Is Asta Still Alive After Lucius Slashes His Chest?

is asta still alive

The last chapter of Black Clover had fans gripping the edges of their seats, leaving plenty of questions as to whether or not Asta is truly dead. Now, with chapter 335 being released, fans are eager to find out if Asta is still alive after being brutally slashed across the chest by Lucius.

Asta is still alive after Lucius slashes his chest, only being badly wounded at the beginning of Black Clover chapter 335. Others join Asta to continue the fight, but Asta is ‘decimated’ by Sister Lily herself. However, it’s still unknown if Lily truly killed Asta, or if he was teleported somewhere else.

While Asta appeared to be in really bad shape at the end of Black Clover chapter 334, chapter 335 has brought a handful of plot twists for anticipating fans. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about what exactly happened to Asta in Black Clover, as well as if Asta is still alive.

What Happened To Asta?

The Spade Kingdom Raid arc came to a climax when Asta and other heroes were able to take down the supreme devil Lucifero. Thankfully, it appeared that none of the characters officially died throughout the arc’s progression, but, as with all anime storylines, victories are really short-lived.

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It was revealed in the arc’s final moments that the true enemy of the final arc would be Lucius Zogratis, the fourth Zogratis sibling. Making things even worse was the fact that Lucius’ devil is Astaroth, the devil who is capable of commanding time magic – which really opens the door for tons of new possibilities.

Asta Gets Slashed In The Chest

Lucius has some incredible powers, combining the powers of time and soul magic to create something truly unique – in addition to having both devilish and angelic powers making him really tricky to deal with. As of the last chapter’s events, Asta was seen fighting Lucius alone as nearby onlookers flee – apart from Noelle and Mimosa.


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Asta appeared to be in really bad shape due to a chest wound he received from Lucius, but many fans believed that even such a brutal blow won’t be enough to take him down. With Sister Lily being taken as a hostage, Asta would have a really hard time keeping up with Lucius – Noelle and Mimosa could join the fight, or potentially help him out in other ways.

Black Clover left fans on one heck of a cliffhanger before Yūki Tabata took an extended break to work on the series’ final arc. Just about every Black Clover fan was burdened with the chapter’s final events, wondering if Asta had somehow died from the attack, as seen in the video below by LightMage:

To Lucius, Asta was probably the biggest problem in his plan for “world peace”, which caused him to release his soul magic powers giving him an angelic form. The main thing that stumped Asta was Lucius taking Sister Lily and controlling her – Asta could neither attack Lucius nor save Lily.

In a heartbreaking moment, her soul is transformed into a demon (described as humanity’s true form) and she orders Asta to die for the sake of world peace and salvation. This forces Asta to tank a single attack – a deep cut across his chest from Lucius, while being told that his soul is fragile.

Is Asta Still Alive In Black Clover?

Asta is possibly one of the most resilient heroes to have ever graced the anime community, having taken on so many tough opponents. A simple slash to the chest should never be enough to defeat him once and for all – which means there must be more to it than meets the eye.


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The raw scans of Black Clover chapter 335 were released on August 24th in the latest Weekly Shonen Jump issue, while the English-translated version is expected to be out around August 27th. The official English release of Back Cover chapter 335 is set for release on August 29th, but we have gotten a bunch of interesting teases from the raw version’s leaks.

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Based on the early leaks, Asta starts off as badly injured in the opening scene of chapter 335, as seen above thanks to fans on Twitter, as Lucius informs him that he only has a few minutes left to live and that he should just relax. However, Asta responds with “not yet”, arguing that he will save Lily at any cost.

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Noelle and others rush to help Asta but are stopped by Sister Lily’s Spatial Mana Domination. While fans thought chapter 335 would be answering the question, the question was only raised again due to Asta being ‘decimated’ by Sister Lily herself, as seen above thanks to fans on Reddit.

But, for now, many fans argue that Asta could still be alive. It’s possible that a piece of the true Lily is still alive somehow, and that Lily teleported Asta somewhere else instead of killing him.

Black Clover Chapter 335 Spoilers

The official title of Black Clover chapter 335 has not been leaked just yet (although it’s reportedly been titled “Severance”), but the raw scans have given fans a few glimpses. Below are some other interesting spoilers for Black Clover chapter 335, following the fall of Asta:

  • Lucius has revealed his future plan for world peace, as well as how he plans to go about it, and he is eager to continue now that his biggest problem is out of the picture.
  • Noelle and Mimosa are now forced to jump in and continue the fight after Asta’s fall, but their magic is somehow stopped by an attack from Sister Lily. Noelle even tries to use her Water form, but it disappears. Fans theorize that this could be the magic of Beelzebub, but this hasn’t been confirmed just yet.
  • It appears that Lucius is on his way to creating a powerful squad by converting humans into paladins, of which Sister Lily was the first.
  • Lucius had apparently used his soul magic on Beelzebub, which would effectively put all the Devils in the Underworld at his mercy.
  • Captain Yami makes a return, finally arriving at the location. Yami and William manage to recognize Lucius – but not entirely.

While Black Clover fans will be stuck having to believe Asta is gone for good, there is also a chance he is temporarily out of the picture, either unconscious, in another realm, or unable to fight. If he is truly dead, there may be a few ways he could make a return from the grave. Since time magic is now involved, there is a chance Asta could somehow make a surprise return.