How to Get Every Skin in Fortnite? Four Simple Ways!

How to Get Every Skin in Fortnite: Four Simple Ways

Fortnite is a thrilling video game by Epic Games with several seasons, each with seasons that offer different challenges to unlock new costumes for the player’s character. The game is usually free to play, but the skins are generally rarely free. 

You can get every skin in Fortnite through Battle Pass, the item shop, and surpassing challenges. Battle Pass, has rewards for levels passed while the item shop features Fortnite’s products, which you can purchase using V-Bucks. With challenges such as special or promotional events, you can get coveted skins.  

Throughout this article, I will give you several ways you can acquire skins as you play and the step-by-step guide of doing so. Finding all these methods can be pretty tricky, so read through them all to understand. 

How Many Skins are there in Fortnite?

As Fortnite evolves, so do the costumes they make. This makes the game more exciting, and it’s also a way of income generation for Epic Games. The Skins on Fortnite are not only a  way to look good as you play, but some of the costumes also change your character, and some make you invisible as you go through your challenges. Other outfits change your avatar completely, with different versions of the costume. Some of these skins even come with additional abilities and tools to help you with challenges. There are about 800 skins so far on Fortnite, and these are categorized differently.

Types of Fortnite Skins

1. Rare Skins

These skins belong to the people that begun playing on Fortnite since it started and are typically blue. They are rare because it’s not easy to get them now. To distinguish between the older Fortnite players and the new ones, some of these skins have become unavailable. The ones that are making a comeback like the Skull Trooper skin have been slightly modified so that the newer players that buy them don’t get the same costume. I would say that the rarest skin on Fortnite is the Renegade Raider. You are only privileged to have this skin only if you played Season 1 of Fortnite, and you surpassed level 20 while you played. The skin was upgraded in patch 8.10, and you could purchase it at 1200 V-Bucks at that time. Other notable rare skins include the Ghoul Trooper, Black Knight, Crack Shot, Aerial Assault Trooper, and the Recon Expert.

2. Epic Skins

These skins are purple and can cost around 1500 V-Bucks in the item shop. These include Gemini, Shaman, Nightwitch, Beastmode, Kuno, Kenji, Cloaked Shadow, Slushy Soldier, and many others. Besides getting them through V-Bucks, you can get these skins by playing a certain number of matches, best several opponents, or gaining specific experience. 

4. Legendary Skins

Legendary skins are among the rarest of skins. They are orange in color and can cost around 2000 V-Bucks in the item shop. These include Hybrid, Blackheart, Inferno, Krampus, The Ice Queen, among other skins. Some of these skins come as part of a set and can come with bonus items. For example, The Ark is part of the Eternal Struggle Set, which comes with harvesting tools like Evil Eye and Virtue and Ark wings. 

5. Common Fortnite Skins

The most common Fortnite skins are grey, and you get them when you start playing. They are default to the game. They are grey. 

Can you Get Every Skin in Fortnite?

How to Get Every Skin in Fortnite: Four Simple Ways

Being that there are around 800 skins on Fortnite, it’s impossible to get all skins all at once. As we have seen before, there are rare skins that aren’t accessible to everyone, but you can get most of the skins. The most straightforward way of getting skins is by purchasing them in the item shop. Several tutorials promise you free skins, but most of these are scams. 

How to Get Every Skin in Fortnite

1. Battle Pass

Battle Pass is essentially leveling up in Fortnite. Every season has levels where you unlock rewards after passing them. When you have a Battle Pass, you can unlock in-game features, V-Bucks, and other goodies that Fortnite offers. By playing the game, you are gifted with 100 levels and other rewards. Most Battle Royale players prefer to play these games manually to scale up, but there is an option of buying the levels to surpass them. These levels cost 150 v-Bucks each. You may also be required to play some Epic Quests to get some of these skins. 

2. Events

The skins that come with special events can be considered rare. Several special events, including seasons, typical holidays, crossover events, and Epic Battle, increase their players’ motivation, including these unique event costumes. Once these events pass, it’s impossible to get the skins again, but those who pass the particular event levels can keep these skins. 

3. The Item Shop

Fortnite has an item shop responsible for providing players with items such as costumes, harvesting tools, emotes, and gliders. While these items are aesthetically appealing, they really won’t give you a leg-up while you play. You most likely won’t find the same things to purchase every time you get into the item shop, there are featured items for purchase for a specific time, and these rotate for a fresh experience. 

The item shop recognizes a unique currency, V-Bucks, that you can purchase using actual money. You can also get V-Bucks as you play through several levels. Below is a table that shows the V-Bucks amount packages and their price. 

V-BucksPrice in USDPrice in EurosBonuses

Remember that even though you purchase things on a rotational basis, some of the shop items are seasonal. Be vigilant when trying to buy these skins, especially the seasonal ones. 

4. Promotional Opportunities

Fortnite collaborates with notable franchises and celebrities like Marvel and John Wick and offers skins for these so that their fans who play Fortnite keep being interested in the game. 

Some of these skins are only available during the promotion, and then you lose the chance to get them. For example, if a celebrity promotes something when the promotion ends, those who have the skin get to keep it for the entirety of the game. Depending on the star, these skins can be pretty pricey, but the bragging rights are what most players go for. Because your quest is getting every skin, be vigilant with every news platform that can give you news on these promotions. 

How Much Would it Cost to Buy Every Skin in Fortnite?

How to Get Every Skin in Fortnite: Four Simple Ways

Considering skins like the promotional skins whose prices fluctuate, the super rare skins, and other priced costumes, it’s pretty challenging to get an exact price. You will need to be a mathematical genius to calculate this. 

Fortnite forums have different estimates of how much these would cost, some astronomical prices, and others looking lower than expected. You’d have to be very dedicated to getting every skin because of the items’ rotational nature in the item shop.

Buying every skin available on the item shop in a season would require around 240,000 V-Bucks, which, as discussed before, is the recognized currency on the item shop. The most extensive V-Buck package available is the 10000 V-Bucks at 99.99 USD/Euros, so that would be 24 of these. 24*99.99, which rounded off comes to about 2400 USD/Euros. 

Can I get free V-Bucks?

In chapter 2, season 6, which is the most recent season, you can play special quests or purchase different packs to get free V-bucks. These packs include:

The Diamond Diva Pack

This pack can grant you 600 V-Bucks along with different features, including the Diamond Diva outfit, the Shine Pack Blind, and the 6-Carat Cutter Pickaxe. This entire package will cost you 3.19 USD/Euros. 

Fortnite Crew

This package gives you 1000 V-Bucks every month, battle pass access, and free skins when you subscribe. There are three packages to this subscription costing either 9.99, 11.99 USD/ Euros. The Battle Pass access will also grant you additional V-Bucks through this subscription.

Golden Touch Challenge

You can purchase this pack at 9.99 USD/ Euros. It’s one of the best ways to get free V-Bucks because it comes with 1500 of them when you can play and win up to 30 rare challenges. With this offer, you will also get the Marigold outfit, the Golden Gambit Back Bling, the Golden Daggers Pickaxe, and the Golden Hour Loading Screen. 

Battle Pass Challenge

The Battle Pass challenge is the most common way to level up while earning free skins and V-Bucks. The most V-Bucks you can make is about 1000, but for Chapter 2, Season 6, you can earn around 300 V-Bucks. 

Final Thoughts

Despite being very popular and free to play, Fortnite can be very expensive to play. The fascination with new skins rejuvenates the interest in the game and keeps its conversation running. There is no real way to get free skins, no matter how many promotions you see online of the same.

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