How to Make a Barrel in Minecraft? 4 Easy Steps

How to Make a Barrel in Minecraft? 4 Easy Steps

In Minecraft, the barrel is a basic but essential item where you can store things. It has twenty-seven slots and acts as a job site block for the fisherman. Barrels naturally generate in the villages. But if you don’t have the time or the patience to wait for it, it is easier to craft them. You can make a barrel as long as you have suitable materials to make it. 

Once you have all the items required, you need to open the crafting table, move the needed items into the grid, and simply drag the crafted barrel to your inventory. 

There are different combinations of items that you can use in order to make a barrel in the crafting menu. You also need to follow the right pattern or else, your barrel will not appear. Discover the right recipe and configuration here. Let’s begin.

How to make a barrel in Minecraft

Step 1: Collect the necessary items for crafting

In order to craft barrels in Minecraft, you first need to get the materials required. That would be six planks plus two wood slabs. You might want to start by collecting the wood planks first because they are the most straightforward blocks to create. 

To get the wood planks, you need to find a tree. Grab your axe tool and chop the tree down. Once that is done, you will be able to get wood logs. Open the crafting menu. You will see the 3×3 grid above your inventory. This is your grid table. There should be an arrow pointing to a smaller box on the right. This is where the crafted item’s image will appear once you have placed all the necessary items in the right grid slots.

Take the wood logs to your crafting table and place them in any of the blank slots. On the small box to the table’s right, you will see that the icon for the wood plank would appear. Drag the icon from the small box to your inventory to be able to use it later.

Do these steps several times until you have enough wood planks. Take three of these and place them in a horizontal row on the grids of the crafting table. This will allow you to craft the wood slabs that you will now use for making the barrels. 

Step 2: Put together the planks and slabs

To be able to create a barrel in Minecraft, you need to access the crafting table one more time. Use six wood planks to fill the three leftmost slots and three rightmost slots on the 3×3 grid. After that, get the two wood slabs that you crafted and place those on the top middle and bottom middle spaces in the grid. Once you have placed the right items in their proper places, a barrel will appear on the small box. Drag that barrel to your inventory so you can begin using it. 

The steps above are for making barrels in the Java edition. If you are using the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, the procedure is slightly different. You need to use sticks instead of wood planks. 

To make the sticks, you just need to place a plank each on the middle left slot and bottom left slot in the grid. An icon of the stick will appear in the small box on the right. 

Repeat the steps until you finish crafting six sticks. Now, using the same recipe and configuration mentioned above, substitute the sticks for the planks. A barrel should appear on the small box.

How do you put an item frame on a barrel?

How to Make a Barrel in Minecraft? 4 Easy Steps

Item frames in Minecraft are used to contain and display blocks or items. They can help you sort your barrels and chests by acting as a label for these storage units. If you want to decorate your barrel, you can do that by putting an item frame on it. Here are the steps.

Step 1: Collect the required material for the item frame

In order to craft an item frame, you will need a piece of leather and eight sticks. Chop down the trees to get the wood logs. Turn the wood log into planks, and then use the planks to make the sticks. Follow the directions above to craft these items. 

Next, hunt some cows until you get to a piece of leather to drop. Cows typically spawn during the day in grassland biomes. Since leather is a common drop, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get the leather. 

Step 2: Put together the sticks and leather

Open the crafting menu and access the crafting table. Place the leather in the middle spot. Surround this item with the sticks that you crafted. The item frame will appear on the small box to the right of the table. Drag that to your inventory so that you can use it later. Repeat the steps until you have the number of item frames that you need.

Step 3: Place the item frame on the barrel

To use your newly crafted item frame, select it in the hotbar. Next, position the pointer or plus sign on the side of the barrel where you want to attach the frame. After that, press the shift key and then right-click on the barrel. Remember to press the shift key as simply right-clicking on the barrel will cause the barrel’s inventory to open. Once you have attached your item frame to the barrel, you can place your chosen item inside the frame. 

Step 4: Place items inside the item frame

The final step is to put the item of your choice inside the frame. To do this, you need to find the item in your hotbar. Select it and then right-click on your attached item frame. Now, the selected item will appear inside the frame on your barrel. This is a great way to let you know what items are inside a particular barrel. For example, if you want to place all your explosives in a barrel, you can pace a TNT on the attached item frame. To adjust the item inside the frame, just right-click on it. Each click will turn the object clockwise inside your frame. 

Are barrels better than chests?

How to Make a Barrel in Minecraft? 4 Easy Steps

If you are debating whether you should make a chest or a barrel, this comparison will help you decide. Chests and barrels serve the same purpose. They serve as storage for the items that you collect during the game. However, there are small differences between the two. 

As a way to store your items, barrels and chests are equal as they both have the same capacity – twenty-seven items without modifications. This is a considerably good capacity. This is helpful when you collect a lot of items during your play.

Barrels are cheaper than chests

When it comes to convenience, having barrels may seem more convenient compared to having chests. The first reason has something to do with the crafting cost. While chests are already cheap to produce, barrels are a little bit cheaper. It requires one less wood plank to craft. This is a convenience that you’d want to take advantage of especially when you are in survival mode. In creative mode, the one less wood plank would not matter as much.

Barrels are more accessible than chests

Another advantage of using barrels for storage is that it is accessible even if there is a block placed over them. If you have chest storage, you would need to keep the space above it empty in order to open it. If you have a solid or transparent block on top of it, the chest cannot be opened.

Chests can be transported

In Minecraft, barrels are immovable objects. A player cannot move them using any device such as pistons. Additionally, you can’t attach barrels to animals such as donkeys or Lammas. If you want to transport items that are inside your storage, you won’t be able to do so if you place them in a barrel. 

Chests are also immovable. You cannot push them with the help of a piston or any other device. But, players can attach these storage items to their donkeys. This means all the items that are inside the chest can be transported wherever you need them to be without any problems. If you do not have a donkey, you can also use a mule or a llama as a pack animal. You can easily place the chest on an animal by selecting it and right-clicking on the creature. It is important to note though that you cannot attach a chest to a horse. 

All in all, if you want to be able to access your items even in tight spaces and build storage with fewer resources, the barrel is the better option. However, if you need to bring your items with you as you move, the chest is a more practical choice.

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