Hunter × Hunter: Is Hisoka Dead? The Corpse Explained!

Hunter × Hunter: Is Hisoka Dead? The Corpse Explained!

Hisoka Morow is one of the most popular characters in anime history because he also has one of the most unique personalities. This person treads between chaotic and evil but is never necessarily evil. Out of all the Hunter × Hunter characters, Hisoka is by far the most interesting, and he genuinely has one of the best stories in the whole manga. In this article, we are going to refer to the most recent events surrounding Hisoka’s story and reveal to you whether he actually died or not.

As has been officially confirmed, Hisoka Morow is still alive in Hunter × Hunter. And while he apparently died during his battle with Chrollo Lucifer, with his burned corpse seen in the manga, it turned out that he used Bungee Gum to restart his vital organs and thus brought himself back to life, and soon healed all of his injuries. It was confirmed that he had been dead for some time, but that was only temporary.

The remainder of this article will give you a detailed overview of Hisoka Morow’s story, as it happened on the pages of the Hunter × Hunter manga. You already know what happened and how it happened, so we will just bring you the details, so you know the whole context. Be careful, though, as the article will contain many spoilers, so if you don’t know all the details, be careful how you approach the text.

What happened to Hisoka Morow in Hunter × Hunter?

Hisoka is shown searching for Ging during the first round of voting for the new president. He examines the existing hunters covertly using his own scale and is impressed by the strength of some of the Zodiac members, including Kanzai, Ginta, and Piyon. Afterward, he displays a blank ballot, which irritates Kanzai. He then checks the crowd, frustrated by his lack of strength. Suddenly, he senses a powerful presence, and it turns out to be Illumi. He explains to Hisoka what transpired during the Chimera Ant crisis, including what caused President Netero’s passing, how Alluka was absent, and how Gon and Killua are currently faring. Later, he is seen conversing in a bar.

Chapter 357 Page 11

Illumi informs him of the limitations of Alluka’s power and warns him that if Killua perishes while attempting to save Gon, they will all perish. Illumi wants Hisoka to assist him in killing Alluka out of concern that Killua won’t succeed. Later, Illumi tricks other drivers into getting into a collision, which causes Killua to fall into the forest while she, Alluka, and their butlers are traveling to the hospital where Gon is being kept.

As Illumi orders Hisoka to kill the butlers, Hisoka instead requests permission to kill Killua. Illumi threatens him while releasing a violent aura. Hisoka claims that it’s only a joke. In truth, because he, too, wants Gon to be spared, he provokes Illumi to let Killua know where he is.

Then, after Killua utilizes his prowess to flee with Alluka, he confronts Gotoh, Amane, and Canary, who is left behind. When caring for Hisoka, Gotoh orders his colleagues to pursue Killua. At first, Gotoh’s ability to use money as bullets neutralizes his Goma Bungee ability. Hisoka succeeds in using his rubber band to return the coins, creating a distraction that he uses to sever Gotoh’s throat. At the airport, where Killua has used an airship to flee from them, Hisoka and Illumi finally cross paths.


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Illumi disputes Hisoka’s suggestion that they should surprise Killua in the hospital and say it won’t succeed. Hisoka inquires as to if Illumi has any other acquaintances when she considers seeking assistance. Illumi describes how their Nen-infused needles give them the power to control other people’s behavior. The hunters employed by the Hunters Association are killed by the two of them together. Following the killing of their attackers, Hisoka and Illumi speak on the phone. Hisoka tells Illumi that he has discovered a map showing the paths and destinations of the airship.

He wants to send a copy to Illumi but changes it to reflect its misleading texture. Sadly, Illumi claims to have received a map from one of their assailants and already knows the location of Killua and Alluka’s airship. Hisoka hides in the trees when Illumi discovers Killua as she mulls over who to kill: whether to murder Alluka and win Killua’s wrath or to leave her alive and save Gon and turn Illumi against her. Teradein Neutral is killed in the room where Hisoka is seen entering.

Chrollo and Hisoka engage in a life-or-death struggle in the Sky Coliseum. Chrollo uses Shalnark’s power to attack him before hiding in the crowd. There, he makes replicas of the spectators and impregnates them with “Nen Bombs” while changing his look with different people. Hisoka is compelled to battle Chrollo’s puppets as he searches for his foe. Chrollo destroys Hisoka’s hand and leg. As a result of a massive explosion brought on by all of Chrollo’s puppets, Hisoka ultimately loses the duel and briefly perishes.

Hisoka decapita a Kortopi

Machi, Kortopi, and Shalnark verify that Hisoka is dead. When Machi is left alone with him to rebuild his body as a favor for bringing the leader back, Hisoka manages to resurrect himself due to the Bungee Gum bunging over his heart and lungs during the last seconds of the battle, so upon receiving the explosion, his vital organs are still intact. He then regenerates his limbs thanks to his Bungee Gum and covers other wounds with deceptive texture.

He captures Machi with his Bungee Gum and tells her that this time her targets will be him and all the members of Genei Ryodan, and he walks away from her, leaving her angry. Later, he murders Kortopi inside a public bath, decapitates him, and throws his head at Shalnark, who is waiting for him outside. Shalnark receives the head in shock, and Hisoka promptly kills him. He then leaves their mutilated corpses in a playground, and crows can be seen around him. Hisoka is seen thirsty for blood, saying ten spiders are left to kill.


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Is Hisoka Morow dead or alive?

As you can see in the previous paragraphs, Hisoka Morow is alive and well in Hunter × Hunter. He seemingly died during his very exhausting battle against Chrollo Lucifer and hundreds of Nen puppets, admitting that it was both too exhausting for him as well as a wake-up call. He survived due to his cunning approach, using the Bungee Gum to save his life and come back to life, although it has been confirmed that he had been dead for a short time.

After recovering from his injuries and reinstating his limbs, he simply shed the burnt skin and returned to normal, aware that he still had a lot of work to do. Now, this is the current situation, but since Hunter × Hunter is not over, we don’t really know if Hisoka will survive until the end (if the end ever comes, knowing how many hiatuses the series has had over the years). Still, he is currently alive and fully recovered.

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