All 8 Invincible Story Arcs in Order


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The storyline of ‘Invincible’ is one of the best comic book-turned-animation shows right now because of how it tends to be so unique and somewhat unforgiving compared to any other comic book adaptation. We’ve only scratched the surface of the comics’ storyline with the first season of the series, but we’re getting deeper and deeper into the actual plot of the series.

Of course, like many other comic books, ‘Invincible’ is divided into several story arcs that are all compelling in their own right. There are clear themes and a central narrative. Of course, the characters of ‘Invincible’ are all given roles in each story arc. So, with that said, let’s look at all of the different ‘Invincible’ story arcs so that you will know what will happen next in the Amazon Prime Video adaptation.

1. Introduction Arc I (Issues 1-13)

young mark
  • During his teenage years, Mark awakens his powers and learns how to properly use them under the guidance of his father, Omni-Man.
  • Because he is a young hero on the rise, Mark becomes a member of the Teen Team and meets all of the members, including Robot, Atom Eve, Rex Splode, and Dupli-Kate.
  • Omni-Man attacks the base of the Guardians of the Globe and kills all of them for some mysterious reason that is yet to be revealed.
  • Due to the death of the Guardians of the Globe, a new team of Guardians needed to be established. This included Black Samson, Robot, Dupli-Kate, Rex Splode, Shrinking Rae, and Monster Girl).
  • The Mauler Twins eventually revived the Immortal.
  • Mark eventually learns the truth about his father and how Omni-Man was responsible for killing the Guardians of the Globe.
  • Allen the Alien is introduced.
  • Mark and Amber explode their relationship as a couple.

2. Introduction Arc II (Issue 14-24)

  • The entire Grayson family is emotionally distraught after discovering the truth about Omni-Man and why he killed the Guardians of the Globe.
  • Eve decides to move to the wilderness to help people without being limited by her parents.
  • Mark’s life as a superhero affected his relationship with Amber.
  • Allen the Alien’s life is given more attention and is shown to be connected to the Coalition of Planets.
  • Robot’s plans are explored.


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  • Atlantis, Angstrom Levy, Mars, Titan, Sinclair, Evil Darwking, and Machine Head are introduced.

3. Introduction Arc III (Issue 25-41)

  • The origin stories of Rex Splode, the Immortal, Dupli-Kate, and Monster Girl are explored.
  • Bolt, Rus Livingston, and Kid Thor, among others, are introduced.
  • Robot can complete his plan and now has a human body because of his feelings for Monster Girl.
  • Mark meets his half-brother and his dad with the help of Science Dog.
  • Mark and Omni-Man work together to fight the Viltrumites, but Omni-Man gets captured.
  • Mark’s mother Debbie adopts Oliver, allowing him to grow up on Earth.
  • Mark goes up against Angstrom Levy.
  • The Immortal and Dupli-Kate get married, and Robot and Monster girl start dating.
  • Cecil captures Sinclair.
  • We get to learn more about the Coalition of Planets.
  • The Sequid and the Monster League attack.
  • Mark and Amber break up.

4. Invincible War Arc (Issue 42-65)

war arc
  • Oliver finally awakens his power, and Allen and Mark start talking more about the Viltrumites.
  • A group of Viltrumites got to Earth to try to convince Mark to join their cause.
  • Allen allows the Viltrumites to capture him.
  • Mark and Eve start dating.
  • Kate’s brother Multi-Paul, the Time Travel Twins, and Bulletproof are introduced.
  • Doc Seismic and Sinclair’s cyborgs returns.
  • Mark decides to leave the Global Defense Agency after he and Cecil fight one another in relation to Sinclair’s cyborgs.
  • Cecil’s origin story is explored.
  • Allen and Omni-Man work together to break out of Viltrumite prison.
  • Oliver kills the Mauler Twins and flirts with the thought of killing other villains.
  • Mark helps Amber after her boyfriend starts physically abusing her.
  • Mark confronts the issue regarding the murder of Powerplex and Wolf-Man.
  • Mark and Angstrom Levy rematch.
  • Mark fights the Viltrumite invaders.
  • The Giant and Mr. Liu the Dragon are introduced.

5. Viltrumite War Arc (Issue 66-78)

  • Omni-Man and Allen the Alien start working for the Coalition of Planets in preparation for the war against the Viltrumites.
  • The Coalition of Planets created a virus that killed almost all Viltrumites except for a few of them.


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  • Eve discovers she is pregnant but opts to hide the information from Mark.
  • The Sequid attacked again.
  • The start of the Viltrumite War.
  • More Viltrumites start living on Earth and are inbreeding.
  • Mark returns to Earth ten months after the start of the war.
  • Dinosaurus, Universa, and Bulletproof are introduced.

6. Virus Arc (Issue 79 -100)

  • Even fell into depression after she aborted her unborn child because she was afraid to raise the child without a father.
  • Debbie finally forgives Omni-Man and flies with him to see Oliver.
  • Allen is now the leader of the Coalition of Planets and learns that the Viltrumite are on Earth and now plans to kill everyone on the planet.
  • Oliver supports Allen’s plans of killing all life on Earth, while Omni-Man resists them and loses.
  • Mark is redeemed.
  • Monster Girl and Robot reappear 12 years older than they were when they disappeared during the Viltrumite War but actually spent 700 years reforming the culture of a different species.
  • Mark stands up to Allen and Oliver and is able to convince them to stop their plans, with Mark inhaling the virus.
  • Mark survives the virus but loses his powers temporarily.
  • One of Monster Girl’s children from an affair attacks the planet together with the Flaxans.
  • Bulletproof’s origin story is explored.
  • Mark and Dinosaurus fight.
  • Eve discovers she is pregnant.

7. Evil Robot Arc (Issue 101-123)

evil robot
  • Mark and Eve get engaged.
  • Eve opted not to use her powers while she was pregnant because she was afraid it would harm the child.
  • Omni-Man learns about his royal lineage from Thragg.
  • Allen sends Battle Beast to fight Thragg after the latter left Earth to live on the same planet as Oliver.
  • Mark vs. Angstrom Levy part 3.
  • Robot left Mark in another dimension because he saw him as threatening his plans.
  • With the help of another Robot in the other dimension, Mark could return home months after Robot left him marooned.
  • Eve struggles to allow Mark back into her life because he went against her advice regarding Angstrom Levy.
  • Anissa sexually assaults Mark.


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  • Robot starts killing every superpowered person on Earth, including Monster Girl, when she refuses to support his decision.
  • Robot finally won his war against Earth after the Viltrumites surrendered to him.
  • Eve gives birth to her child with Mark.
  • Mark and Eve leave Earth to visit Telescria with their baby girl.
  • Thragg and Battle Beast fight, leading to Thragg’s victory.
  • Thragg creates an army of hybrid Viltrumites on Oliver’s planet.
  • Mark and Oliver start working together with Allen the Alien.
  • The surviving superheroes on Earth start to rebel against Robot but fail to do so.
  • Mark falls down a hole and meets a mysterious creature before getting thrown back in time to the period before he gained his powers.

8. Thragg Arc (Issue 124-144)

  • The creature Mark encountered forces him to choose between saving lives and saving his daughter, but he chooses to save his daughter’s life, causing him to disappear for five years.
  • Mark returns to a world that experienced five years without him as he discovers that Eve had an affair that just recently ended.
  • Oliver now works for Thragg as they conquer planets using the half-blooded Viltrumite army they formed.
  • Allen loses control over the Coalition of Planets when a council member betrays him.
  • Mark, Eve, and their daughter visit Mark’s parents on the moon.
  • Eve attacks Anissa for what she did to Mark after Anissa raised her child with Mark.
  • Mark, Eve, and their daughter return home but are attacked by Thragg and two of his children.
  • Oliver rescues his half-brother but gets killed in the process.
  • Mark and Eve work with the Coalition of Planets, Robot, and the surviving Viltrumites against Thragg and his army.
  • Thragg loses all his children and eventually surrenders to the Coalition of Planets.
  • Anissa lost her life in the battle after sacrificing it to save Eve.
  • Omni-Man suffered fatal injuries and died.
  • Robot now sees the surviving Viltrumites as a threat and decides to attack them upon their return to Earth.
  • Robot loses to the Viltrumites.
  • Mark is now the new leader of the Viltrumites and changed their cultures from conquerors to protectors of the universe.
  • A time skip allows us to see the lives of Mark, Eve, and their daughter.

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