‘Invincible’: Here’s Why Atom Eve Gained Weight

atom eve weight gain

As one of the most important characters in the entire ‘Invincible’ storyline, Atom Eve’s journey is incredibly interesting, especially when it comes to her character development. While her animated counterpart is yet to become as important as she was during the middle to the latter portion of the comics, Eve has already shown signs of her own internal struggles as a character. Of course, in the comics, her own struggles led her to gain weight. So, here’s why Atom Eve got fat in the comics.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Atom Even has struggled with her own emotions and role as a superhero, especially when it comes to the internal struggles that come with having so much power.
  • Eventually, in the comics, Mark leaves Earth to participate in the Viltrumite War.
  • A pregnant Eve is devastated and ends up aborting her child, eventually contributing to her emotional turmoil and weight gain.

Eve has her own fair share of struggles

If there’s one thing that we know about the characters of ‘Invincible,’ it’s that they are very much human, no matter how powerful they are. Every single one of the main characters in this series has shown weakness, especially when it comes to their human side. Of course, Atom Eve has been one of the most human characters out of the different superheroes in ‘Invincible.’

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Ever since Eve was introduced, she has shown how powerful yet fragile she is. She was constantly having problems with her former boyfriend, Rexplode. Meanwhile, back at home, Eve’s problems with her parents never made life easy for her because she always got into disagreements with her father. There’s also the fact that, before the events of the main storyline of ‘Invincible,’ Eve saw how a mad scientist orchestrated the deaths of her “siblings” by pitting them against her.

Overall, life wasn’t easy for Atom Eve due to the many different struggles that she had to endure, no matter how powerful she may be. In season 2 of the ‘Invincible’ animated series, her internal struggles were also apparent because she realized that having powers also meant that she had to be more responsible with her actions, especially when she knew that ordinary people could be affected by the things that she does.


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In episode 4 of season 2, Eve also struggled with the fact that she had no one to help her with her problems, especially because Mark Grayson, the only person she has ever been comfortable sharing her problems with, was out in space at that time. So, in many ways, Eve has always been one of the most vulnerable characters in the story, and her ability to overcome her emotional problems and vulnerability is what makes her strong. 

Still, no matter how strong Eve is, it goes without saying that even the strongest people have their limits, especially when the problems are just too much. That was what happened to her in the comics time and time again, especially after she and Mark finally got together and became a couple. Eve still had struggles of her own against the backdrop of a greater problem plaguing the entire universe in ‘Invincible.’

Mark’s absence affected Eve

Soon after Mark returns to Earth from his first trip to another planet, he and Eve get together and form a relationship. The two often enjoy one another’s company sexually, and Eve eventually notices that her powers have been acting strange. She discovers that she was pregnant with Mark’s child and that it was her pregnancy that was causing her powers to act up. However, throughout that time, Eve kept her pregnancy a secret from Invincible.

Despite being pregnant with Mark’s child, Eve still continued to do her job as a superhero, working together with Invincible in a lot of different missions involving dangerous enemies, including the different versions of Mark from different universes. But there was never a point wherein Eve told Mark the truth about her pregnancy.

With no one else to tell her problems to, Eve went to William’s dorm room to tell Mark’s best friend that she was pregnant. The problem was that she wasn’t ready for a child at such a young age, especially when she was still trying to figure things out at that point in her life. She wasn’t dismissing the desire to eventually have children in the future, but she just wasn’t ready to be a mother at a young age.


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Eventually, Allen the Alien and Omni-Man arrive to recruit Mark to join them in the war against the Viltrumites. Having no choice because he knew that he needed to help stop the Viltrumites if he wanted to keep the planet safe, Mark left Earth without even realizing that Eve was pregnant the entire time.

Mark’s absence affected Eve because she didn’t have the one person who made her feel safe despite all of the problems she had. Not knowing whether or not Mark would return home from the Viltrumite War, Eve decided to have her child aborted.

After ten months of fighting in the Viltrumite War, Invincible returned to Earth safely, surprising Eve, who wasn’t even sure that she would see him again. Mark was equally surprised as well because Eve had gained a lot of weight and was now on the thicker side. Still, it didn’t matter to him because he loved her all the same.

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The truth was that Mark’s absence and her pregnancy affected Eve so much that she simply went through a rough patch during the ten-month period of the Viltrumite War. Losing her child to abortion and not having Mark around was so difficult for Eve that she ended up becoming depressed. Her depression pushed her to a period of inactivity as she lived a sedentary lifestyle due to her emotional problems during that rough ten-month period.

Eve’s weight gain was basically a result of her showing her human side as a character because no matter how strong and powerful she was, she was still very much vulnerable due to her human side. Even the best of us can fall into rough patches during certain periods of time, and that was what happened to Eve when she fell into a rough patch and gained weight as a result.

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