Is CoD: Warzone Cross-Platform? (PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5)

Is CoD: Warzone Cross-Platform? (PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5)

Call of Duty: Warzone is a battle royale video game that is one of the most popular in the world. Since its launch in March of 2020, Warzone has passed over 125 million players that played the game. The active player’s count is around a few million but there is not an official number available. Since the popularity of the game has not decreased since its release, in this article, we will discuss is CoD: Warzone cross-platform for PC, PS4, Xbox, and PS5.

Call of Duty: Warzone supports cross-platform for all available gaming platforms and can be played with other players who are on different gaming platforms. This is also great news for all players who want to play in groups and do not have to worry about the limitations of not having the same gaming consoles.

CoD: Warzone truly thought about it all – the biggest problem with most of the online games is not allowing games playing cross-platform, and fans are constantly wondering if it is an option or not. If you are interested, check out the rest of the article to see how to enable cross-platform play on each gaming console and what other features Warzone offer besides cross-platform play. Let’s get on with it!

What Other Features Does CoD: Warzone Offer?

We already mentioned that Call of Duty: Warzone allows cross-play between various gaming platforms. PC, Playstation 4 and 5, and Xbox players can rejoice because they are going to play on the same servers and test their skills to determine which players “have hands” and which do not. All jokes aside, there is another feature that is pretty important in online games, and that is cross-progression.

For example, you played Warzone on PlayStation 4 and decided to change and upgrade to PlayStation 5. You also realized that you want to play more of Warzone but don’t want to go back to the beginning and want to transfer your progression and experience on PlayStation 5. You can easily transfer your account progress on PlayStation 5.

If you are wondering “…but what about PC players who want to transfer to consoles or another way around?”, do not fret – your account experience and progression are saved on your Activision/Call of Duty account and not your platform. The most important thing here is that your platforms are linked to the same Activision/Call of Duty account where your all progression is.

A lot of games don’t support that but Warzone realized on time that they need to value players spending hours and hours playing their game and decided to allow cross-progression. Let us say this feature saved a lot of players’ hairlines.

There is also Call of Duty: Warzone game for mobile phones, and Android players can play with iPhone users in the same matches. However, mobile users cannot play with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players.

Is CoD: Warzone Cross-Platform? (PC, PS4, Xbox, PS5)

How To Enable Cross-Play And Invite Friends From PlayStation Platforms?

On PlayStation platforms you need to follow these steps:

  • Go to the “Options” option in the main menu of Warzone,
  • Press the “R1” button a few times until the tab called “Account”,
  • Go to the “Crossplay” and choose the option “Enable”.

This will allow you to play with other players on other gaming platforms. If you do not want to play with other players on different platforms and just want to play with PlayStation players, just go the same path and choose the “Disable” option in the Crossplay tab. Do not forget, you need to enable the “Crossplay Communications” option as well, because this option is important when trying to invite friends to play.

After you dealt with cross-play enabling, now you can invite friends to other platforms to play with you. This will also be easy if you follow these steps:

  • At the top right corner of your screen, is a “Social” button, press the button available for it,
  • You will get multiple different tabs and you need to find the “Friends” tab and click on the option “Add Friends”,
  • The console will give you few options to choose from, but for the easiest completion, just click the “Activision Account” option,
  • You’ll need to enter the name of your friend which is located at the right top corner of the screen, (the username looks like this – JohnDoe #7987765)
  • Make sure to include all letters, numbers, and symbols, then go to the “Sent Invites” option, and you’ll see all your invites to the parties there.

After you went through all the steps, you can start you’re Warzone journey with your buddies. Also, consider your NAT Type (network address translation) that is displayed on the bottom of your screen. A lot of players cannot join other players and play with them because their NAT Type is Strict or Closed. Just go to the options and change it to Moderate or Type 2.


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Xbox Players Frustrations

To not repeat ourselves, all every platform has the same practice – options, crossplay, enable. However, Xbox players will be forced to play crossplay because their console will warn them to re-enable crossplay to play with other players on different platforms. This is not just a complaint from some gamers, this is becoming a huge problem for Xbox players who need to endure PC players. Why is that? Well, as usual, PC cheaters have invaded Warzone like every online game in the Universe. Aim bots and others are making Xbox players’ lives harder and that fact made them go even further in cries for an option to disable crossplay. Activision finally added a new anti-cheat system in October of last year.

Let us just say Xbox are not happy about it but will have to endure it since Microsoft will not do anything about it. All in all, crossplay is available for all gaming platforms in Warzone, and most of the players will be happy to test their skills against other gamers.

Hope you enjoyed our article. Warzone is still a really popular game even though the new version of Modern Warfare 2 will be released in October of this year. Call of Duty players will have a lot of content going at them, and we will be on top of them to inform you on time.

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