How to Stop a Raid in Minecraft: Everything you Need to Know

How to Stop a Raid in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

A raid is an in-game event where waves of mobs, mainly illagers, spawn and attack a village. The raid starts when a player with a bad omen enters a village, and although this negative effect does not affect your abilities or hurt you in any way, it can affect the village’s health if care is not taken. A player can also start a raid by use of commands. Perhaps you are already familiar with what a raid in Minecraft, but do you know how to stop a raid?

A raid in Minecraft can be defeated by killing the last remaining mob in the raid. The player that defeats the raid gets the Hero of the village effect, which lasts for 3 in-game days. The player also gets a bunch of gifts thrown at them for defeating the raid.

Stopping a raid comes with a hugely positive effect called ‘Hero of the village’. You can even reduce trade prices in the village by stopping a raid, but how do you go about becoming the Hero of the village? Does a raid ever stop in Minecraft? How long does a Minecraft raid last? And what happens if you lose a Minecraft raid? Simple: read on for answers to these and many more!

Does a Raid Ever Stop in Minecraft? 

Yes, it does! However, there are several ways a raid could come to a stop. Some of the common ways are:

  • The player failing to succeed in a raid when all villagers in the area are dead and all claimed beds are destroyed. This is when the attacked village no longer registers as a village. The raid bar will display a ‘Raid—Defeat’ message, and all of the hostile mobs participating celebrate. 
  • The raid expires. This occurs when the player does not fight a raid for several days and nights. When the raid expires, the raid will automatically cancel itself with the message in the chatbox appearing as: ‘This raid has expired.’
  • If the game is unable to find a spawn location, the raid will stop.
  •  If the player is successful in taking down the waves of the mobs (This is a good way and will be further explained later)

How long does a Minecraft raid last?

How to Stop a Raid in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

If a Minecraft raid continues for 48,000ticks, which is 40 minutes in real-time, the raiding bar will disappear and a message will be displayed saying: ‘Raid Expired’. Nevertheless, the illagers that are still alive will remain, even after the game has expired, until they are killed.

How to stop a raid in Minecraft?

Preparing for the raid

The best way to stop a raid in Minecraft is by defeating the raid. Raids are difficult to tackle and, if care is not taken, could lead to the death of many villagers. The player defeats the raid by successfully taking down the waves of the mobs. Defeating a raid requires adequate preparation. Some of the ways the player can prepare for the raid include:

Walling off the village

The first step is to create some kind of walling around the village using blocks, such as cobblestone or wood. Raiders have no way to break solid walls and will not be able to penetrate the wall. This will make them get stuck while trying to find a path around it. Once you’ve created a perimeter around the village, you can use ladders to climb up the wall and shoot raiders with a bow. Alternatively, you can create a border around your village using walls or fences.

Blocking the doorways of the villagers

 A very important strategic preparation against raiders is to wall-off entrances to village houses. With this, there won’t be any way the raiders (except the Vexes) can access the villagers inside the houses, thereby keeping them safe as you battle the raiders.

Setting traps around the village

Once the village has been walled-off, you can set traps outside the village perimeter to cause damage to the raiders. By using lava traps and cobwebs traps, you will slow down the raiders and damage them. Iron golems can dispatch them very quickly. Holes around the perimeter can also be used to trap the raiders and prevent their progression. 

Equipment needed for a raid

How to Stop a Raid in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know
  • An iron sword.
  • A stack or more of expendable blocks to protect houses in the village
  • A water bucket to get up and down easily
  • Enough nutritious food, such as steak and bread, to regenerate health
  • A set full of iron armor 
  • A shield to guard against vindicator blows
  • A bow or crossbow as your ranged weapon to take out raiders from a distance
  • Tools that may help the villagers to hide underground when door blocking is not possible, and to unblock houses after a raid
  • Other optional equipment ( such as milk, splash portions, Ender pearls, cobwebs, golden apples, lava bucket)

Starting the raid

The only way to start a raid is through the bad omen effect. The bad omen effect can be obtained after killing an illager captain. Illager captains wear ominous banners on their heads and appear as part of patrols and pillager outposts, the latter of which can spawn several times over.

Steps to trigger a raid

  1. Find a pillager outpost: A pillager outpost is a structure that spawns naturally in the game near the village. Since the pillager outpost generates near a village, it can appear in any biome that a village can.
  2. Kill the pillagers and find the leader: The pillager outpost is protected by a new mob called the pillager. As soon as you enter the outpost, the pillagers will begin attacking you. Kill the pillagers and find the patrol leader. The leader is easy to spot because it wears an illager banner on its head.
  3. Kill the patrol leader and get a bad omen: Once you kill the leader, you will be cursed with a new status effect called Bad Omen. The Bad Omen effect is a new status effect that causes a group of hostile mobs to spawn and attack when a player with a bad omen enters a village. This event is called a Raid.
  4. Enter a village to trigger a raid: Enter a village to trigger a raid! When you enter the village, you should see a Raid bar appear on the screen. The bar will initially be empty, and then start to fill. The raid begins once the Raid bar is full.

Defeating the raid

As soon as the raid starts, your main and immediate priority should be to hunt down the raiders and quickly kill them. Ring the village bell to hurt any raider that is near with the glowing status effect and find their location. Prioritize ravagers, evokers, and witches. Witches heal other raiders (Java edition only), ravagers destroy crops, and evokers spawn vexes which do heavy damage and pass through solid walls and floors. 

As soon as the current wave has been eliminated, the next one will start in no time.  This process will repeat until every wave has been defeated.

The waves

How to Stop a Raid in Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

In some editions of Minecraft, the number of waves depends on the difficulty. If the bad omen level is higher than one, an additional wave spawns with an identical raider composition as the last wave. There are three waves on Easy, Normal has five waves, with seven waves on Hard difficulty. Depending on the difficulty, up to two additional pillagers and vindicators may spawn per wave, and an additional witch may spawn beginning from the third wave.


This has only pillagers. You should charge up to them and dispatch them with your sword.


Here, there are pillagers and vindicators. You can use Melee tactics at this level but can always fall back to ranged combat if you’re facing many illagers at once.


In the third wave, there is a ravager and some pillagers. You may have to use hit-and-run tactics against the ravagers.


There are witches, pillagers, and vindicators in the fourth wave. Catch the witches unawares and quickly strike them until they die.


This has the pillager, vindicators, an evoker, and a pillager riding a ravager. Shoot the pillager mount from a distance before closing in on the ravager.


This has only one evoker but many vindicators and pillagers. Here, try to single out the evoker first before dealing with others.


This consists of all raiding illager types, with vindicators constituting a majority of the raiders. Try to single out the illagers to reduce the size of the group. Attack the witches quickly, and kill the mounted evokers first.

After the raid

You get the Hero of the village effect awarded to you after killing all the raiders. Once the raid has been defeated, the Hero of the village effect you get lasts for 3 in-game days or 60:00. You’ll have a bunch of gifts thrown at you by villagers for defeating the raid. Additionally, villagers who can trade with you will provide discounts. 

What happens if you lose a Minecraft raid?

If you lose the raid, the whole village will be completely wiped out by the raiders. On failing to win the raid, all the villagers will die and all claimed beds are destroyed. This is when the attacked village no longer registers as a village, and the raid will end. The evokers, pillagers, and vindicators raise their hands, the pillagers jump up and down or raise their hands, and they all make ‘celebration sounds’. The raid bar will display a message that says:  ‘Raid—Defeat’.

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