7 Tips To Level Up Fast(er) in Pokémon Go

How to Level Up Fast in Pokemon Go X Simple Steps

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When Pokémon Go first emerged, it became a global hit without precedent. The video game provided players with a unique experience, allowing them to come as close as possible to becoming Ash Ketchum in real time. And while the game has certainly evolved over the years, some questions keep “bothering” players regardless of when they joined the universe of Pokémon Go. One of the questions concerns the game’s leveling system, as many players wonder whether there are ways to level up fast(er) in Pokémon Go. In this article, we will provide you with an answer to that question and some advice on how to do it.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In Pokémon Go, the initial level cap was 40, and all players had to do to reach that level was play and grind experience until they collected a total of 20 million EXP points, which was enough to reach level 40.
  • The current level cap is 50, and from level 41 onward, alongside grinding experience, a player needs to complete certain challenges, which will further increase the duration of reaching the level cap.
  • Legal ways of grinding your experience faster include catching Pokémon, using EXP-boosting items, using in-game events that increase EXP, perfecting your throws, watching out for daily bonuses, raiding, and playing in groups.

How long does it take to get level 50 in Pokémon Go?

How Long Does it Take to Get Level 40 in Pokemon Go?

As fans of Pokémon Go will know, the initial level cap in the game was 40, and players would work their butts off to actually reach that level. At the same time, it wasn’t hard, as you simply had to grind experience. It required a lot of work and dedication, as grinding experience in Pokémon Go is not easy, especially when the next cap is in millions of EXP, and you always start from 0.


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But, to increase the playability, the authors decided to increase the cap in the game from 40 to 50, giving the players more space but also more tasks, especially since all 40+ levels required the completion of some additional tasks, aside from simply grinding millions of EXP points. So, how does this journey look? Well, from levels 1 to 40, the situation is relatively easy:

LevelExperience requiredTotal experience

But, when we’re talking about levels from 41 to 50, there is a lot of work to put in:

LevelXP requiredConfirmed challenges
416,000,000Power up a Legendary Pokémon 20 times
Win 30 Raids
Catch 200 Pokémon in a single day
Earn 5 Gold Medals
427,500,000Evolve Eevee into each of its unique evolutions
Use items to evolve Pokémon 15 times
Make 3 Excellent Throws
Use 200 Berries to help catch Pokémon
439,000,000Earn 100,000 Stardust
Use 200 supereffective Charged Attacks
Catch 5 Legendary Pokémon
Earn 5 Platinum Medals
4411,000,000Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Great League
Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Ultra League
Win 30 Trainer Battles in the Master League
Battle in the Go Battle League 20 times
4513,000,000Defeat 100 Team Go Rocket Grunts
Purify 100 Shadow Pokémon
Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader 50 times
Earn 10 Platinum Medals
4615,500,000Complete 100 Field Research tasks
Take a snapshot of a Pokémon 7 days in a row
Make 50 Excellent Throws
Hatch 30 Eggs
4718,000,000Win 30 raids using a team of all unique Pokémon species
Win a three-star raid using only Pokémon with 1500 CP or less
Power up 3 Pokémon to their max CP
Earn 20 Platinum Medals
4821,000,000Make ten trades with Pokémon caught at least 300km apart
Obtain 50 Lucky Pokémon in trades
Send 500 Gifts in friends
Earn 35 Platinum Medals
4925,000,000Make ten trades with Pokémon caught at least 300km apart
Obtain 50 Lucky Pokémon in trades
Send 500 Gifts to friends
Earn 35 Platinum Medals
5030,000,000Make 999 Excellent Throws
Successfully catch at least one of the next 5 Legendary or Mythical Pokémon you encounter
Defeat a Team Go Rocket Leader 3 times using only Pokemon with 2,500 CP or less
Achieve rank 10 in the Go Battle League

So, how long does all of this take? Well, up to level 40, it all depends on how much you play the game, but after level 40, there are also some tasks you need to complete, so there are temporal restrictions. If you’re not cheating, we assume that it will take you several years of playing actively before reaching the current level cap in

How to level up fast(er) in Pokémon Go?

Now, while we all know that there are illegal (cheating) ways of grinding your experience in Pokémon Go, we on Fiction Horizon do not endorse this in any way, which is why this guide will contain the best legal advice for players who do not want to cheat and want to reach level 50 using legal methods only.

The best advice we can give you is – to play actively and on a daily basis, because if you do that, the levels will come. But if you want to reach certain levels faster while playing on a daily basis, here is what you can do:

  1. The most important source of getting Experience Points in the game is catching the Pokemon. This means that in whichever way you choose to play, ensure you catch it by all means. Practice and become good at making Excellent Throws, as they award the highest number of XP. If you get very good at making Excellent Throws, the XP keeps adding up and increasing massively.
  2. To land Excellent Throws easily, you can use the AR Plus feature to be near Pokemon. Playing this game so well that you keep landing Excellent Throws awards you the Expert Handler bonus. The Expert Handler bonus is a catchy bonus that comes with a base reward of 300 XP.
  3. You can also use Pokemon Go friends, as they greatly maximize your XP gain. If you can get to Best Friend status with another player, you can earn as much as 100,000 XP. You can earn up to 50,000 XP from just one friend, leveling up fast in Pokemon Go. Add everyone you know to your friend’s list and give them items. If you aim for the Best Friend status with just one person, attaining it will take about 90 days.
  4. Another step you can take in leveling up fast is by using the Lucky Eggs feature. This feature is perfect for you if you can time the Best Friend status and use the Lucky Eggs before it. Doing it that way allows you to earn up to 200,000 XP. You can use the rest of the Lucky Eggs to evolve Pokemon. Evolving a Pokemon one after another at the same time a Lucky Egg multiplier is active is a very cool method to garner XP fast. You can try out this step by yourself and at your convenience.
  5. You can also start raiding for lots of XP. This method is not very popular because raiding implies you have to be much more focused when playing the game. If you hit 5-star raids and win, you will earn 10,000 XP. This amount can double and increase up to 20,000 XP when there’s a Lucky Egg.
  6. You can also try to get a Pokemon Go daily bonus and time Hatching Eggs, with a Lucky Egg allowing you to earn more XP.
  7. Also, watch out for in-game events and bonuses, as a lot of daily, weekly, or even seasonal events give you significant EXP boosts.

And that’s it from us. We hope that the advice we have given you here will help you enjoy the game more and also reach level 50 a bit faster.

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