Minecraft Color Codes & Format Codes

Minecraft Color Codes & Format Codes (List 2021)

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Are you looking for the best colors to add to your texts in Minecraft? Are you looking for a way to change the style of your text? Do you want to make any revisions to your Minecraft’s colors and text? Then all you need to know are the Minecraft color codes & format codes. Like all other useful features, Minecraft color codes and format codes will help a player increase its gameplay performance. 

What is the actual purpose of using the color codes and format codes in Minecraft? And how many color codes and format codes are there in Minecraft?  

Minecraft color codes and format codes are some of the incredible features of Minecraft’s gameplay. These features make your text attractive and captivating. You can use different colors and styles for your text—for example, a bold font style to show your anger. In addition, you can use color codes and format codes for almost all the editions. You have a variety of colors to choose from in Minecraft. They include red, green, blue, white, black, etc. 

Minecraft color codes and format codes are the built-in things ever since the game has created. These codes allow the coloring and formatting of texts for various purposes. These are the Minecraft formatting codes that allow the Minecraft users to customize each and everything relating to the color and format of their texts in Minecraft. This article will tell you about Minecraft’s color codes and format codes and how to get them. 

Read on to learn more about 16 built-in Minecraft color codes and some format codes. You will also find a handful of useful information to help customizations of your game. 

How Do You Get Colored Text In Minecraft?

Minecraft Color Codes & Format Codes (List 2021)

You can get any color for your text with a little bit of modification in Minecraft. You can get colored text in Minecraft by using Minecraft color codes. These codes will help you to customize any change that you make in your text’s color. There are sixteen built-in color codes in Minecraft that are specific to each color. You can get colored text in Minecraft by using the section sign “§.” 

The color codes usually start with one of these digits, i.e., 0-9. Minecraft also offers you many letters between “a” and “f” to choose after the numerical digit. You need to follow the given steps to learn about how to get colored text in Minecraft. 

– Use the section sign “§.” 

– Use hex digit after the section symbol as a color code. 

– Type your text on the sign to get the colored text.

– For example, the code “§” results in color light purple.

For all editions, Minecraft uses the section sign to format different texts. But the way you use these codes is different from one Minecraft edition to the other. Let’s have a look at the way through which Minecraft java edition and bedrock edition use the section sign. 


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In Bedrock Edition

Here you will enter the section sign-in signs, renaming things, world names, books, and chat. For bedrock edition, you will have to do the following things to get the section sign on your keyboard:

  • Open the keyboard.
  • Click the bottom left button to change your keyboard.
  • You need to scroll a little bit to get thy symbol keyboard.
  • Click on the second page there.
  • You will find the section sign on the last row of your bedrock keyboard.

In Java Edition

You can use section sign in server properties, world titles, books, server names, and mcmeta in the java edition. You can find or get this sign by pressing alt-6 on your keyboard. 

Minecraft Color Codes

Do you want to draw the attention of Minecraft users to its servers? For this purpose, Minecraft offers you unique colors for your text. Each code starts with the same symbol known as the “section symbol.” For example, the symbol for the section sign is “§.” However, each code has a different number associated with it. You can use these colors for various purposes. These include:

1. To make the appearance of your text catchy

These codes will help you to get any color for your text. You will do so to make your text attractive. You can also draw the attention of others to your text. Your text will appear captivating and eye-catching with these beautiful colors. 

2. To assign team colors

Minecraft color codes also serve some special purposes. You can use a color code to assign a color to a specific team. You can easily distinguish one team from the other with these color codes. You can identify a team with its assigned color in your gameplay. It is the most amazing thing about Minecraft color codes.

3. To develop interests in your gameplay

Sometimes, Minecraft users find it boring to use the same color for their text. They start losing interest in their gameplay. These Minecraft color codes will help a player develop interests in its gameplay with various unique colors. 

4. To change the color of dyed leather weapons

Optimization plays a pivotal role in Minecraft’s gameplay. Players also want to customize the color of their texts using Minecraft Color Codes. Using Minecraft color codes, a player can change the color of already dyed leather weapons. This application of Minecraft color codes is especially for leather armors.  

Minecraft Color Codes & Format Codes (List 2021)

The above table depicts that there are 16 built-in color codes in Minecraft. You can use auto-clicker software in Minecraft to save yourself from the trouble of entering the same pieces of information in your gameplay. You can see that there are different chat codes, MOTD (message of the day) codes, and hexadecimal (HEX) codes for the same color. So, why do you use these different codes for the same color?

  • Chat code

It is the internal code for the chat color in Minecraft. You can change the color of your Minecraft’s text by using chat code which consists of a section symbol and one alphabet or a number. 

  • MOTD code

It is the internal code for a message of the day. To get this code, you need to convert the section symbol into its code, i.e., \u00A7. This code consists of \u00A7 and the hex digit. A Hex digit is different for different colors in Minecraft. Therefore, you can change the color of the text on your server. 

  • HEX code

It is the internal hexadecimal value for your text colors in Minecraft. This code also varies from one color to another.


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Minecraft Format Codes

There are many useful features in Minecraft that a player can explore to gain maximum experience. The best part about Minecraft is its easy accessibility to all of its users and on all the devices. The Minecraft game allows you to change the color of your text and makes you able to change the font style of your text.

Formatting is important if you want to change your text’s size, style, appearance, and color. The Minecraft world has several such codes that allow you to modify the font style of your text. You can use different format codes for different text formats and styles. Here you will learn to know a list that has all the format codes for your Minecraft world. 

For example:

  • “§r” 

You can see this command in the given table. You can use this command to reset the format of your written text. You will write your text right after this command.

  • “§k” 

This command is specific to make your text bold. Why would you use this command? You can make your text highlighted and prominent with this command. It is a very useful command when it comes to modifying your text format in Minecraft. You will write your text right after this command to make your text bold. 

Below is the table of different format codes in your Minecraft:

DescriptionChat codeMOTD code

Why Do You Use Minecraft Color Codes And Format Codes?

Minecraft is ever-evolving online gameplay. It has the edge over the other online games in the virtual world. Crafting, battling, and exploration is the important tasks throughout this game. A player can get plenty of useful things when it comes to exploring this virtual gaming world. Minecraft color codes and format codes are some of those useful things. There are various reasons behind its usage. There are as follows:

  1. To make your text look stylish and attractive.
  2. To draw the attention of tons of players.
  3. To assign team colors.
  4. To switch from plain blocks to wooden blocks.
  5. To make your text prominent and appealing.
  6. To dye your leather weapons in Minecraft.
  7. To update your gameplay with new and incredible features.
  8. To color and format different items such as block names, achievement names, team colors, etc.
  9. To use in server names and the language descriptions.
  10. To enhance the performance and efficiency of your Minecraft gameplay.
  11. To change the overall appearance of your in-game text.
  12. To make your text more readable.
  13. To distinguish between different teams of your gameplay.
  14. To change the color of your team and weapons.
  15. To light up your text in Minecraft.


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 Minecraft Color Codes Generator

When you count the wonders of Minecraft gameplay, don’t forget to add the Minecraft color code generator to its list. It is a very useful thing to have in one’s game menu. You can use it to test different codes before you use them in your gameplay. If you want to change the color of your text, you need to learn about few things, which are as follows:

  • Select the color code.
  • Place a sign in Minecraft.
  • Now enter the text editing mode.
  • Here you will need to enter your selected color code. Do not forget to enter the section symbol before your color code. 
  • Type your text with color or formatting codes into the field.
  • Then enter the text that you want on the sign. Do not leave any extra space. 
  • Use the color code buttons to insert the codes into the text box.
  • Click on the sign, book, chat, MOTD, and dirt buttons.
  • These buttons will appear below the preview field. You can use these buttons to change the medium in which your newly generated text will appear.
  • Underneath, you will find the Minecraft color codes and format codes.

You can use them to add format and effects to your text. You will need to type in the search box to filter the results

This way, you will get your desired color and format on your text.

For example, if you want to make your text gray, you will use a gray color code as shown below:

  • §7yourtext§7sign

If you want to use dark gray color for the word “Minecraft,” you can use:

  • §8Minecraft§8sign

If you want to learn more about Minecraft color code generators, use the given link. This link will help you to learn about Minecraft color code generators and also tell you about how to use the color codes in Minecraft to make your text attractive and captivating. 

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