‘Invincible’: Could Atom Eve Kill Omni-Man? Who Would Win in a Fight?

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While the story of ‘Invincible’ focuses on the main characters, including Invincible and Omni-Man, we also know that there are other important characters, including Atom Eve. While Atom Eve is different from the Viltrumites in terms of her powers, she is still incredibly strong due to the nature of her unique abilities, as she can manipulate atoms through sheer will. So, is Atom Eve actually strong enough to kill Omni-Man?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Atom Eve is theoretically the most powerful character in ‘Invincible’ due to the fact that she has the power to manipulate the atoms of organic and inorganic matter.
  • However, Eve has a built-in mental block that prevents her from using her powers on beings who are conscious unless she’s on the brink of death.
  • As such, even if Atom Eve can manipulate Omni-Man’s atoms, she can’t do so unless she is in a traumatic situation, such as death.

Theoretically, Atom Eve can kill anyone

We’ve seen our fair share of superpowered beings in the storyline of ‘Invincible,’ and most of them are the Viltrumites, who are incredibly strong beings that conquer planets all over the universe to absorb them into the Viltrumite Empire. But while that may be true, Earth has its own fair share of superpowered beings. One of them is the young hero named Atom Eve, who became a close friend and even romantic interest of Invincible.

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Atom Eve’s powers are actually incredible due to the fact that she was the result of a genetic experiment that gave her abilities no other character in ‘Invincible’ has. Eve’s powers allow her to sense and manipulate all sorts of matter and energy at the atomic level through sheer power alone. In that regard, she has the ability to change, alter, or manipulate anything that’s organic and inorganic.

Because of that, Eve can do all sorts of things that are related to atoms and molecules. She can use telekinesis by controlling and manipulating matter. Eve also has the ability to fly by altering the density of the air around her. She can even create force fields and energy blasts by manipulating energy into whatever she wants energy to be.

Of course, because of her powers, Eve has the potential to create and destroy objects through sheer will alone, and that means that she can change her environment and recreate different things based on what she wants. Her costume itself is a result of her ability to manipulate matter, and she can change her clothes into anything she wants through sheer will.


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Eve’s powers are different from most of the other powerful characters in ‘Invincible’ as her powers are related to molecule and matter manipulation. In contrast, the other characters in the storyline tend to have incredible physical abilities. Even though her powers may be different, Atom Eve has become one of the strongest characters in the storyline of ‘Invincible.’

As mentioned, Atom Eve’s powers allow her to manipulate matter at a subatomic level, regardless of whether or not it is organic or inorganic. So, if that’s the case, the first thing that any person would think is that she is basically godlike and could kill Omni-Man and any other Viltrumite through sheer will by manipulating their molecules. 

Technically, this is true, as there’s a good reason to believe she can theoretically do anything she wants. The problem is that there’s actually a catch. And that’s the reason why she can’t just kill Omni-Man whenever she wants to do so.

Eve’s powers have limits

As established, Eve’s powers are theoretically godlike because she can do whatever she wants by altering matter and molecules. But she can’t just kill Omni-Man or even any other person by manipulating their molecules. And that’s because she was created with a built-in block in her mental abilities.


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That means that Atom Eve can’t use her ability to control matter on anything that she perceives to have consciousness. This means that she isn’t capable of using her powers on a person or even an animal as long as they are alive. She can’t just alter the molecules of anything that has consciousness, as this was a built-in limit that the government placed on her to make sure that she wouldn’t be able to access the full extent of her powers.

That means that the only method that she can use to fight is by using her powers on inorganic matter. She can do so by manipulating energy to create energy blasts that are strong enough to harm powerful beings. Her telekinetic abilities also allow her to throw things at her opponents. But she can’t use her ability to manipulate matter directly on something or someone that’s conscious, as this is when her mental blocks kick in to prevent her from using the full potential of her abilities.

However, there are some instances when she can use the full extent of her powers despite the mental blocks put in place. This usually happens whenever she is in a state of extreme emotional trauma, such as death.

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In her battles with Conquest and Ursaal, her powers kicked in when they seemingly killed her as she was able to alter her own molecules to heal her body. She did the same to Invincible when Thragg tore him in half and placed him in a near-death state as Atom Eve was able to heal him and even make him stronger than ever.


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That means that she can potentially defeat Omni-Man or even Thragg quite easily if she is in a state of emotional distress. Her powers are actually so great that they prevent her from dying, as death through old age simply allows her powers to automatically heal her body to her prime form during her younger years.

So, without the mental blocks, Atom Eve can defeat anyone and destroy anything. Omni-Man and the other Viltrumites would become nothing but ants due to her incredible powers. Nevertheless, the mental blocks prevent Atom Eve from consciously using her powers on beings with consciousness. 

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