‘Invincible’ Season 2: Who Is the Coalition of Planets Traitor? Explained

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The events of ‘Invincible’ season 2 are getting more and more exciting, especially now that the Coalition of Planets has been revealed. But while we do believe that the Coalition is going to be important in the future of the storyline, one of the things that we also know is the fact that there is a traitor within the ranks of the Coalition, and Thaedus asked Allen the Alien to get to the bottom of things. So, who is the traitor in the Coalition of Planets?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • In the comics, one of the alien analysts who work for the Coalition of Planets was the traitor, as revealed in Issue #74.
  • However, in the animated series, there could be changes that are going to be introduced in relation to the identity of the traitor, as it could be anyone.

One of the alien analysts is the traitor in the comics

During the events of episode 3 of ‘Invincible’ season 2, one of the things that we learned was the fact that Allen the Alien has been working hard to find a way to counter the power of the Viltrum Empire, and he realized that Mark Grayson and Omni-Man could be key elements to a possible victory on the part of the Coalition of Planets. As such, he introduced this idea to the Coalition early in episode 3 after giving the file to the analysts who were working under the Coalition.

Of course, after introducing his discovery to the Coalition, Thaedus, the Coalition of Planets leader, was intrigued that Omni-Man attacked his own son and decided to abandon his post on Earth. This is unique as Viltrumites were never known to attack each other or to abandon their posts. 

But one of the more interesting details that Thaedus brought in his private conversation with Allen is that Aikreon, a new member planet of the Coalition, had just been attacked by the Viltrumites right after the planet joined the Coalition. This allowed Thaedus to believe that someone within the Coalition was leaking information to the Viltrumites. That was why he asked Allen to investigate the matter for him in what was a secret mission.

thaedus allen

In the comics, it took a while for the traitor of the Coalition of Planets to become known to the readers. But it was in issue 74, right in the middle of the war with the Viltrumites, that Thaedus discovered that one of the employees of the Coalition had been working for the Viltrumites the entire time.

However, the traitor was not one of the member planets of the Coalition. Instead, it was one of the analysts working under the Coalition. We saw these analysts before Allen the Alien entered the chamber of the Coalition of Planets. In fact, he gave one of the analysts the file that contained his findings on Earth.

allen and traitor

As such, there’s a good chance that the animated series will follow the events of the comics by introducing this minor character as the traitor. After all, the fact that Allen gave him the data so that it could be presented to the Coalition is one of the reasons to believe that he had firsthand information regarding the things that Allen found on Earth. There’s a good chance he forwarded the data to the Viltrumites after receiving it from Allen.


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The traitor could be someone else in the show

While we know that the events of the animated series tend to be quite true to the events of the comics, we also know that a few changes were introduced in the animated series. That means this series isn’t necessarily a 1:1 reproduction of what happened in the comics. And this could also open up the possibility that changes about the traitor could be introduced.


Of course, the traitor in the comics was one of the analysts who had firsthand knowledge and information regarding Allen’s findings. But this could still be changed in the series because we know that one other person is privy to Allen’s findings. We are talking about his romantic partner, Telia.


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Interestingly, Thaedus asked Telia to leave him and Allen when he spoke about Allen’s secret mission. Thaedus was very careful about his approach because the traitor could be anyone, including Telia. But there was one other piece of information that was very interesting.

Allen and Telia went on a date shortly after the meeting with the Coalition of Planets. Telia, however, was very interested in hearing what Thaedus had just told Allen, even though she was aware of the sensitive nature of Allen’s discussion with the leader of the Coalition of Planets. This means that there could be a reason why Telia was looking to learn more about Allen’s mission, as she could be the one who was leaking information to the Viltrumites.

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Of course, the Viltrumites immediately attacked Allen the Alien before he could tell Telia his mission. One would wonder how or why the Viltrumites were aware of where to find Allen or that he was the one who had knowledge of the Viltrumites on Earth. This opens the possibility of Telia betraying both Allen and the Coalition of Planets.

Then again, we are only guessing here because it does seem like Telia is incredibly loyal to Allen due to her love for him. She was in tears when the Viltrumites were brutalizing her beloved partner. But it could also be that she didn’t know that the Viltrumites were going to go after Allen like that.


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At this point, the identity of the traitor in the animated series is still up in the air. It could be that random alien analyst, or it could be Telia. Whatever the case may be, the actions of the traitor will affect the course of the events in the series.

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