Minecraft: Here’s How to Place Item Frames on Barrels (& Other Objects)

how to place item frame on a barrel

Minecraft’s Items frames were created with the purpose of displaying items or blocks that are within it. They are easy to create and useful when utilized correctly. The most common scenario for using Item Frames is to mark your inventory. Chests that contain mostly food items will be marked with bread, and barrels that contain fish will be marked with fish. But how do you do that? Good questions. Let’s see how to place Item Frames on barrels and other objects.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • To place the item frame on a barrel, press shift+right click. The same process is used for placing the item frame on any other object within the game.
  • To put an item on display within the item frame, simply right-click on the item frame while holding the object that you would like to display.

Editor’s Note: This post was updated in October 2023, and it reflects the most up-to-date state of the game.

Creating the item frame is easy and requires minimal resources

So, you wish to decorate or organize your inventory more efficiently, and you’re wondering where to start. This is exactly why Item Frames were introduced within the game. They function like paintings, but instead of a preset object being displayed within it, you have absolute control of what an item frame will actually contain.

But first, we need to create one, and to do that, you need to combine 8x sticks and 1x leather at the crafting table in the following pattern:

creating an item frame

A glowing item frame is created by combining 1x item frame and 1x glow ink sac at a crafting table:

crafting glow item frame

How do you place an item frame on a barrel and other objects?

Now that you have an item frame, you’re probably wondering how to place it on an object. You can do that easily by following these steps:

  1. Approach the barrel that you wish to place an item frame on.
  2. Press shift + right click while holding the item frame.
  3. An empty Item Frame should appear on the barrel.
  4. To place an item within the item frame, right-click the item frame while holding the item that you would like to display.
placing fish within item frame


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How do you rotate the items within the item frame?

If you feel you want to change the alignment of the displayed item, don’t worry; you’re not stuck with the default. You can rotate the items within item frames by holding the item in your hand while you’re clicking on the item frame. All items that can be placed within the item frame can be rotated.

rotated barrel within item frame

What blocks can item frames be placed on?

Item frames can be placed on almost all blocks in the game, but to make the list more specific, you can place them on all solid blocks, cactus blocks, pressure plates, fences, trees, slabs, cobblestone walls, chests, and doors. However, to place the item frames on doors and chests, you need to be sneaking.

item frame on doors

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