Attack on Titan: How & Why Did Historia Get Pregnant & by Whom?

Attack on Titan: How & Why Did Historia Get Pregnant & by Whom?

Historia Reiss is the current Queen of Paradis in Attack on Titan. During the fall of Wall Maria, her mother is assassinated, under the instructions of her father. The latter forced her to give up her name, for that of Christa Lenz. She enlisted and joined Survey Corps following the events of The Battle of Trost. Historia’s story is quite important for the plot of Attack on Titan and although she is not one of the more exposed characters, she is nevertheless important. In this article, we are going to talk about Historia’s pregnancy, as we are going to reveal all the necessary details you need to know.

Historia Reiss was shown to be pregnant in Chapter 107 of the Attack on Titan manga, i.e., in Episode 69 of the anime series of the same name. Roeg believed that this development was influenced by Yelena, while thinking that Historia’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy with a local who bullied her as a child was done to delay her from inheriting the Beast Titan from Zeke Yeager after the latter reached Paradis.

The rest of this article is going to focus on Historia Reiss and her surprising pregnancy in Attack on Titan. Not many details have been revealed about this, but we are going to give you an overview of all the known facts so you can enjoy them. Now, be aware that there are going to be some spoilers present in this article, so we need to warn you!

Why did Historia Reiss become pregnant?

In order to fully explain this, we have to go back to the Marley Arc. Historia attends a military meeting to discuss whether the Walls should work with the Anti-Marleyan Volunteers. During the said meeting, Eresn confirms that he is able to harness the full power of the Founding Titan by touching a Royal Blood Titan.

Historia seems surprised when Eren explains that he didn’t mention it earlier out of fear that she might have been turned into a Titan. As the first Hizuru Ambassadors arrive on Paradis, Historia listens as Kiyomi Azumabito goes through the three procedures that must be in place to keep the island safe. The first of these forces Historia to inherit Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan, which has less than a year to live.

The second involves Hizuru increasing the level of technology on Paradis. The third is that Historia should have as many children as possible in the thirteen years that she has the Beast Titan so that there will be more children of royal blood that can inherit a Titan and protect the island. During these fifty years, Paradis must catch up with the rest of the world. Historia accepts the plan while it is still needed.

Some time later, Eren meets Historia privately at his farm to warn her that the military police plan to feed them to Zeke once he arrives in Paradis. Despite Eren’s suggestion to flee or resist, Historia tells him that she will agree to any plan deemed necessary to preserve Paradis. Much to Historia’s chagrin, Eren states that he will use the powers of Founding Titan to wipe out the outside world.

Historia attempts to remind him that there are plenty of innocent people beyond the walls, but Eren is firm in his decision. Historia tells her that she can’t live with herself unless she does everything in her power to stop him. Eren then offers to manipulate her memories with the power of the Founding Titan, to which Historia responds by asking her about the possibility of having a child.

A few months later, she is pregnant and is spending her time in a secret abode known only to a small, selected number of people in the military. A deputy believes this development was influenced by Yelena, while speculating that Historia has an extramarital pregnancy with a local, who bullied her into having a child because that should’ve prevented her from inheriting Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan after reaching Paradis.

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After a rebel faction emerges, Commander Pixis orders the military to secure Historia as she is a potential target. During the assault on the Rumble, Historia goes into labor. Eren is eventually killed, and the rumble is stopped by the combined efforts of the Recon Corps and the Warriors. Although the people of Paradis still support Eren, Historia uses her power to protect the families of the soldiers who helped stop Eren.

Over the next three years, Historia marries the father of her child and begins peace talks with the outside world. In 857, the outside world sent a group of ambassadors to Paradis to begin peace talks. She sends the ambassadors a letter explaining that in the three years since Eren’s death, the Yeagerists have raised an army on the island in preparation for outside attacks.

Who is the father of Historia’s baby?

As far as the identity of Historia’s father is concerned, he has never been officially revealed. Roeg speculated that the father is a local, possibly a farmer, who bullied her as a child. Since the manga is over, we’re – sadly – going to remain in the dark as far as this is concerned, unless Isayama decides to reveal the identity of Historia’s child’s father. There are some clues present within the story, but nothing precise and we can – sadly – only speculate on the identity. There are many locals and the fact that we know that the local had bullied her doesn’t help us that much, although it does narrow the search.

In what chapter and episode does Historia get pregnant?

Now, the exact moment of conception was – of course – not shown anywhere and we do not know when it happened. The first time we see a pregnant Historia, her stomach is already quite large. This happens in Chapter 107 of the manga, “Visitor”, which was published on July 9, 2018. As for the anime, this scene is shown in Episode 69 of the series, titled “A Sound Argument”, which premiered on February 15, 2021. All of this happens during the War for Paradis arc.

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