‘Invincible’: How Long Does Atom Eve Live, and Can She Outlive Mark?


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We know that Atom Eve is one of the main characters of the ‘Invincible’ comic book and TV show as she is one of Mark “Invincible” Grayson’s love interests in the storyline. Of course, Eve has incredible powers that allow her to manipulate atoms, making her so strong that she has control over reality at a limited level. But we know that Invincible, her romantic interest, has Viltrumite blood and can live for centuries. So, how long does Atom Eve get to live, and can she actually outlive Mark?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Unlike Mark Grayson and the other Viltrumites, Eve Wilkins can age like a normal person and will eventually “die” of old age.
  • However, due to the nature of her powers, which can heal her whenever she is in the middle of a traumatic event, Atom Eve regenerates almost instantaneously and returns to her prime age if she dies of old age.
  • As such, Atom Eve is almost immortal, as her powers automatically heal her body.

Atom Eve is basically immortal

While the world of ‘Invincible’ is home to a lot of powerful superpowered beings that are capable of feats that are beyond superhuman level, Atom Eve stands out as an anomaly. The other heroes and characters in this storyline have standard superhuman powers that can enhance their physical abilities to levels beyond what humans are capable of. But Eve’s powers are quite incredible because there is simply no one like her.

eve 2

Eve doesn’t have the standard augmented superhuman strength and speed that the other characters have, but she is capable of subatomic manipulation. This allows her to manipulate molecules, regardless of whether they are organic or inorganic. As such, she can change and manipulate the properties of the molecules of different things, including the clothes she wears.

Due to her powers, Eve can effectively change reality itself as she can change the environment and create different objects by manipulating their particles at a subatomic level. On top of that, she also has powers that allow her to use psychic abilities and powerful energy blasts. After all, she is also capable of manipulating energy.

The fact that Atom Eve is capable of subatomic manipulation is why she is one of the most durable characters in the storyline of ‘Invincible.’ While her body can suffer the same damage that ordinary human beings can suffer from, Atom Eve’s powers allow her to heal from wounds that are fatal.


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However, Eve isn’t capable of altering her own organic matter at will as it is usually trauma that allows her to overcome the mental blocks that make it possible to alter organic matter. As such, whenever she is on the verge of death, her powers kick in automatically to heal her injuries. But there’s another layer to this power.

One time Atom Eve “died”

Like normal human beings, Atom Eve can age normally. Her body can age at a rate similar to how normal humans age. But there’s a deeper level to this, as her powers still work whenever she dies of old age.

In Issue 144 of the ‘Invincible’ comics, Atom Eve died of old age. However, just as she was about to die, her powers kicked in and reverted her atomic structure back to when she was in her prime. This means she is immortal and will never die of old age as her powers will simply “reset” her body back to her younger self.

Is Atom Eve capable of dying?

One of the things that we know is that Atom Eve is capable of healing from fatal injuries and will always revert back to her prime form whenever she dies of old age. So, does that mean that Eve isn’t capable of dying?

eve 3

Well, in the comics, there were realities wherein Eve was dead. That means that Atom Eve can still die. But we don’t know how or why she is dead in the other realities. The only thing we know about is the nature of how her powers work.

Whenever Eve is fatally injured or is about to die of old age, she overcomes her mental blocks so that she can heal herself by manipulating organic matter. So, in a way, the trauma of fatality is the trigger that allows her power to manipulate organic matter.


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So, what that means is that her body is only capable of healing whenever she experiences trauma, such as when she is about to die from fatal injuries or old age. It is possible that there were versions of Atom Eve that were unable to overcome her mental blocks and died due to her injuries or old age. That is why Atom Eve isn’t necessarily truly immortal.

While Mark can live for millennia, Eve cannot die

One of the things that we learned about the Viltrumites in ‘Invincible’ is that they can live for a very long time. Omni-Man is over 2,000 years old, and the other Viltrumites, such as Thragg, have lived far longer than Omni-Man. In that sense, Mark is capable of living for centuries or even thousands of years because the body of a Viltrumite stays at its prime for a very long time.

On the other hand, Eve’s body can age like a normal human being but will reset back to her prime form whenever she is about to die from old age. That is why Mark and Eve can spend time together for thousands of years.

mark and eve

Nevertheless, while Viltrumites can live for thousands of years, they are not immortal. They can still die if someone stronger kills them or if they end up reaching the absolute end of a Viltrumite’s lifespan. This means that Mark can still die of old age after living for thousands of years, whereas Eve cannot die.

That means Eve can potentially outlive Mark after thousands of years of living with one another. Of course, this also depends on certain circumstances, such as the mental blocks that prevent Eve from manipulating organic matter. But if Eve were to find a way to overcome her mental blocks without going through a traumatic event, she could outlive Mark and live for as long as she wants to.

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