Into the Badlands Season 4: Is It Renewed or Canceled?

into the badlands

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Those who love shows that are full of action would enjoy Into the Badlands, which is a post-apocalyptic series that has a lot of elements of martial arts. This series is full of different action scenes that you can consider the best in any TV show. It ran for three seasons, and the last episode was released in 2019. So, does that mean that Into the Badlands was canceled, or is it renewed?

Fans of Into the Badlands would be sad to know that the series will not get a fourth season. AMC announced before the release of the third season that it was going to be the final one for Into the Badlands. As such, the series never got a proper ending as the story was just about to pick up.

Despite the fact that Into the Badlands had its own niche market, it never really received the same kind of audience that the other AMC shows had. AMC tried to market it really well, only to fail in that regard. So, with that said, let’s try to look at what Into the Badlands is all about and why it ended after three seasons.

What Is Into The Badlands About?

One of the things that people cannot get enough of in their shows is action. We all love to watch fight scenes that have the best choreography, as that tends to be rare in a lot of different shows. However, that wasn’t the case for Into the Badlands, which was one of the most unique and entertaining shows during its run from 2015 to 2019.

Into the Badlands basically takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that’s set long after the world that we know right now plummeted into chaos. As such, certain factions had to take over certain territories in a world called the Badlands, which was ruled by these Daimyo-like leaders that led entire armies that were well-trained in the art of martial arts. Basically, everyone in Into the Badlands knows how to fight as the main weapons that the leaders rely on are their well-trained fighters.

The story follows a gifted fighter in the form of Sunny, who is the leader of the army of one of the lords of the Badlands. However, certain events led to Sunny getting betrayed by the man he had been loyal to for many years. Meanwhile, the different lords scrambled for power and territory as Sunny was forced to flee the Badlands to toil in other areas.


In many ways, the series follows different characters with different stories and backgrounds, but they all want power and control over the Badlands, all while Sunny simply wants to live a peaceful wife with the woman that he loved. That never came to be due to the fact that the people all over the Badlands are in a mad scramble for power and control over the different territories, and they all rely on their manpower to do so.

So, if you are into shows that portray martial arts in its purest form, Into the Badlands should be right up your alley because all of the fight scenes showcase an artistic form of kung fu and other martial arts. None of the fight scenes seem crude, as they are all well-choreographed.

Will There Be A Fourth Season Of Into The Badlands?

Into the Badlands ran for three seasons from 2015 to 2019. However, before the release of the third season, AMC announced that season 3 was going to be the final one for Into the Badlands. That means that the show will not be getting a fourth season.


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This was a big blow to the loyal fans of the series because the third season ended in a cliffhanger that would have showcased the introduction of guns into the next chapter of the story. As the series focuses heavily on martial arts and close-quarter weapons, the reintroduction of firearms into the world would have changed the entire landscape. But fans of the series never got to see that narrative unfolding due to the fact that Into the Badlands got canceled. 

Why Was Into The Badlands Canceled?


In a simple sense, Into the Badlands just never picked up no matter how hard AMC tried to market it. AMC even went as far as marketing it together with The Walking Dead by putting its time slot right after the hit zombie series so that they could try to take advantage of the viewers watching The Walking Dead.

Of course, there were also a lot of other promotional and marketing efforts that AMC tried to run so that the interest in Into the Badlands would increase. Nevertheless, because Into the Badlands is a series that tends to be received well only by those who belong to the niche market that it targets, it didn’t get a ton of attention from people who aren’t necessarily into martial arts.

In that regard, Into the Badlands never pulled the numbers that AMC was hoping it would be able to pull. That was why the only thing that AMC could do was to pull the plug on Into the Badlands before its numbers would worsen and lead to losses.

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