Is Hisoka a Pervert & a Pedophile in Hunter x Hunter?

Hisoka is one of the most popular characters in anime history because he is also one of the most unique personalities. This is someone who treads between chaotic and evil but is never necessarily evil. But what we also know about Hisoka is that he has been quite obsessed with Gon to the point that it makes him seem weird and downright controversial. So, does that mean that Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter is a pervert and a pedophile?

Hisoka is neither a pervert nor a pedophile. Instead, he is simply a person that’s attracted to anyone that’s powerful because he seems to get turned on when he fights someone who is strong or has the potential to be strong. Since he knows that Gon has the potential to be strong, he is obsessed with the boy.

There is no doubt that Hisoka is an incredibly controversial character because of the way his personality was built. Nevertheless, he isn’t someone who you would say is perverted or is attracted to children. He is simply attracted to someone who is powerful because he loves fighting strong people. With that said, let’s look at what kind of person Hisoka is.

Is Hisoka A Pervert And A Pedophile?

There are many characters that are very interesting in Hunter x Hunter because this is an anime that tends to find strength in its unique characters. Of course, while the main characters of Gon, Killua, Kurapika, and Leorio are as unique and as interesting as any other character in this anime, arguably the most interesting out of all of them is Hisoka.

Initially introduced as an antagonistic character, Hisoka eventually walked the fine line between an antagonist and a supporting protagonist because his personality and motivations are quite weird, if not bizarre. He was introduced as an incredibly powerful person that took part in the Hunter Exam and eventually became a Hunter himself. And his motivations for becoming a Hunter were somewhat unclear at the start because he was always somewhat of a weirdo.

Nevertheless, as the series went on, it became clear that he was interested in Gon and Killua but showed more interest in Gon. At 12 years of age, Gon was already powerful enough to work his way through the Hunter exam. During the entire time, Hisoka showed some sort of an attraction to him and was even interested in the young boy. Does that mean that Hisoka is a pervert and a pedophile?

While it might appear that Hisoka is a pervert and a pedophile, he was never any of those. That’s because it became clear later in the anime that Hisoka is somewhat attracted to people who are strong and powerful. He craves a good fight, and that means that he is always looking for someone who is just as strong or even more powerful than he is so that he can enjoy the fight.

Hisoka himself is a very powerful individual, and that means that he hasn’t had a lot of battles that truly made gave him the thrill that he wanted in life. However, the moment that he realized that Gon, at the age of 12, was already showing promise as a powerful fighter, that was when Hisoka began showing interest in him.

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The fact that Hisoka is only attracted to people who are powerful can be seen in the fact that he had a complete 360-degree turn when he found out that Chrollo, the leader of the Phantom Troupe, had lost his power due to something that Kurapika did to him. Hisoka only joined the Phantom Troupe so that he could get close enough to Chrollo and find a way to challenge him to a fight because he knows for a fact that he is one of the strongest people in the world.

But when Chrollo admitted that he had lost his power and could no longer use Nen, Hisoka completely lost interest in him because he was no longer attractive as far as he was considered. And it was due to the fact that a powerless Chrollo could no longer give him the kind of thrill that he wanted in a real fight that turned him off.

Because of the very fact that Gon and even Killua were showing signs of promise at their ages, Hisoka was very interested in them. They were already quite powerful at 12 years old, and Hisoka was excited about how far they could get when they became more mature. And the fact that Gon had enough promise to become extremely powerful was seen in the fact that he was able to unleash his full potential by becoming an adult in his fight with the Royal Guard Neferpitou, who he was able to completely dominate.

Is Hisoka Gay?

Another thing that people wonder about Hisoka is whether or not he is gay. That’s because all of the characters he showed attraction to were men, considering that he was attracted to Gon, Killua, and Chrollo, among others.

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However, we cannot conclude whether or not he is gay because he has never shown the same kind of attraction to a female character in the series. It might be true that there aren’t a lot of strong female characters in Hunter x Hunter, and that means that Hisoka might also show the same kind of attraction to them if ever he meets them.

But the fact is that he is someone who is attracted to almost any kind of person regardless of age, sex, and race as long as they are powerful enough to give him a thrilling fight. It is only that the only characters he has shown interest in so far are male.

Why Does Hisoka Seem Like A Pervert And A Pedophile?

Probably the only reason why a lot of people think that Hisoka might seem like a pervert and a pedophile is the fact that he actually acts like one. In fact, he has never equivocally mentioned that he is attracted to Gon because of his power. He only showed hints about him getting excited about how far Gon could go, but he never really mentioned that he was sexually attracted to strength.

Of course, there is also the fact that it might seem like Hisoka is grooming Gon. While he fought Gon a few times during the series, he never fought him to the death and was always willing to wait for the young boy to become stronger. This is probably the most controversial aspect of Hisoka’s personality, but that doesn’t conclude that he is grooming Gon.

He is probably grooming Gon to allow the boy to become stronger when he matures. However, he never groomed Gon in a sexual manner. Hisoka only wanted the boy to become stronger so that he could challenge him to a good fight in the future. But he never groomed Gon for sexual purposes, although he is turned on by people who are strong.

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