How & When Did Naruto Get Sealed? What Happened to Him?

How & When Did Naruto Get Sealed? What Happened to Him?

We all know that Naruto Uzumaki is one of the strongest – if not the strongest character in his franchise – but even naruto has faced some formidable opponents over the years and has had trouble dealing with some of his foes. Now, he would usually come out on top – either due to his own powers or with the help of some other characters – but that doesn’t mean that he did not have problems. In this article, we are going to deal with one such situation, as we reveal how and when Naruto got sealed by Jigen, and what happened to him after that.

Naruto was sealed by Jigen in a giant kettle-like jar during Sasuke’s and his fight against the villain. The jar was then shrunk, leaving Naruto trapped within Jigen’s strange dimension. Afterward, Boro stood guard over the pot, during which Boruto and Kawaki used their Kama to transport Naruto’s unconscious body out before killing the Kara member.

The rest of this article is going to describe what happened to Naruto during the fight with Jigen. You’ll find out how he was sealed, why he was sealed, what happened while he was sealed and what, ultimately, happened when he was released. If you’re not fully up to date with the events of Boruto, we have to warn you that this article is going to contain spoilers that might reveal something you don’t want to know just yet.

How was Naruto sealed?

The events we are about to describe happened during Sasuke’s and Naruto’s fight against Jigen. Jigen considers it unfortunate that Naruto and Sasuke met him together, which forces him to confront them. Naruto and Sasuke consider themselves lucky were they to defeat him quickly and their location allows them to go all out.

Koji watches them, having slipped a toad through the portal. Boruto’s Kama withdraws. Meanwhile, Sarada arrives at the Uzumaki’s house and discovers the traces of Jigen’s attacks. She checks in on Konohamaru and Kawaki informs her that Naruto has been taken away. Ino speaks with the Konoha Barrier Guard, confirming that Naruto and Jigen’s chakra are gone, then orders them to continue monitoring the situation. She informs Shikamaru, who issues orders accordingly.

Jigen battles Naruto and Sasuke, creating sticks to attack and defend against. Sasuke asks Naruto to buy him some time, which Naruto does with his clones. Sasuke observes Jigen and his jutsu, which disappears and reappears between attacks. He determines that Jigen is shrinking and restoring his normal size, as well as that of his sticks.

Jigen compliments Sasuke’s abilities and decides he must kill him first. Sasuke warns him that he has another secret, but Jigen attacks him. Naruto blocks his staves with a Giant Rasengan. Jigen shrinks, but Sasuke warns Naruto where he is. He attacks again with the same technique, which Jigen can still absorb while shrunken. Naruto had already predicted the attack, so Sasuke can attack him while absorbing another attack.

Jigen teleports away, then he thanks them for pointing out one of his ability’s weaknesses and conjuring up a horn, which Sasuke recognizes. The Medical Team takes the injured shinobi to the Uzumaki as Boruto and Mitsuki arrive. Kawaki tells them and Sarada that it was Jigen, who also kidnapped Naruto.

Kawaki wants to go find Naruto, but Mitsuki remarks that Naruto should be fine, since Kawaki’s prosthesis, which relies on Naruto’s chakra, is still functional. Sasuke informs Naruto of what information he has gathered regarding the Ōtsutsuki and Jūbi, determining that his goal is to drain the planet’s chakra. It makes Susanō’s full body appear and Naruto makes Kurama appear.

Jigen blocks and dodges their attacks, while knocking Sasuke out of his Susanō. Jigen pins him down using several sticks, but Sasuke swaps places with him. Naruto attacks with Kurama’s tails, but Jigen dodges and blocks them as well. He punches Naruto to get him out of Kurama. He lures Jigen with a Whirling Orb, but Sasuke switches places again, intending to decapitate Jigen, who protects himself by pulling out sticks from his neck.

Sasuke attempts to burn Jigen with Amaterasu, who only absorbs them with Kama. Sasuke worries that he doesn’t have enough chakra to leave the dimension with his spacetime ninjutsu. Jigen notices a crack on his body, noting that the power being used is excessive for that body, emphasizing his need for Kawaki.


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He decides to end it and stabs them from below. Since it would take too much time and effort to kill Naruto with Kurama, Jigen chooses to seal him. Naruto taunts him about the crack on his body, but Kurama tells him not to give Jigen a reason to change his mind. Jigen asks about Boruto and how his Kama is progressing, then steps forward to kill Sasuke, but Naruto creates clones to buy Sasuke time to escape.

He convinces Sasuke to escape, who teleports home, ahead of Sakura. Jigen finishes knocking the lid off and shrinks the seal. His body cracks further and he cries. Isshiki Ōtsutsuki rejects his pain and value as a host and teleports away. Observing through his toad, Koji finds the case very instructive. Kawaki’s prosthetic stops working, causing a photo of Naruto to fall out, much to his surprise.

In what episode does Naruto get sealed in?

The events we have just described happened in Episode 204 of Boruto; the episode’s title was “He’s Bad News”, and it premiered on June 20, 2021. As for the end of this saga, Naruto was finally freed in Episode 208, titled “Momoshiki’s Manifestation”. This episode premiered on July 18, 2021.

What happened while Naruto was sealed?

Boro was assigned to watch over the Hokage while he was locked in a teapot in Kara’s dimension. Soon after, a group of children came to his neighborhood, leading Boro to happily recognize Kawaki. As the children prepared to fight Kara’s Intern, Boro quickly displayed his power, changing the landscape with his Yoton. As Kawaki absorbed the technique with his Kama, Boro attempted a sneak attack, which was absorbed by Boruto’s Kama. Boro was surprised to see another carrier of Kama.

As Boro continued to endure Kawaki and Boruto’s attacks and heal quickly, even from Mitsuki’s venomous snake bites, he exposed them to his Black Mist, sapping their strength. Boro expressed his joy at meeting Boruto, noting that Boruto’s Kama meant that Kara’s deadline to complete their plans could now be extended through Boruto as a vessel for Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki. As he planned to bring Boruto back to Kara with Kawaki, the combined efforts of Mitsuki and Sarada gave the team an opening to retreat.

Boro however remained calm, knowing that they would return since their objective for coming here was the Hokage. Shortly after, Boro was approached by Sarada, who revealed to know the truth behind her Black Mist. Impressed by her insight, he quickly attacked her, forcing her to defend herself as he worked to infect Sarada like the others. Eventually, he caught it and infected it. He started to laugh at her situation, but was surprised by her ability to throw a Katon and a powerful punch at her.


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With Boro injured from the attack, Boruto and Kawaki also performed their moves, fully recovered from the virus and obliterating the man’s head. Boro however reacts in time to activate his regeneration technique before being hit, allowing him to survive and fully recover. Boro deduced that Mitsuki’s snake had taken some of his blood and harvested the antibodies it contained, giving the children immunity to his virus.

Impressed with their abilities, Boro decided he should foil their team strategy and opted to attack the sealed Hokage, prompting Kawaki to break formation. Boro threw shuriken at Kawaki, who blocked them, but they exploded. Boro was amazed that despite his injury, Kawaki was still moving to protect the sealed Hokage. Boro expressed his displeasure with Kawaki’s new soft nature, he vowed to re-educate Kawaki from scratch.

The kids continued their team assault on Boro, who repeatedly regenerated from all the damage he had taken. As he began to strike down his exhausted foes, Sarada struck Boro’s core with her Thousand Birds, having located it and learning from Kawaki of its role in its regeneration. Upon successfully removing the core, Boro’s body began to mutate without its stabilizer into a massive, misshapen form.

As Boruto and Kawaki used their Kama to free Naruto from the seal, Boro managed to regain control of himself, he turned his rage on the children and quickly overpowered them. Suddenly, Boruto’s Kama evolved further, replacing Boruto’s consciousness with Momoshiki’s, who showed a massive increase in power to effortlessly destroy Boro.

How did Naruto escape the seal?

As you can see, Naruto was freed thanks to the combined effort of the New Team 7 and taken back to his home. Back in Konoha, they were all taken to the hospital for treatment. Naruto, who is recovering quickly, was impressed with the genin’s work and joked that the rebellious genin still seemed to be relevant. In the anime, they discussed recent events

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