‘Invincible’: Is Angstrom Levy a Good or a Bad Guy? Explained


There are a lot of different complex characters in ‘Invincible,’ and the most recent addition to that roster is Angstrom Levy, who we know is one of the most prominent characters in the comic version of ‘Invincible.’ The introduction of Angstrom into the TV series made him look like a good person with ideals that benefitted humanity. But he changed into an entirely different person after he underwent a procedure that altered his mind and body. So, is Angstrom Levy a good or a bad guy?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Angstrom Levy admitted early on that he was a pacifist looking to use the knowledge of the many different dimensions to benefit everyone.
  • However, he became a vengeful villain after he underwent an experimental procedure that gave him the memories of all of his versions.
  • Angstrom’s new goal was to take revenge on Invincible for everything he did to him.

Angstrom Levy started as a pacifist

Early on in season 2 of ‘Invincible,’ Angstrom Levy was introduced as one of the rebels against Omni-Man and Invincible in what seemed to be an entirely different universe wherein Invincible turned his back on humanity and decided to join his father and the Viltrumites. However, before Omni-Man and Invincible could kill him, he disappeared into a portal.

Later in episode 1 of season 2, we learned that Angstrom went to the main universe of Invincible and decided to release the Mauler Twins from prison so that he could use their knowledge for a machine he wanted to use. While Angstrom himself was intelligent, he didn’t have the intelligence of the Mauler Twins. 

angstrom 3

He told them that he had the power to create portals that could lead from one dimension to another and needed their help for an experiment regarding the different dimensions in the multiverse. This version of Angstrom was the only one with the power to open dimensional portals, and he used his powers to travel the multiverse. He found out that every universe out there had something unique to that universe.

His ultimate goal was to use the memories of all of the versions of Angstrom Levy in the multiverse and place them inside his head so that he would be able to use the unique knowledge and technology of the many different universes in the multiverse and then integrate them into one universe so that he could build a utopia where everyone could live in peace, harmony, and prosperity. In exchange, he told the Mauler Twins that they could have a dimension all to themselves as long as they didn’t kill people.


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The reason why Angstrom didn’t want the Maulers to kill people was the fact that he was a pacifist. He admitted that he didn’t like violence of any kind and that he only freed the Maulers as a last resort because they were the only ones who had the knowledge that he needed. In that regard, he was willing to work with criminals for the sake of achieving his utopia. He even showed the Maulers that he brought many different versions of himself to live under one roof, with many more versions living in different safehouses scattered all over different dimensions.

Angstrom’s goals were unique and grand, as he only wanted to gain knowledge of the different universes to help every person in every dimension. While the Maulers weren’t exactly agreeable with what Angstrom had in mind, they decided to help him because they wanted to live in a dimension without any superheroes.

The experiment twisted Angstrom into a villain

The experimental machine that Angstrom and the Maulers built was a large device that required Angstrom to connect with all of the different versions of himself using a helmet that could read the memories of all of the Angstroms connected to the machine and then transfer them to the Angstrom that could open portals. This was similar to the procedure that Robot undertook when he transferred the memories of his original body to the body of Rex’s clone.


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Cecil and the Global Defense Agency, however, had been monitoring the Mauler Twins ever since they escaped from prison. They sent Invincible out to investigate what the Maulers and Angstrom were up to with that huge machine. After Mark arrived, Cecil told him to do whatever it took to stop the machine.

Invincible went up against the Maulers and stood his ground against them, all while Angstrom tried to convince Mark to back off because what he was doing was for the greater good. When Mark wasn’t willing to stand aside, Angstrom opened portals allowing different versions of the Maulers from different universes to arrive and beat Invincible down.

maulers vs incincible

Because he was facing more Maulers than he could handle, Mark was in a losing fight. The Maulers enjoyed beating Invincible down to the ground and were about to kill him. But Angstrom, a pacifist, told them they shouldn’t kill Invincible because this wasn’t part of the plan.

The Maulers, however, continued to pummel down on Mark to try to kill him. That was when Angstrom decided to take the helmet off while the process was still ongoing, as he didn’t want to build his utopia on the blood of an innocent person. When he removed his helmet, the machine exploded and caused a reaction that killed everyone there except for Mark and a badly injured Mauler.

angstrom machine

Mark left the premises without checking the fallout of the explosion. However, the surviving Mauler dug up the ruins and discovered that Angstrom had survived but had become a deformed creature with a huge brain.


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This Angstrom was an angry man who hated Invincible because he had memories of all of the other versions of himself from the different dimensions of the multiverse. The version of Invincible in almost all of the universes was an evil tyrant who teamed up with his father and the Viltrumites to kill thousands of people on Earth. And because Angstrom now carries the memories of the different versions of himself from the universes where Mark was evil, he couldn’t differentiate which of the memories were his.

evil angstrom

As such, Angstrom became a vengeful man who wanted revenge in Invincible for what he did to the people he loved in the different universes where he was evil. A once peaceful man had become twisted by the memories of his different versions. And this is why Angstrom Levy is set to become one of Mark’s greatest foes in ‘Invincible.’

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