Here’s How Powerful Is Battle Beast Compared To Other ‘Invincible’ Characters

how strong is battle beast

The storyline of ‘Invincible’ is full of different characters who are incredibly powerful. Omni-Man is a constant because he is able to singlehandedly defeat all of the members of the Guardians of the Globe on his own. However, one of the characters who has proven himself as one of the strongest is Battle Beast. But just how powerful is Battle Beast, and how does he compare to the other ‘Invincible’ characters?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Though he doesn’t have any powers, Battle Beast is physically stronger and more durable than a standard Viltrumite, making him stronger than Omni-Man and Invincible.
  • Battle Beast was strong enough to push Thragg, the strongest out of all of the Viltrumites, to the limit before getting killed by the powerful Viltrumite leader.
  • This means that Battle Beast is arguably the second-strongest character in the ‘Invincible’ storyline.

Battle Beast is the second-strongest ‘Invincible’ character

The first episode of the ‘Invincible’ TV series allowed us to see incredibly strong characters who are capable of things that are beyond imagination. Of course, the fact that Omni-Man was able to slaughter the entire core of the Guardians of the Globe, which is the equivalent of the Justice League in this storyline, made him the strongest person on Earth. Even after Mark Grayson, AKA Invincible, was able to awaken his powers, he still couldn’t hold a candle to his own father.

But one other character has proven himself more than capable of taking on the strongest heroes on Earth all on his own. We are talking about the one called the Battle Beast, who appeared during the middle portion of season 1 to take on the new Guardians of the Globe and Invincible himself.

battle beast

Seemingly an expy of DC’s Mongul, who is a battle-hungry character who only lives to fight the best battles available in the galaxy, Battle Beast is someone who craves to battle the strongest fighters he can find. And there’s a good reason why he craves a good fight, as hardly anyone has ever given him a challenge.

Battle Beast was strong enough to take on the entire Guardians of the Globe without any trouble whatsoever, easily defeating Monster Girl, who is the strongest member of the team in terms of brute force. He showcased his brute superhuman strength by easily taking on all of the different superheroes he faced without even showing signs of struggle.

This means that Battle Beast possesses strength that’s far beyond anyone on Earth, including the old members of the Guardians of the Globe. He has superhuman strength that’s on par with or greater than any ordinary Viltrumite, as evidenced when he was able to toy with the Guardians.

In the same way, Battle Beast also possesses the same kind of durability that’s on par with his strength, being capable of taking hits from strong superheroes without suffering any damage whatsoever.


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His other physical abilities are also enhanced to the point where he can perform tasks at superhuman levels. Battle Beast can lift heavy objects, dish out powerful attacks, and take hits. He is just about as fast as a Viltrumite and is even seen capable of holding his own against several Viltrumites at once, killing one in the process.

But Battle Beast’s greatest asset is his superior combat skills. There aren’t a lot of characters capable of holding their own against Battle Beast in terms of his mastery over armed and unarmed combat, as he is a superb fighter. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat but is extremely lethal when he has a weapon in his hands. Battle Beast is a master of using his mace, which is strong enough to damage a Viltrumite.

The problem is that Battle Beast doesn’t possess any powers. Unlike the Viltrumites, who are capable of flight, Battle Beast is simply a being with strength and physical capabilities that far surpass what normal humans are capable of. As such, when fighting a Viltrumite in an environment that gives a flying Viltrumite an advantage, Battle Beast might struggle. Still, he is stronger and more skilled than a standard Viltrumite, which means he is likely second only to one other character in terms of his prowess. 

How Battle Beast compares to other ‘Invincible’ characters


The first season of ‘Invincible’ allowed us to see Mark Grayson going up against Battle Beast. Granted that Mark was still learning how to use his powers and was yet to develop the same strength his father was known for, he struggled against Battle Beast and wasn’t even a challenge to the overwhelming fighter.

battle beast vs mark

Mark couldn’t do anything against Battle Beast, who was the first character strong enough to beat down Invincible without any effort on his part. He severely injured Mark and disemboweled him with his mace, pushing Invincible to the brink of death. Mark would have certainly died right then and there if it weren’t for the immediate medical attention he received.


Omni-Man is the strongest person on Earth and was able to make a name for himself as the mightiest out of all of Earth’s superheroes as he was able to defeat all members of the Guardians of the Globe all on his own while also defeating an angered Immortal in their rematch. He was also able to defeat Invincible without even pushing himself to his very limits.


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While Omni-Man may be strong, Battle Beast is still stronger than him. That’s because we have yet to see Battle Beast actually exerting any effort in the different fights that he has been in the TV series. While Omni-Man didn’t struggle too much against Mark, Battle Beast toyed with the half-Viltrumite without breaking a sweat. And the next person on this list is the reason why Battle Beast is stronger than Omni-Man.


Thragg is the leader of the Viltrumites and is undoubtedly the strongest of them all. He is far stronger than a standard Viltrumite and is actually several tiers above Omni Man in terms of his power and influence. And the fact that he is the strongest Viltrumite is why he is their leader.

Battle Beast and Thragg fought in the comics. Thragg was injured at that time but was able to give Battle Beast the fight he longed for a very long time. While he was pushed to his very limit, Thragg defeated Battle Beast, proving that he was still the strongest character in the entire ‘Invincible’ storyline. But Battle Beast thanked Thragg for giving him a good fight as he died happily.

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