Attack on Titan: Main Characters’ Heights, Ages & Birthdays

Attack on Titan: Main Characters' Heights, Ages & Birthdays

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan is a global hit and one of those modern anime series that (re)defined the genre and made it more popular around the world. The dystopian setting, the great fights and the overall idea of the whole story all make Attack on Titan somewhat of a modern masterpiece. The story follows Eren Yeager, who vows to retake the world after a Titan brings about the destruction of his hometown and the death of his mother. Due to the series’ popularity, in this article, we have decided to talk about the amazing characters of this series.

What we are about to tell you is a list of the most important Attack on Titan characters and their heights, ages, and birthdays. Before we approach each of the characters individually, here is a quick overview:

Eren Yeager5’7″ / 170cm15March 30th
Mikasa Ackerman5’7″ / 170cm15February 10th
Armin Arlert5’4″ / 163cm15November 3rd
Levi Ackerman5’3″ / 160cm30-33December 25th
Erwin Smith6’2″ / 188cm35-39October 14th
Reiner Braun6’1″ / 185cm17August 1st
Bertholdt Hoover6’4″ / 192cm17December 30th
Zeke Yeager6’0″ / 183cm25August 1st
Hange Zoë5’7″ / 170cm29-31September 5th
Historia Reiss4’9″ / 145cm15January 15th
Annie Leonhart5’0″ / 153cm16March 22nd
Jean Kirschtein5’9″ / 175cm15April 7th
Connie Springer5’2″ / 158cm15May 2nd
Ymir5’8″ / 172cm17-19February 17th
Sasha Braus5’6″ / 168cm15July 26th
Marco Bodt5’10” / 178cm15June 16th
Floch Forster5’09” / 175cm15October 8th
Louise5’01” / 155cm13-16April 25th
Daz5’09” / 175cm15September 22nd
Samuel Linke-Jackson5’11” / 180cm15December 20th
Petra Rall5’02” / 158cmN/ADecember 6th
Dot Pyxis5’11 / 180cmN/ASeptember 13
Kenny Ackerman6’3″ / 190cm40-45February 4th
Yelena6’3″ / 190cmN/AJanuary 21st
Gabi Braun4’6″ / 138cm12April 14th
Porco Galliard5’8″ / 175cmN/ANovember 11th
Pieck Finger5’1″ / 155cmN/AAugust 5th
Colt Grice5’11” / 180cmN/AAugust 12th
Falco Grice4’7″ / 140cmN/AFebruary 10th
Ymir FritzN/AN/AN/A

Eren Yeager

Eren Jaeger 28Anime29 character image 2885029

Age: 15
Birthday: March 30
Height: 5’7″ / 170cm

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the plot. He is an impulsive, idealistic, determined and violent young man, in his childhood he saw his mother being devoured by a titan and dreams of killing them ever since. Eren possesses the powers of the Attacking Titan, the Founding Titan, both acquired from his father; and in his attack on the country, he acquires the power of the Warhammer Titan.

At first glance, he has no special talent except for the fact that he is good at hand-to-hand fighting and possesses an iron will, he came to graduate in fifth place in the promotion of 104th Training Corp and later joins the Survey Corps. During the battle in Trost, Eren discovers that he has the power to transform into a titan, which he decides to take advantage of to fight them. Later, upon returning to Shiganshina, he learns of the origin of his and the titans’ powers through the documents left by his father in the basement of his house. Four years later, he decides to infiltrate the country of Marley determined to face his true enemies.

Mikasa Ackerman

Does Mikasa Die in Attack on Titan and Will She?

Age: 15
Birthday: February 10
Height: 5’7″ / 170cm

Mikasa Ackerman is a young woman of Asian origin, the penultimate survivor of the Ackerman clan, along with Levi Ackerman and Kenny Ackerman. As a child, she was saved and adopted by Eren’s family, so she has promised to protect him whatever the situation. Mikasa is considered a person with extraordinary abilities, although she always keeps her cool except when Eren is in danger.

After the fall of Shiganshina, she decides with Eren and Armin to join the army where she would graduate first in the 104th Training Corps, and later joined the Survey Corps to fight the titans. As the manga progresses, more details about her origins and her clan are revealed. She is the protagonist of the light novel Lost Girls.


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Armin Arlert

Armin Arlelt 28Anime29 character image 2885029

Age: 15
Birthday: November 3
Height: 5’4″ / 163cm

Armin Arlert was born and raised in the Shiganshina district and a childhood friend of Eren and Mikasa, who always protected him from bullies due to his shyness and physical weakness, he graduated from the 104th Training Corps, and later joined the Survey Corps. He doesn’t stand out for his physical abilities but easily makes up for them with his great intelligence and cunning.

During the battle to recapture Shinganshina, he uses a strategy that manages to defeat the Colossus Titan. However, Armin was on the verge of death, so he is given a special injection that allowed him to transform into a titan and devour Bertolt Hoover, thus acquiring his powers. Four years later, he participates in the attack on Marley that destroys the entire army by using the monster’s own power.


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Levi Ackerman

Levi in Eren27s cell

Age: 30-33
Birthday: December 25
Height: 5’3″ / 160cm

Captain of the Survey Corps, Levi Ackerman is regarded as “humanity’s strongest soldier” due to his great skills in killing titans. He is a stoic person although he can be in a bad mood at times, and has a strong obsession with cleanliness, however, all this is valued and put up with by his partner, Lucero, a girl who throughout the story shows the unconditional love she feels for him, seriously trusting the relationship between Levi and Erwin (her father).

Before joining the Corps, he was a notorious delinquent in the Underground city. His exact age is unknown, but the author claimed that he was around 30 years old. Later, he finds out that he is part of the Ackerman clan from his maternal family, just like Mikasa. Said clan is of oriental origin and is remembered for being the only ones whose memories were not erased by King Fritz; and not wanting to submit to his will, they were persecuted to near extinction, and declared a “by-product of titan science”.

Erwin Smith

Erwin tells Levi to not regret

Age: 35-39
Birthday: October 14
Height: 6’2″ / 188cm

Major Erwin is the 13th Major of the Survey Corps. Humane, honest, intelligent, and widely respected, Erwin is an excellent leader. While he takes a deep interest in his subordinates, he never hesitates to sacrifice them for the good and prosperity of mankind, and his subordinates have proven to be more willing to obey him at the risk of their lives. He loses his right arm during Eren and Ymir’s rescue mission.

Erwin developed the long-range enemy detection formation, and due to uncertainty about its future, he later appointed Squad Leader Hange to succeed him. Erwin Smith’s age was never officially revealed, but he was in grade school when his father died, which happened around the Year 825. By the Year 850, Erwin is the Survey Corps’ commander and, presumably, a few years older than Levi. Therefore, he should be in his late 30s.


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Reiner Braun

Reiner prepares to transform

Age: 17
Birthday: August 1
Height: 6’1″ / 185cm

A partner of Eren and the others, in preparation to be a soldier, Reiner Braun is originally from Marley along with Bertolt Hoover and Annie Leonhart. He is a rough but passionate boy, he has great charisma and is easy to make friends which becomes a kind of older brother and role model for Eren. He graduated second in the class of 104th Training Corps and later joined the Survey Corps.

Later, it is discovered that he has the ability to transform into the Armored Titan and along with Bertolt, they were responsible for the destruction of Shiganshina earning Eren’s hatred. After his defeat in battle, he returned to his homeland. Although he is initially shown as the main antagonist of the manga, his role changes from him four years later when he wishes to prevent his cousin Gabi from inheriting his powers and seeks to protect his teammates from Eren.

Bertholdt Hoover

Bertholdt listens to Armin27s plan

Age: 17
Birthday: December 30
Height: 6’4″ / 192cm

Bertholdt Hoover is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps and ranks third behind Reiner and Mikasa. His true identity is that of the Colossus Titan and together with Reiner he is responsible for the breakthrough of the door of the Wall Maria. After the events of Stohess, he kidnaps Eren and Ymir along with his accomplice with the aim of taking them to their homeland, but the plan fails when he is seized by a tantrum following a lie about Annie’s condition.

Armin uses Berthold’s feelings towards the girl to free Eren. He later attempts to convince the Beast Titan to save Annie, but in vain, as Reiner is defeated. Tall in stature and with black hair, Berthold is described as sensitive to the affection and the sense of camaraderie he feels towards his fellow soldiers and to which he is attached, but, unlike Reiner, he is very clear about his priorities and sees the mission assigned to him of greater importance to his own feelings.

His insecurity and shyness are subsequently replaced by a strong desire to end his task and a cold greater awareness of his strength, so much so that in Shiganshina he defeats Eren with ease, only to be caught when he falls into the trap set by Armin and Eren. By now defeated, he will be fed to Armin, who was injected with the transformation serum and who thus becomes the new Colossus Titan: before dying, he desperately yells at his former companions to save him.


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Zeke Yeager


Age: 25
Birthday: August 1
Height: 6’0″ / 183cm

Zeke Yeager is one of the leaders of the people living outside the walls, defined by Reiner and Berthold as the War Chief. He looks like a man of about thirty, wearing long hair, a thick blond beard, and round glasses, as well as a scar on his left arm. He possesses the ability to become a Titane, more precisely the Beast Titan, seventeen meters tall, with long arms and thick hair that covers most of his body, making him look like a huge monkey, as well as being among the very few Titans able to speak and to be able to transform other humans into Titans themselves.

Hange Zoë

Hange goes over suspicions about Bertholdt and Reiner

Age: 29-31 (information based on various player theories and speculation)
Birthday: September 5
Height: 5’7″ / 170cm

Hange appeared as a member of the group assigned to watch over Eren Yaeger before the military trial. She is also present with the rest of the Survey Corps during the interrogation where Levi brutally beats Eren in front of everyone. After the young man is accepted into the legion, Hange was in charge of investigating Eren’s ability to become a titan.

By acquiring the technology hidden by the military police, the Survey Corps developed a weapon called “lightning lance”, which is effective against the Armored Titan. On the mission to retrieve Wall Maria, he received injuries from the Colossal Titan’s explosion, but helped defeat the battleship, and became commander after Erwin’s demise on the mission.

Also, she lost her left eye in the battle, and has been wearing an eyepatch ever since. Four years later, she heads to Marley with the Survey Corps to arrest Eren after attacking the country. Later, when Eren decides to put his plan into action, Hange understood that it was necessary to protect Paradis Island, although she felt anguish over the desire to prevent the genocide of humans outside the walls.

Finally, she allows him to initiate his plan, but then decides to stop it with the rest of the legion. After that, he sacrifices hermself to buy time so the squad can repair the seaplane and escape. After appointing Armin as the 15th commander of the Survey Corps, she single-handedly fought a large number of Colossal Titans, burning to death after a gas tank exploded from the titans’ heat. He then wakes up and is reunited with Erwin and the rest of the fallen soldiers.


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Historia Reiss

Historia agrees to Zeke27s plan

Age: 15
Birthday: January 15
Height: 4’9″ / 145cm

Historia Reiss, known in the first part of the story under the pseudonym of Christa Lens, is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps and ranks tenth at the end of the training. She is of medium-short stature, with long blond hair and initial pure and gentle appearances, although it is later discovered that in reality, Christa is just a mask worn by Historia to hide her soul as a selfish person, willing to sacrifice others just to feel good and useful and have a purpose in their life.

She is the illegitimate daughter of Rod Reiss, an exponent of the real royal family, and of a maid who was at the family’s service: Historia would therefore be the true heir to the throne of the monarchy, however, given her birth, she was expelled by the Reiss family and is she was confined to a farm, isolated from the rest of the world along with her grandparents and mother.

Her inferiority complexes derive from having been neglected by her father and never having spoken to her mother about her, except to be told that she should never have been born; for this reason, she is deeply attached to Ymir and to her sister Frieda, who came to visit her secretly. When Eren first uses the coordinate against Reiner and Berthold, Ymir decides to help them, eventually apologizing to Christa before they part ways.

After this fact, Christa admits that she felt betrayed and that she never fully knew Ymir, deciding to abandon her old name and become Historia Reiss herself, not wanting to give more weight to what would have happened to Ymir. Reading her farewell letter, Historia comments on a disappointed and sarcastic note that Ymir behaved like an idiot. Eventually, after Erwin’s coup against the crown, she will be crowned queen of the walls, although the government remains in the hands of the army.

Annie Leonhart

Annie Leonhart 28Anime29 character image 2884529

Age: 16
Birthday: March 22
Height: 5’0″ / 153cm

Reserved, cold, and indifferent to everything, Annie seems to be very mature and philosophical for his age, although he does not show it. She comes from Marley just like Reiner and Bertolt. She graduated fourth in the 104th Training Corps and later joined the Military Police, the only one in her class to do so. She has the ability to transform into the Female Titan, with which she will try to capture Eren, although she only causes a slaughter among the members of the Survey Corps.

After the last fight she had with Eren, she crystallizes her body with a practically indestructible material to avoid being captured. Four years later, she is still crystallized and is occasionally visited by Armin. Annie is the protagonist of the light novel Lost Girls, which delves deeper into her past.


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Jean Kirschtein

Jean and Mikasa

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)
Birthday: April 7
Height: 5’9″ / 175cm

Jean Kirschtein is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps and ranks sixth at the end of his training as a soldier. Tall in stature, with light brown hair and an elongated face, similar to Eren, he is impulsive and aggressive in character and possesses strong tendencies in command, as demonstrated by Marco during the battle of Trost.

He has amorous feelings toward Mikasa and often clashes with Eren during training due to the difference between their ideologies and intentions: the former wants to join the Gendarmerie Corps and live safely within the walls, while the latter wants to enter to join the Survey Corps and fight against the Titans. After learning of Marco’s death, Jean changes his mentality and joins the latter military body out of devotion to his friend, later becoming an active member of Eren’s various rescues and Erwin’s organized coup against the crown.

Connie Springer

Conny notes Jean27s leadership capability

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)
Birthday: May 2
Height: 5’2″ / 158cm

Connie Springer is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps and ranks eighth at the end of training. A native of the village of Ragako, he is short in stature and has shaved hair, while his naive and playful personality makes him very attached to his fellow soldier Sasha, of whom he considers himself a twin. Connie decides to join the Research Corps after being inspired by Eren’s speech, although he actually intended to join the Gendarmerie Corps to make his family proud.

After the attack of the Beast Titan, she discovers that her villagers have been transformed into titans and, recognizing her mother among them, vows to take revenge. Later it is discovered that Zeke Jeager has transformed the inhabitants of Ragako into pure Titans using a gas weapon, containing his spinal fluid, capable of paralyzing the Eldians and turning them into Titans thanks to his screams.


Ymir with no regrets

Age: 17-19
Birthday: February 17
Height: 5’8″ / 172cm

Ymir is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps. She is tall in stature, with dark brown hair and freckles, she repeatedly claims to be numb and selfish but denies herself when she demonstrates that she cares about Historia for disinterested reasons. Not much is known about her past, but she says that she previously wished she had never been born, while the Titan she met by Ilse Langnar refers to her as “Venerable Ymir”.

She possesses the ability to transform into a Titan, a skill she acquired without her remembering after eating Marcel, childhood friend of Reiner and Berthold: it turns out that her Titan’s name is Jaw Titan. Later in the story, it is revealed that in the past Ymir was an orphan, adopted by a secret sect that worshiped the Eldian ancestor of the same name and passed off as her descendant: after the Marleyan police discovered them, she and the members of the sect came condemned to be transformed into pure Titans for the rest of their lives.

Ymir remained in this state for sixty years, until she became human after having devoured Marcel and acquired his memories and her powers. As a young teenager, Ymir transformed into a Titan and then spent the next 60 years stuck in that form. She changed back to human in the Year 845; consequently, she must be in her late teens by the Year 850.


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Sasha Braus

Sasha snipes Carlo

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)
Birthday: July 26
Height: 5’6″ / 168cm

Sasha Blouse is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps and is ranked 9th at the end of the training. She possesses high agility and an almost animalistic instinct, matured by living as a hunter in the forest with her family, so much so that she is very skilled with the bow and arrows; in the original Japanese she expresses herself using very formal language to hide her true accent of her, which she is ashamed of.

After the events of Shiganshina, she participates in the raid against Marley four years later as a sniper, shooting and killing two Marleyan guards who are friends of Gabi, allowing herself to be glimpsed for a brief moment by the latter. She along with Connie places light signals on the rooftops to get Zoe’s stolen airship, and then eventually join the fight against Zeke’s team.

During the retreat, she and her companions celebrate the outcome of the mission, but shortly after she is killed by a shotgun from Gabi, who sneaked into the aircraft. Back on the island, Sasha is buried with a military funeral: her tomb, as well as by her family and fellow soldiers, is visited by a Marleyan prisoner who worked as a cook for the Survey Corps and who had fallen in love with her.

Marco Bodt

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)
Birthday: June 16
Height: 5’10” / 178cm

Marco Bodt is a recruit of the 104th Training Corps and ranks seventh at the end of training. Of medium to tall stature, with short black hair and freckles, he is an optimistic and idealistic person who genuinely enlisted for the purpose of joining the Gendarmerie Corps and faithfully serving the king. He is found dead by Jean a few days after the end of the Battle of Trost, horribly torn to pieces, and his death, the causes of which have long remained a mystery, is revealed to have been due to Reiner, Annie, and Berthold: Reiner in fact he realizes that his fellow soldier had overheard the secret of their true nature and ordered Annie to take his weapons, leaving him helpless in front of the Titans and consequently destining him to death.

Floch Forster

Floch is skeptical of Levi27s death

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)
Birthday: October 8
Height: 5’09” / 175cm

Floch was a former recruit who joined the Survey Corps before the Battle of Shiganshina District, serving under Squad Leader Klaus. Besides Major Hange and the tactical squad, he was the only survivor of this battle that allowed the recovery of Wall Maria. After discovering the truth about the outside world, Floch developed a deep hatred toward the Marley Empire. He was the leader of the pro-Yeager and believed that Eren is the only one who can save the people of Ymir.


Louise 28Anime29 character image

Age: 13-16
Birthday: April 25
Height: 5’01” / 155cm

Louise is a Yeagerist, inspired by Mikasa to join the army after she was rescued by it during the Titan invasion of Trost. Louise was part of the group that leaked Eren’s information to the public, and for this, she was incarcerated but she escaped from prison along with Floch and the other imprisoned Yeagerists.

From there, Louise continued to support and help the Yeagerists, firmly believing that to save your people you need someone as strong as Eren Yeager. Louise is a young girl with blond hair and brown eyes. Louise seems to have a cold and serious personality as a teenager, with a great obsession for Mikasa.

During the battle against the Titans after the fall of the walls Louise, distracted by watching Mikasa kill a Titan, ends up with a piece of lightning spear inside her body that seems impossible to remove. The poor girl’s fate remains unknown and during her last moments when she was seen in the series, she confirmed to Mikasa that she had no regrets and that she was delighted to have been able to dedicate her heart to her nation until the end.


Daz Anime

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)
Birthday: September 22
Height: 5’09” / 175cm

The young recruit Daz was a former member of the 104th Training Corps who fought in the Battle of Trost District and later joined the pro-Yeagerist faction of the series. He is a secondary character in the story. .

Samuel Linke-Jackson

Samuel holds Conny at gunpoint

Age: 15 (this is an approximation based on the character being part of the 104th Training Corps)
Birthday: December 20
Height: 5’11” / 180cm

Samuel was a former member of the 104th Training Corps who joined the pro-Yeagerist faction. He shares many similarities with Daz and is likewise a secondary character in the series.

Petra Rall


Age: N/A
Birthday: December 6
Height: 5’02” / 158cm

Petra Ral is a Survey Corps soldier and a member of Levi’s squad. She is short in stature and with golden brown hair, she is very kind and thoughtful to her fellow soldiers, especially towards her Eren, whom she often encourages and to whom she compliments; the same boy reveals that Petra killed ten Titans and collaborated in the killing of forty-eight others.

Sometimes she quarrels with Oruo because she imitates, in a bad way, Captain Levi, towards whom Petra has great admiration and respect, testified by her wanting to always remain close to him and by having been beside herself with joy when Levi recognized her abilities by welcoming her in his team.

She dies during the attack of Annie in the form of the Female Titan, which crushes her to death against a tree: when the Survey Corps folds in the city, her father approaches Levi and makes him understand, after reading a letter from her, that his daughter loved him, leaving the young officer even more devastated.


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Dot Pyxis

Age: N/A
Birthday: September 13
Height: 5’11 / 180cm

Dot Pyxis is the supreme commander of the Garrison Regiment and is responsible for the southern sector of the Wall Rose. He has a brilliant and analytical strategic mind and is a determined and decisive commander, although he prefers to resort more to persuasion and diplomatic flexibility than to the strength and rigor of military law.

He also shows a tender side to women, going so far as to jokingly hope that the Titan who ate him would be feminine. During the Battle of Trost, instead of punishing the soldiers who were deserting to go to protect their families from the Titans, he urges them to continue fighting, since, in the event of the Wall Rose breaking through, humanity would become extinct, due to the civil conflicts due to scarcity of resources.

Subsequently, Pyxis will adhere, albeit with some reservations, to the coup devised by Erwin Smith to overthrow the crown, becoming the second in command in the military government chaired by Darius Zackly.

Kenny Ackerman

Kenny recalls his past

Age: 40-45 (we know that in the Year 829, Kenny was a young man and a serial killer, so we can assume that he was around 20 at this point)
Birthday: February 4
Height: 6’3″ / 190cm

He is Levi Ackerman’s uncle and the one who took care of him during his childhood after his mother died. He was a member of the Central Division of the Military Police and also the captain of the Anti-Human Suppression Squad. In the past he was an infamous assassin who killed over a hundred members of the Military Police, becoming known as Kenny the Ripper.

He pretended to be Rod Reiss’s right-hand man when his true goal was also to devour Eren and obtain his powers. Kenny dies after being seriously injured while fleeing from the collapsing Reiss Chapel, but not before revealing to Levi that she is his uncle on his mother’s side and giving him the serum he had stolen from Rod.


Yelena describes Marleyan weaponry

Age: N/A
Birthday: January 21
Height: 6’3″ / 190cm

Yelena is the leader of the Anti-Marley Volunteers and a close ally of the Eldians of Paradis. She is Zeke Yeager’s right arm and faithful follower of her orders, which she carries out with fanaticism and ruthlessness towards anyone. She first appears during Willy Tybur’s lecture in the Liberio ghetto, when, following the directions of Levi and Hange, disguised as a male soldier and with a false beard, she pushes Pieck and Porco away from the main scene, luring them into a trap, formed by a deep circular pit where the two Marleyan Warriors fall from a trap door, operated personally by Yelena. After the destruction of the ghetto at the hands of Eren and Armin, she escapes with them aboard the airship, returning to the island of Paradis.


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Gabi Braun

Does Gabi Die in Attack on Titan? (& What Is Her Fate?)

Age: 12 (first introduced in the Year 854)
Birthday: April 14
Height: 4’6″ / 138cm

Gabi is an aspiring Eldian warrior living in the Liberio Internment Zone, as well as Reiner’s cousin. She is the candidate with the best chance of becoming the next Armored Titan.

Porco Galliard

Porco mocks Reiner

Age: N/A (first introduced in the Year 854)
Birthday: November 11
Height: 5’8″ / 175cm

Porco is an Eldian warrior in the service of the Marley Empire and Marcel’s younger brother. He was the holder of the Jaw Titan that he would have received from Ymir, as she herself had received from Marcel.

Pieck Finger

Pieck mentions the Tybur family27s clout

Age: N/A (first introduced in the Year 854)
Birthday: August 5
Height: 5’1″ / 155cm

Pieck Finger is a member of the Eldian Warrior Unit and the current owner of the Cart Titan. She is a girl with long black hair, a cheerful and sometimes ironic character, and an analytical mind suited to extreme situations. When the situation calls for it, she can be serious and skillful. At the beginning of the story, she appears in her Titanform during Shingashina’s battle against the Research Corps, helping her superior Zeke escape from the clutches of Levi, who had captured and seriously injured him. She subsequently fights the Middle Eastern Alliance army like a real tank, strafing the enemy trenches with the machine guns placed in the revolving turrets on her back.


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Colt Grice

Colt is pessimist about Falco27s success

Age: N/A (first introduced in the Year 854)
Birthday: August 12
Height: 5’11” / 180cm

Colt is an aspiring Eldian warrior working for the Marley Empire, as well as Falco’s older brother. He is destined to become the next Beast Titan.

Falco Grice

Falco tells Gabi to remove her armband 1

Age: N/A (first introduced in the Year 854)
Birthday: February 10
Height: 4’7″ / 140c

Falco is an aspiring Eldian warrior serving for the Marley Empire, and the younger brother of Colt. After being transformed into a Titan by Zeke and devouring Porco, he became the Jaw Titan. The latter has the appearance of a bird and can therefore fly.

Ymir Fritz

Ymir is blamed for the escaped pig

Age: N/A
Birthday: N/A
Height: N/A

Queen Ymir was the very first Eldian to gain the power of the Titans. She was a slave of Emperor Fritz who abused her power as the Founding Titan to bring prosperity to the kingdom of Eldia, and then devastate all the other nations of the world, including the Marley Empire. About 13 years after gaining her power, she died protecting the Emperor and her corpse was cannibalized by their daughters, Maria, Rose, and Sina.

His power then split to spawn what are known as the Nine Titans. Upon her death, Queen Ymir was transported into the Axis interior, where she continued to mold the Titans’ bodies out of the clay soil and obey her royal family descendants if they held the Founding Titan.

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