‘Invincible’: Who Is Battle Beast’s Daughter & How Strong Is She?

battle beast daughter

There are a lot of different characters in the world of ‘Invincible,’ and Battle Beast stands as one of the strongest characters in the entire storyline, both in the comics and the TV series. While we do know that things didn’t end well enough for Battle Beast and his story, what we do know is that his bloodline didn’t end with him, as she left a daughter who continued his legacy. So, who is Battle Beast’s daughter?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Battle Beast left behind an unnamed daughter who went on to carry his legacy long after he died.
  • That means that Battle Beast’s daughter was also crazy for fights and basically lived to find the strongest foes she could fight.

Battle Beast left behind a daughter

If there’s one character whom fans of ‘Invincible’ loved during the first season of the TV series, it was Battle Beast because of how he was able to showcase his might by completely dominating Mark Grayson in their first encounter as he defeated and nearly killed him with little to no effort whatsoever. Of course, known as a Mongul expy, Battle Beast was a being who lived to fight the strongest people he could find all over the universe.

Born with incredible physical abilities that surpassed what ordinary Viltrumites were capable of doing, Battle Beast worked hard and trained his skills to become one of the strongest and most skilled fighters in the entire universe of ‘Invincible.’ As such, he went from one planet to another to find the strongest fighters to quench his thirst for battle. He was even disappointed when he realized that not even Invincible could put up a good fight.

thragg vs battle beast 2

Nevertheless, Battle Beast found his greatest challenger in the form of Thragg when he faced the strongest Viltrumite to ever exist. In the comics, the two fought one another after Thragg got injured on his abdomen. To make sure that they were fighting a fair fight, Battle Beast dismembered himself so that he and Thragg would fight an equal battle.

The battle between the two powerhouses lasted for days as no one could gain the advantage over the other. However, after ravaging numerous cities in the days they fought one another, a victor was finally decided. Battle Beast was defeated in a battle of attrition as Thragg stood tall but severely injured and weary after their fight. Before Thragg crushed Battle Beast’s heart, the mighty warrior thanked the strongest Viltrumite for giving him the battle he craved for his entire life as Battle Beast perished.


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However, while it may be true that Battle Beast died, he left a legacy behind. That’s because he had an unnamed daughter, shown in the final issue of the ‘Invincible’ comics. In that regard, he wasn’t one-of-a-kind as far as his people or race was concerned because he had a daughter.

There’s also the fact that Battle Beast died happy and fulfilled because the only thing he wanted out of life was to get the best fight possible. And when Thragg was able to give this fight to him, he died knowing that he had fulfilled the one thing that he wanted to accomplish his entire life.

Of course, he never talked about his daughter, and that means that it is possible that they were estranged at one point in the past. It is also possible that Battle Beast’s people prefer to leave behind their offspring to allow them to fend for themselves so that they can become stronger. After all, he existed for the love of fighting, and it is more than likely that most of his people lived to fight as well.

Battle Beast’s daughter inherited his love of fighting

Even though Battle Beast’s daughter was never named, it is possible that she also inherited the title of “Battle Beast” during her lifetime. That’s because she also inherited her father’s love for fighting, as it was clear in the comics that she thirsted for the thrill a good battle could give her.

thragg battle beast

The thing about her appearance in the comics was that we weren’t given a lot of details about her except that she thirsted for battle and was out for revenge. She believed that she was cursed to love fighting. She even thought that the Viltrumites, who were responsible for killing her father, were the ones to blame for her curse. One of her people told her that it was a Viltrumite who could finally best her father and that was when Battle Beast’s daughter decided to hunt down every Viltrumite in the universe.

We know that Mark Grayson and his children were able to carry on his legacy as the next versions of Invincible. Mark and Eve could also live long lives until Eve died of old age before her powers reverted her to her prime physical form. That means that Battle Beast’s daughter didn’t become a threat to him and Eve as they were able to live long lives after the final battle in the comics.


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Nevertheless, it is possible that Battle Beast’s daughter continued to fight the strongest fighters all over the universe, including the Viltrumites, who lived long after the war. There’s a good chance that she ended up encountering and killing a few Viltrumites along the way to satisfy her lust for battle and to make sure that she was stronger than her father, whom a Viltrumite killed. Based on what she said, it seemed she was willing to die at the hands of a Viltrumite as long as she could quench her thirst for a good battle.

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