was formed from the rooftops. From there, you can drop down in the first intersection while going upward to find the Prince of Death Staff in a tower that you can see.

11. Astrologer’s Staff


The Astrologer’s Staff is another beginner staff that you should be able to use if you want to build a pure mage in your game, and that’s why it is perfect for the Astrologer class. Of course, like any regular weapon, this staff can be upgraded using regular smithing stones, and that means that you max out its full potential easily.

You could get the Astrologer’s Staff if you started out as an Astrologer. But it can be purchased from the Nomadic Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes for runes currency 800 Runes. It is one of the easiest staves to get in Elden Ring.

10. Demi-Human Queen’s Staff


The Demi-Human Queen’s Staff is one of the best early-game staves that you can acquire in Elden Ring, as most mages tend to upgrade to this staff the moment they get it. It’s a great staff for those working with flex builds that can use both magic and physical attacks. However, it isn’t the best staff for those who are working on pure mage builds.

You can acquire the Demi-Human Queen’s Staff in the Demi-Human Forest Ruins. It can be found in the Weeping Peninsula. But you have to defeat a rather easy mini-boss before you can get this staff. If you are working on a spellsword build, you might want to acquire this staff quickly.

9. Academy Glintstone Staff


The Academy Glintstone Staff is basically the upgrade of the regular Glintstone or the Astrologer’s Staff, as it is one of the best staff to use if you are using a pure mage. Just think of it as a slightly better version of the game’s starting staves, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing because the starting staves are already good enough on their own.

You can acquire the Academy Glintstone Staff from Thops, a rookie sorcerer who wants to find his way back to the Raya Lucaria Academy. You can kill Thops to acquire it, or you can find a second Glintstone Key so that Thops would be able to find his way back to the Raya Lucaria Academy, where he can be found inside the Schoolroom Classroom.

8. Staff Of The Guilty


The Staff of the Guilty is a powerful staff that is great for players who rely more on high Faith and Intelligence stats. It works well with Blood Thorn sorcery and is better off for players using a niche type of magic in Elden Ring. As such, it isn’t the most versatile staff, but it can be crazy powerful if you know how to use it.


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You can get the Staff of the Guilty late in the game. It can be found deep into Fort Laiedd in Mt. Gelmir. As such, it will take a while before you can find this staff, and that means that you should stick to the staff you have right now if you are still far from that part of the game.

7. Crystal Staff


The Crystal Staff has a high scaling for Intelligence, and that means that it is great to use if you are a pure Int mage. On top of that, it is one of the best staves to use for those who specialize in Crystalian magic because of how its passive effect boosts that type of sorcery.

You can find the Crystal Staff inside the academy crystal cave. You will find it in a room that’s guarded by a sorcerer behind a fog wall just before you enter the boss gate. There will be an illusory rock wall to the side of the tunnel, and that’s where you can find the chest that contains this staff.

6. Digger’s Staff


While the Digger’s Staff isn’t necessarily the strongest staff because it doesn’t scale as well as the regular Astrologer’s Staff but it still is one of the best staves in the game because of how it can boost stone digger sorcery spells and has decent stats that should allow you to switch from your regular starter staff.

The Digger’s Staff can be found in the Sellia Crystal Tunnel’s Miner enemies. The Miners are difficult opponents to kill because of their high damage. That means that you probably should wait later in the game if you want to acquire this staff because there’s a good chance that rushing into the Crystal Tunnel can get you killed more times than you can count.

5. Gelmir Glintstone Staff


The Gelmir Glintstone Staff is another niche staff that can be very powerful if you fit into the niche sorcery that this staff is for. Its passive abilities allow it to improve lava sorcery, and that means that you can become an unstoppable volcano when you are equipped with this powerful staff. However, regular flex mages might want to stick with the more versatile staves.


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You can find the Gelmir Glintstone Staff in the Volcano Manor, as it is a rare drop from the Man-Serpent that can be found in the throne room. It is best to use a Silver-Pickled Fowl Foot to increase the chances of getting this item as a rare drop from the enemies because it is very difficult to actually get it on your first few tries. You might want to repeat the same process over and over again by going to the throne room to kill the staff-wielding Man-Serpents so that you can acquire this staff.

4. Rotten Crystal Staff


The Rotten Crystal Staff is, for all intents and purposes, the upgrade of the regular Crystal Staff. It is also a difficult staff to equip because it requires you to have an Intelligence of 48 for you to wield it properly. But that shouldn’t be a lot for those who are working on pure mage builds because this staff scales really well with Intelligence. And it can also add the Scarlet Rot effect to your opponents, and that can come in handy during longer fights.

On top of its amazing stats and its Scarlet Rot effect, the staff can boost Crystalian Sorcery, which can be powerful in the right hands. You can acquire this staff as a drop from the Crystalian mage in the first section of Elphael, Brace of the Haligtree, or from the Crystalian mage that’s guarded by two Crystalian Lancers just beside the Elphael Inner Wall Site of Grace.

3. Meteorite Staff


While the Meteorite Staff isn’t necessarily the most powerful staff in the game, what makes it deserving of this spot is the fact that it is the best early-game staff in the entire Elden Ring game. The fact that you can acquire it fairly early makes it a delight, and that means that it’s going to be a great staff to use during the first few portions of the game. A lot of people stick to this staff through their first 30 hours of gameplay before replacing it with a late-game staff.

To get the Meteorite Staff, what you should do is to go to the Street of Sages Ruins, where it is protected by a few flowers that can induce Scarlet Rot. You can find the ruins in Aeonia Swamp, which can be accessed if you get teleported to the Selia Crystal Tunnel, and you manage to escape the dungeon without getting killed. You can simply kill the few flowers using your spell if you want to get the Meteorite Staff, which has an insane S scaling for Intelligence.

2. Lusat’s Glintstone Staff


Lusat’s Glinstone Staff has one of the best Intelligence scalings in the game, and that’s why it is a favored weapon among different mages in Elden Ring. It is actually strong enough to carry you far in the game because of its power, and that means that you may want to get it as early as possible. Then again, it does require 52 Intelligence points, and that can be a turnoff for flex builds that don’t focus entirely on Int. Still, you may want to get your hands on this weapon if you are a pure Int mage because it’s going to be an extremely powerful weapon.


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The only reason why we didn’t put the Lusat’s Glintstone Staff at the top of this list is that it’s very difficult to acquire. You can only get it from a difficult two-boss fight in Selia, Town of Sorcery, and that means that it’s going to take some effort and a lot of deaths. And another reason why we didn’t give it the top spot is the fact that it doesn’t have any special buffs and is simply just a powerful staff that can increase your damage if you are a pure Int-based mage in Elden Ring.

1. Azur’s Glintstone Staff


The most powerful staff in Elden Ring is Azur’s Glintstone Staff, which is capable of increasing the damage output of your spells at the cost of consuming more FP. But if you can kill your enemies with just a few buffed-up spells, it wouldn’t matter that you are consuming more FP. So, basically, there is a tradeoff that is more than worth it when it comes to the power of the Azur’s Glintstone Staff, which stands as a favorite for a lot of pure mages in Elden Ring.

You can acquire the Azure’s Glinstone Staff in Raya Lucaria Academy, but it might take some effort for you to get it. There will be plenty of hidden walls and numerous puzzles that you need to get through so that you can acquire this staff atop the second floor of the Church of Cuckoo. But if you already know how to get through the puzzles and the secret paths, this shouldn’t be a difficult staff to acquire.

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