‘Invincible’: The 10 Biggest Weaknesses of the Viltrumites, Explained


One of the things that we know about the world of ‘Invincible’ is that the Viltrumites are incredibly powerful and undoubtedly the strongest group of people in the universe. That means that no other species can defeat the Viltrumites, who end up conquering different planets all over the universe by forcefully destroying their defenders and assimilating the planets into the Viltrum Empire.

Due to the power of the Viltrumites, the Coalition of Planets and those who want to defend their homes against them have worked tirelessly to find a weakness in these aliens. The good news is that Viltrumites are not indestructible, which means they have their own fair share of weaknesses. So, with that, let’s look at the biggest weaknesses of the Viltrumites.

10. Young Age

young mark

As strong as Viltrumites are during their adult years, the thing is that they aren’t as strong during their younger years. It would take a while for Viltrumites to eventually awaken their powers, and that means that younger Viltrumites are no stronger than regular human beings, as seen from the fact that Mark Grayson only gained his powers when he reached the latter years of his teen years.


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A young Viltrumite would be very vulnerable, and that means that those who want to erase the Viltrumites from the face of the universe should try to do so during the earlier years of a Viltrumite. But once they reach adulthood or maturity, Viltrumites become nearly indestructible, as was the case for Mark.

9. Extreme Heat

mark vs thragg

While we do know that Viltrumites are so strong and durable that extreme temperatures don’t affect them, the thing is that they aren’t necessarily immune to the hottest temperatures in the entire universe. No, we’re not talking about volcanoes. Instead, we are talking about actual stars, which are the hottest things in the universe.

In the comics, Mark tries to weaken Thragg by dragging his fight with him all the way to the sun. Of course, neither Mark nor Thragg died upon immediate exposure to the sun. But Thragg was weakened well enough that Mark was able to fight him on par due to the damage that the sun had done to the powerful Viltrumite.  

8. Ear Sensitivity

sensitive ears

One of the things that we know about the Viltrumites is that they have the ability to fly, but this is also one of their biggest weaknesses. The fact that Viltrumites are capable of flying at supersonic speeds means that they have very sensitive ears. As such, it became clear that their sensitive ears could be used against them.


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In the first episode of season 2, we saw that Mark’s ears were affected by a strong sound. Then, in the comics, Robot used as specific armor, which has the ability to emit a powerful sonic pulse whenever it is struck. The sound that the armor makes causes pain to Mark, weakening him in the process.

7. Certain Frequencies


In addition to the fact that strong and powerful sounds are able to hurt a Viltrumite due to the fact that they have incredibly sensitive ears, there are also instances wherein certain sound frequencies are able to weaken them. The sound doesn’t need to be intense or strong as long as it is able to reach a certain frequency that can attack the sensitive ears of a Viltrumite.

The comics allow us to see Dinosaurus using this weakness to his advantage when he discovers a certain sound frequency that he realizes could paralyze a Viltrumite. So, instead of causing them intense pain, this sound frequency is capable of stopping Viltrumites in their tracks due to the sensitivity of their ears.

6. Inside Attack

robot bomb

Of course, we know that the Viltrumites are so strong and durable that exterior attacks don’t do much against them. However, if someone were to get through the skin and the muscles of a Viltrumite, then that would mean that they are no longer as durable as they are, as an attack from the inside could kill them.

In the comics, Robot was able to kill a doppelganger of Mark Grayson by actually destroying it from the inside. He used a bomb that he fired down the doppelganger’s throat, as the explosion from the inside was more than enough to kill the evil Viltrumite.

5. Rognarr


While it may be true that the Viltrumites are the strongest beings in the entire universe, they aren’t necessarily the strongest in terms of physical strength. That’s because the Rognarrs are stronger than Viltrumites in almost every physical aspect, as they are powerful enough to damage Viltrumites using their claws and teeth. Rognarrs live on a planet with a very powerful gravity, and that’s why they developed bodies that allow them to be stronger than Viltrumites.

In fact, in the comics, Thragg feared the Rognarrs so much that he ordered the other Viltrumites to avoid them in combat. While Rognarrs are stronger than Viltrumites, the only reason why Viltrumites are more powerful is the fact that they are smarter and have the ability to fly. Rognarrs, on the other hand, are savage beasts who don’t have the ability to think intelligently, and that’s one of the things that hold them back.

4. Klaxus Plants


One of the things that the Viltrumites did at one point in time was to try to erase the Klaxus Plant from the universe due to the fact that this plant can leave them totally defenseless. The poison that comes from this plant is capable of sapping a Viltrumite’s strength, making it vulnerable to any attack.


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A Viltrumite without powers would be just as strong as any ordinary human being. This means that a traditional weapon would be able to defeat a Viltrumite if exposed to the poison of a Klaxus Plant. Then again, the Viltrumites made sure to keep these plants controlled and scarce so that no one would be able to use them against their people.

3. Space Racer’s Gun

space racer

Space Racer is one of the heroes of the universe and is a member of the Coalition of Planets. He hates Viltrumites and would want nothing more than to erase them from the face of the universe. And he has the ability to do so due to the fact that he has the strongest weapon in the entire universe—his gun.

The gun that Space Racer wields is a powerful weapon that can pierce through anything in the universe, including the dense skin and muscles of a Viltrumite. This means that his gun is capable of killing Viltrumites. The best part is that Space Racer is the only one in the entire universe capable of using his gun, and that’s why even Nolan feared him after barely escaping with his life in their previous encounter a hundred years ago.

2. Scourge Virus

scourge virus

Like humans, Viltrumites are not immune to poison and diseases. However, there is a certain virus that has the ability to kill Viltrumites. This is called the Scourge Virus, which is a virus that was created by Thaedus, a rebellious Viltrumite who went on to become the leader of the Coalition of Planets after betraying the Viltrum Empire.  


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The Scourge Virus is so strong and potent that it was able to erase nearly the entire population of the Viltrumites, leaving only a few of them. This virus attacks the immune system of the Viltrumite, shutting their strength and causing them to become vulnerable. Of course, a few Viltrumites were able to survive the virus, but it is one of the things that the Viltrumites fear the most in the universe.

1. Love

mark and nolan 1

At the end of the day, Viltrumites are still capable of love despite the fact that they were bred to be warriors who weren’t supposed to feel feelings. This was the case for a lot of different Viltrumites, including the likes of Thaedus, Omni-Man, and even General Kregg. Viltrumites are capable of caring for other people, and it is often said that a Viltrumite who loves other people is weak.

Nevertheless, love can also be a Viltrumite’s source of strength. In Nolan’s case, he became stronger because he had people he needed to protect because he loved them. Mark is also strong because he knows what love is. So, even if a Viltrumite can be weakened by love, it can also be a source of strength for these powerful warriors. 

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