‘Interview with the Vampire’ Episodes 1-2 Ending, Explained: What Happens With Louis After Meeting Lestat?

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Welcome to the Ending Explained for Interview Episodes 1-2. This is the latest adaptation of Anne Rice’s masterwork and the start of hopefully a series of adaptations based on the entire universe created by the author. The series tells the story of Louis de Pointe du Lac, a young black man working as a pimp on the streets of New Orleans. One day, he meets Lestat de Lioncourt, a French vampire who has come to the city with nefarious intentions. The series is based on the famous book of the same name.

This adaptation of Interview with the Vampire comes not only with diversity changes, transforming Louis from a white slave owner to a black male pimp, but also brings a new sense of modernity to the story. There is plenty of talk about sexuality and race, and it is done openly, following the always open-minded nature of the series of books. The production values are quite solid, but it is still a bit early to say if the show will manage to be successful enough to ignite an entire franchise around this intellectual property.


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The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Episodes 1 and 2 of Interview with the Vampire. Read at your own risk.

Why Does Lestat Turn Louis Into A Vampire?

The series begins with the introduction of Louis de Pointe du Lac. He is the main character of the book, and we see most of the stories from his point of view. However, the series, just like the book, uses a framing device. In this case, the framing device is an interview. We are introduced to Daniel Molloy, a veteran journalist who previously started a series of interviews with Louis, but these interviews ended badly. A reference to the ending of the book where Louis attacks a young reporter. Now Daniel is older and Louis believes he is ready to finish telling his story.

Louis begins his tale in New Orleans, many years before, when he was young, and human. He worked as a pimp in the city’s red district. He was very successful, but his family, especially his mother and brother, did not accept his way of life. His brother, Paul, especially becomes a pain in the butt for Louis. Paul, has no filter when talking, and he is also very religious, so he sees everything as a sin against the Lord. Their relationship is very strained. Louis only seems to get along with her younger sister.

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One day he is introduced to Lestat, a man from France. Lestat is handsome, confident, and has a very strange thing about him. They start developing a friendship that quickly turns into something more. Louis reveals that he is homosexual, and he starts to fall for Lestat. The mysterious Frenchman displays incredible intellect and somehow the ability to talk into and read people’s minds. Lestat later reveals he is a vampire, and he feeds on Louis. Their relationship keeps growing, and they become quite close to the disapproving of Louis’ family.

One day, after her sister’s wedding, Paul commits suicide by throwing himself from the roof of the house. Louis’ mother blames him for Paul’s death, and he falls into a dark depression. He believes that his brother’s death is his fall for having laid with Lestat, who he considers the devil. Right there, Lestat kills the priest and tells Louis that there is no God, and no one will answer his prayers, except for him. Lestat says he loves Louis, and he wants to be with him forever. Louis accepts, and Lestat turns him into a vampire.

What Happens With Louis After Meeting Lestat?

The transformation from human to vampire is quite violent. Louis feels the terrible changes in his body, but Lestat assures him that it is all normal. He takes Louis to his home, and a frightened Louis discovers that he cannot go out in the sun anymore. Doing so would destroy his body and turn him to ashes. Louis sleeps for the first time in a coffin, and he finds the experience quite traumatic. His senses are all better and more sensitive than ever before.

Lestat takes Louis as his pupil and starts to teach him how to control his newfound powers. Louis can now feel the presence of being by hearing the drum of the heart. He can also read minds, and finds out that most people only think about having sex, finding food, and going home. He also has super strength and super speed. His every sense has been enhanced because of the transformation. However, when forced to hunt humans for their blood, Louis feels sick and humiliated.


Louis is also having trouble with detaching himself from his family. He visits his mother, and now that he can read her thoughts, she sees how disappointed she is in him. The last straw is drawn when he visits his sister and meets his new nephew, and his hunger for blood almost made him eat the baby. Louis feels insane and is already tired of living as a vampire. Lestat offers him a trip to Europe to make things better.


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However, in Europe, Lestat becomes even more vicious when hunting and killing the humans he uses for food. However, Louis remains with him because it seems like Lestat is the only person capable of loving him. Back in the present, Daniel and Louis speak about how the story affects both of them, and Louis even speaks of the Great Transformation, a way to turn more people to the side of the vampires. Things are moving in the background. We’ll see if the series will be able to go that far into the story.

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